Dec 6, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 67

Action films are not my cup of tea. I know I'm a guy and as per our culture's rules I'm supposed to enjoy anything with a fair amount of gunplay and watch it while eating a hamburger and sporting an erection. I'm not opposed to violence and I'm far from a pacifist, but most films that involve people shooting try to be pretentious enough to try and make me feel that anything I see on the screen to be anywhere believable to actually give me a sense of tension.

'Shoot Em Up' abandons all sense of realism and embraces the fun that action films can be. Clive Owen plays Smith, a seemingly homeless man who intervenes when a pregnant woman is being hunted by a group of armed thugs. He helps deliver the baby and and leaves a large body count in his wake. Smith takes the baby to a lactating hooker named Donna. Pleading his case as the child's mother is dead the unorthodox new family fend off hordes of armed men while Smith tries to figure out why this child is a target.

The film has such greatly choreographed scenes it feels like a ballet or an old John Woo film. While the story is weak and sometimes preachy the scenes are shot well. Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti are always fun to watch. Monica Bellucci, well, I shouldn't have to say it, but I can't keep my eyes off her whenever she's on screen. It's a fun romp that isn't pretentious, but it might unfairly pull at your strings a little too much with putting an infant in harm's way. The end of the film contradicts any of the sensationalized violence you just sat through and at times it may seem tasteless. Still I recommend it for any action fan.

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"Deliriously tasteless and shamelessly entertaining, Shoot 'Em Up is the guiltiest pleasure of the year." - Colin Covert


Scott said...

I had a great time watching this movie. It was all shot in Toronto and unlike most movies made here it does not hide the Toronto skyline or the street signs and locations. Great fun.

Mattbear said...

Another one you and I disagree on. I found this one to be unmitigated crap. While the action scenes were well-choreographed, I just couldn't enjoy them with that weak-ass plot and the lame excuse for dialogue that seemed way beneath the abilities of all 3 main actors.

JLee said...

Although I'm a huge Clive fan, I was very disappointed with this one.