Dec 13, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 68

Bakshi has been kind of hit and miss for me. While most of his films have been ambitious, such as the animated Lord of the Rings, there's always something missing from the narratives. I hardly remember some of his other work like 'Wizards' and 'Fire and Ice', so maybe I need to refresh.

'American Pop' is a treat to watch. Following four generations of a family of musicians starting with their immigration to the US from Russia during the Czars reign, each story is set to music of the period. Engrossing itself in popular culture through each decade the film's characters chronicle the songs of the time which are both memorable and actually good.

While the music is entertaining and the animation is incredibly creative there's not much of a story here. It's actually hard to write about this. The script is incredibly weak and the editing is spotty, but the voice acting is good. A lot of people are put off by rotoscoping claiming it's creepy, but I am a fan and it works well with this film. There are some touching moments set to some of my favorite songs. It's a must see for fans of music and for that alone I'll recommend it.

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"Although cartoonish in the most pejorative sense, American Pop knows its musical lore. This film has little bits of tragedy that just may break your heart." - Martin Scribbs


Anonymous said...

This was a really cool movie. Love the music and the animation.

zeniamai said...

Rotoscoping is not at all creepy since the effects will vary on the graphic details however I do find mocap creepier. If you watched Polar express, you'd know what I mean.