May 14, 2015

What the hell has been up with Wiwille?

Well it's been a while since I posted any content that could be considered literate, and there are many reasons for that. A lot has changed in my life and taking the time to putt fingers to keyboard is more of a chore now than it ever was. So let me give a brief recap of the highlights of what's been going on in my life for the past six years:

  • Met a girl
  • Quit my job
  • Moved halfway across the country from the liberal stronghold of Washington to the conservative Mecca that is Texas.
  • Got a new job, married said girl, and built a house in the span of a year.
  • Became a dad to a beautiful baby girl.
  • Sold a house, bought a new one.
  • Got a new job.
  • Became a dad to a beautiful baby boy.
  • Sold a house, bought a new one.
So looking back at all the posts previous to the above events where I ranted about politics, detailed my thoughts on movies, told my tales of alcohol filled events, and chronicled my roller coaster love life recent events, while gargantuan, hasn't accommodated blogging, sadly. I truly miss my creative outlet, but my as my work requires my constant attention, and my family would rather have me engage with them rather than type on a laptop, my narcissistic hobby has fallen to the wayside.

My weekends are mostly tied up with house projects, most of which I fail miserably at, and family time, with the occasional beer and cigar being consumed. Before marriage, I would start my evening at a bar, consuming many pints, and seeing where the night takes me. Now I change diapers and take out the trash and maybe spend an hour with the wife watching television before we go off to slumber.

So yeah, married life can seem dull, but it's ever rewarding, thanks to my excellent choice of a wonderful woman. A strong argument could be made that she made the poor judgement of promising a lifetime of partnership with me, but I choose not to haggle with such minor details.

There's a lot going on with raising kids, which I'll share in another post. Hopefully it'll take less than six years to compose it.

Jan 31, 2015

The life I have chosen

You've been told all your life that parenting is difficult. You were told you'd be up late night with an inconsolable infant who's screams can be heard from the farthest reaches of the cosmos. You've been told that diapers were smelly and plentiful. You were told you'd your relationship with your significant other would be, at times, strained due the constant stress, the sleep deprivation, and the lack of time couples devote to themselves. You were told that fatherhood will change you in every conceivable way.

You read the books, you poured over the multiple websites as asked by your wife, and you listened closely to those all to willing to share parental advice to a new father.

What they didn't tell you is that you'd be so tired you'd welcome the sweet embrace of death if it was the only way to experience rest. What they didn't tell you is that every article in your wardrobe would be soiled with vomit and/or feces. What they didn't tell you is that you'd have little time for spouse, much less yourself, and everything even remotely resembling your life pre-fatherhood would be eliminated from your conscious. What they didn't tell you is that you'd have to pencil in time just to watch a simple television show. What they didn't tell you is warm meals are a luxury. What they didn't tell you is the guilt you'll feel for even considering taking an hour to yourself.

What they did tell you is that holding your sweet baby for the first time is the most amazing experience you'll ever have, and they were right.