Jun 13, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews.

I'm a huge fan of movies and I also feel my opinion on them really matter. Why I don't know. Since my aesthetic values are finely tuned and I'm an arrogant ass I decided I would bring to you dear readers my own review of one of your favorite films. Simply leave a comment or drop me an email with your favorite movie and I'll put it in my online rental queue. After viewing the film I'll write a review of it here. I may even link the post on the right.


1) Movies cannot be complete donkey shit. Films such as "Leprechaun 2", "Dracula Dead and Loving It", and/or "Beverly Hills Cop Part 3" will not be viewed by me.
2) No porn. The company I rent with doesn't carry X rated material nor do I feel I really need more pornography in my life. Plus I know one of you would be evil enough to try and make me watch "Geriatric Park".
3) Movies must be available for rental. Bootleg stuff such as "The Star Wars Holiday Special" is out.
4) For those who wish to remain anonymous, or just don't want to let everyone know you're a big fan of "Hudson Hawk", please drop me an email and state clearly that you don't want to be mentioned in the review. If you pull something dumb like put your name in the comment field and say you wish to remain incognito well I'll just have to make fun of you. You don't want that.
5) Movies that are already listed in the 'Bad Movies I Love' or 'Overrated Films' section are not eligible. See sidebar for details.

Yes you can help decide the content in Erik's Ramblings. Looking forward to seeing your movies, well that is if anyone is interested in this.

"Queen of the Damned, that film we can dismiss." - Anne Rice


Miss Ash said...

Trainspotting, Goodfellas, The Life of David Gale, The Joy Luck Club haha :)

Those should keep you busy for a while.

whatigotsofar said...

I took a look at your list of 'bad movies i love'. Many of those aren't bad movies. Many of them are great. Boondock Saints, Clash, GI JOE are just plain great!

I'll offer one movie for ya: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Technocrat said...

Please review every Harry Potter movie. And also all the Mighty Ducks movies since they just won the Stanley Cup.

Adrian said...

One of my favorite underrated movies, is Gross Pointe Blank. Great dark humor

Lisa said...

Let's go with Logan's Run, 25th Hour, Strange Days or Shawn of the Dead.

Rowie said...

I finally came up with one for you. 'The Court Jester'

PaBLo G said...

Geert Wilders "Fitna"

Anonymous said...

"The Assassination of Jesse James"
I watched it lastnight
- Sarah Wood

SareBeth said...

A Simple Plan

SareBeth said...

Alvin and the Chimpmunks, Pah Pah Pah!

SareBeth said...

Cannibal.. I watched it lastnight. Kept me on edge.

Newbiescrub said...

I would appreciate it a ton if you weighed in on my webseries. Its Sci-fi comedy and I'm pretty proud of it. So, by all means, tear it a new one!