Oct 10, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 61

It's hard to believe that I've reviewed over 60 films for various readers. Even more surprising is that most of them have been quite good with a few exceptions (I'm looking at you Greg).

In keeping with his theme of submitting films with supernatural flavor, Jeff asked me to review 'The Haunting'. I saw the remake of it a few years back which was only scary if you were frightened by the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Even though I'm not a big fan of horror I do enjoy some of the classic thrillers so I'd thought I'd give it a go.

The Haunting stars Richard Johnson, who plays an anthropologist that's taken an interest in the paranormal. Having researched a large estate where every occupant dies he decides it would be a great idea to take a team of assistants to spend some time there for research. Eleanor gets hired to take on the task of being Johnson's subject and finds a connection to the house, in deed and in psyche. Her obsession over the house and many spooky incidents gives her an obsession over the estate.

I don't want to write too much about the plot as to give it away. The Haunting though is a genuinely creepy film. Shot in 1963 Robert Wise shot it in a fashion to allow the audience to use their imagination about the supernatural presence. The photography does an excellent job in throwing quirky, but effective angles and techniques to give a viewer chills without just being lazy and showing you everything. While the dialogue, acting, and a few plot points are a little sloppy the visuals make up for it. Still the story is a good one and has enough twists.

Oh I must add it also stars one of the Jets from West Side Story. Kind of distracting when you're watching a horror film and expect the guy to start snapping his fingers and saying 'cooooool'.

Again I'm not a fan of horror, but I would have to recommend the original 'The Haunting'. Thanks to Jeff for submitting this.

Well this is the last of the movie review submissions thus far. Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"Easily ranks among the finest supernatural suspense films ever made." - Mark Bourne


JLee said...

I can't wait for Halloween night to watch scary movies. I'll add this one to my list :)

Mattbear said...

You haven't updated the sidebar list of movies you've reviewed in quite some time, but I don't think you have yet reviewed "Michael Clayton".

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - They're all up to date, just listed alphabetically. I'll add Michael Clayton to my queue.

Miss Ash said...

Perhaps you can find a super scary movie to review...I have never been able to find one :(

Big Ben said...

I find so many of these older films very cheesy. Sounds like this one was ahead of its time.