Nov 22, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 65

Tales of the warped mind are always popular in pop culture. Films like 'Silence of the Lambs' are in an odd way endearing to audiences, if that's even the right word. Maybe memorizing works better. Seeing into the mysteries that lie in the human brain and the darkness that it can contain is interesting. Maybe that's why serial killers are so popular.

'He Was a Quiet Man' tells the story of Bob, a loner of sorts with a vivid imagination. When he's not being ignored at work he's being abused by his superiors. Fantasizing about blowing up the building and taking all the employees lives along with it Bob finds himself amazingly taking down a random shooter who went postal in the cube farm. Instantly a hero Bob is promoted and suddenly finds himself some new found fame.

In taking out the gunman he also saved the life of Vanessa, the object of his affection. Recovering from the gunshot and being a paraplegic she relies on Bob's kindness as he takes care of her. Being her nurse he finds himself falling for her. A relationship ensues despite his better judgement of her character. Still he believes that she has changed her ways from climbing the corporate ladder by giving sexual favors to a sweet natured gal who appreciates the gifts of life.

It's an interesting film that wants to be a dark comedy and drama at the same time. While the script unravels in the third act 'He Was a Quiet Man' is an enjoyable story mostly for the performance by Christian Slater. The cinematography is amazing. While not a flawless film it's dark tone as well as impressive visuals make it one I would recommend.

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"Slater really sells Bob's tormented inner soul in a very appealing way; he feels like a real person inside his insane world." - Jeffery M Anderson


JLee said...

This looks really good actually. I like those "life changing" type flicks.

Mattbear said...

Glad you liked it...I thought you would. :)

Kelli said...

What I've seen of the film is great. I am gonna rent it to watch the whole thing. Thanks for the review.