Nov 15, 2008

Wiwille's moive reviews part 64

Rarely does a horror film evoke any emotion out of me. Maybe I'm just a cold hearted dude, but seeing dumb teenagers being hacked up is hardly frightening. Rarely does a script concentrate on necessary elements such as character development or even decent pacing so most of the frights are forced at best.

I've seen clips of the 'Bride of Frankenstein' many times as I'm sure all of you have, but this is the first time I've actually sat and watched it in it's entirety. It's referenced in pop culture all the time yet I'm positive very few of my generation took time out to view this. Well now that I've started this movie review thing I've no excuse to not watch it.

'Bride of Frankenstein' starts right where the last film ended. The Monster, played brilliantly by Boris Karloff, is running amok in the village trying to fit in, which ends with terrifying results. The townsfolk are frightened of him as one would expect and the poor being is trying hard to find someone who will assist him in the new world he's been thrust in.

Meanwhile Dr Frankenstein is horrified at the results of his experiment. Sitting in his manor with his fiance he regrets his attempt to play God and considers a new life. He is then visited by Dr Pretorious who tries to convince him that in the name of science they continue the work the Baron started. Dr Frankenstein disagrees; however his visitor finally blackmails him into creating a female for the Monster.

'Bride of Frankenstein' is often campy, but it's tender at the same time. Karloff is amazing as the tragic figure of Frankenstein's madness. Playing the role of what is essentially a child with a good heart with little to no brain the audience can't help but feel pity for the Monster instead of terror. The special effects are amazing for the time period and have a sense of authenticity. While the bride appears only for a few moments on screen it makes for an amazing and almost heartbreaking climax. Some of the scenes may suggest themes that are quite racy and somewhat disturbing for it's time, but that's what makes this film all the more interesting. I would recommend seeing this not for the scares, but for the touching story.

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"Karloff manages to invest the character with some subtleties of emotion that are surprisingly real and touching." - Variety


Kelli said...

Well put. I watched this movie when I was quite young and I remember crying ... not out of fear but sadness for Frankenstein. I will definitely have to watch it again. It is a classic and shouldn't be missed!

Anonymous said...

I saw this a long long time ago. Don't remember anything about it. Local Fox affiliate used to play those old horror movies all the time until it became a Fox affiliate.

Miss Ash said...

I've never seen this (shocking I know) and now I want to. Good review sir!!