Feb 8, 2007

Ask Wiwille.

After much thought, actually about five minutes worth, I've decided to add a new regular feature to this blog. It's called "Ask Wiwille". In an attempt to make this blog more interactive with the few readers I do have I feel that I should share my wisdom with all two of you.

Have a question for me? Need advice on anything? Want to know my opinion on various topics ranging from mid-east politics, relationships, film, tech support, and why I can't stop posting about Scarlette Johannson?

Now here are the rules. You can ask me anything, but I will chose not to answer any questions that are too personal, such as why I have a small penis. That's information I will never share...oh wait.

Answers will be posted on this blog, but all who pick my brain will remain anonymous unless specified by the reader. Simply email me at wiwille@hotmail.com to ask my Mensa like brain about anything you're dying to know.

"I am not going to question your opinions. I am not going to meddle with your belief. I am not going to dictate to you mine." - Francis Wright


rawbean said...

So we can't post the questions here??

Wiwille said...

Rawbean - Yes you can post the questions here that is if you don't care about anonymity, but I will answer all questions that come in email or comments, well at least one's I fee like answering.

BigBadMan said...

Don't feel bad, I have a small penis too.

K. said...

hmm...so where can i see the questions which have been asked and answered by you already?

Pablo G said...

Movie Review Request:
"Confessions of a Superhero"