Nov 11, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 63

'Say Anything' was probably the first 80's romantic comedy I sat through and it's always been a staple in my film catalogue. John Cusack plays the already mentioned Lloyd Dobbler, a recent high school grad who's career plans are suffering. Living in the moment he asks out the seemingly unobtainable Diane Court, the beautiful valedictorian with aspirations of studying at Oxford.

To Lloyd's surprise she says yes and a romance ensues much to the dismay of Diane's protective father. Since she will leave the country in a few months Lloyd makes it his mission to spend as much time wooing the lovely Diane. She's a little more logical than her romantic endeavour and tension of course springs between the two.

'Say Anything' is quite possibly one of the most endearing romantic comedies I've ever witnessed. The script treats the teenage characters with respect which is refreshing. The dialogue is genuine and and sweet natured. Cameron Crowe created a classic by appealing to the emotions of both genders without being overly sappy or unrealistic. The theme of doing whatever it takes to show your affection for the one you love still strikes a chord with me and hopefully that'll never change.

Strangely enough this film made some forms of stalking somehow seem attractive. Amazing how they pulled that off.

I used to date a girl who told me that her dream man was a cross between Holden Caufield and Lloyd Dobbler. How she expected these two personalities to exist in one guy was a mystery to me, but she swore she would marry that person. I hope she did.

As you probably assumed I would recommend this. Thanks to Kelli for submitting this.

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"At last, a teenage love story with real characters instead of cliches, poses, and attitudes." - Jonathan Rosenbaum


Kelli said...

Thanks for reviewing it!! I still get teary watching the preview ... ahhh memories.

Miss Ash said...

I saw this for the 1st time about 5years ago cause everyone I know loved it! To be honest I don't remember much about it other than the ghetto blaster scene, but it was cute.

Scott said...

An huge classic.

Anonymous said...

Bitches man!

JLee said...

Great movie. I may have to rent it again soon.