Jun 27, 2009

Wiwille's movie reviews part 70

It's been a good long while since I've done any movie reviews. For whatever reason the service I use had technical difficulties and I couldn't manage my queue for almost a couple months. Sadly the reviews got put to the side, but now that they finally fixed this bug it's review time.

I wonder whatever the hell happened to Val Kilmer's career. A once promising actor who seemed like one day be a sure Oscar winner has not been faded into obscurity. Regardless the man has starred in some high caliber material and no one will forget his portrayal as Doc Holiday anytime soon.

Early in his career the actor who once played Iceman made a name for himself doing comedies and none seem to have been so memorable as 'Real Genius'. Set in what is likely southern California the films introduces us to Mitch, a 15 year old science prodigy who is under the watchful eye of a physics professor. Given early admission to the academic's college Mitch meets his fellow student Chris, a legend in the field. Both of them are geniuses as the title suggests and tasked to team together to unknowningly create a super laser that's intented to be used as a weapon by the CIA.

Jerry, the professor leading the project, is of course the antagonist as he plots to have the device finished on time which will make himself a millionaire. As with all college movies there's conflict between the authority and it's students and Chris makes no amends about his loathing for his superiors. Although Chris is unconventional as the smart alec prankster his love for science and all it's wonders are unmatched by his peers, save Mitch. The merry Chris attempts to keep his new dorm mate relaxed and to find ways to enjoy his collegiate career, but all the while he's ambitious. Even in his pranks Chris is never subtle.

Although college films such as this have become horribly cliche this film is very clever as it has very funny one-liners and has some endearing characters. It's subtle stabs at the military industrial complex are intriguing although it never delves too much into it, which is actually a blessing. While it's not perfect there's nothing to hate about this story or it's players and at the end of the day it did what few comedies can accomplish nowadays for me, it made me laugh.

Thanks to Kelli for submitting this. Although many of you have submitted films since my last review I may have forgotten about them. Please send a gentle reminder, or a profanity laced comment if you so desire, and I'll do my best to have it done ASAP. Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. As always rules are posted here.

"Like Risky Business, this not only rose above the 1980s teen comedy genre, but stuck it to the Reagan administration as well." - Jeffrey Westhoff


Kelli said...

Thanks for reviewing it!! This has to be my favorite movie of all times!!!!!! :-)

JLee said...

I love Val Kilmer and this movie. Have you ever seen "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"? He is fantastic in that. By the way, I almost watched "Boondock Saints" this weekend. lol
(I honestly don't remember if I saw it back in the day...probably did and don't recall. Getting old sucks!)

Miss Ash said...

I just saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang yesterday for the 1st time. He was good....though I did prefer him in The Doors. I've never heard of this movie you reviewed but I should give it a go.