Jul 31, 2007

You're free to go.

Today I came across a news story that I'm sure will interest all. During a cheer leading camp 33 high school girls were involved in a fight. Yes you're reading this right. Over two dozen Texan cheerleaders brawling. Since they're in high school and you, dear reader, are not you're a pervert for having any interest in this story. Chris Hanson would like to have a word with you.

In sad news the late great coach of the 49ers Bill Walsh has passed on. I am probably the last 49ers fan in the Pacific Northwest so I feel alone in my sorrow for the man who coached one of the greatest teams ever. Let's not forget the architect behind the best drive in Super Bowl history.

”We sort of, watched her grow up, from little and made her the biggest star in the world. We made her what every young girl wanted to be, and then we tore her apart. We made her the way she is, it’s our fault, it’s not her fault, and hopefully she’ll find a way. People should leave her alone, no one knows the whole story.” - Hayden Panettiere

Dallas Skyline cheerleaders involved in scuffle

Jul 27, 2007

Politics and hot people.

People who have been reading this blog have been very patient with it's redundancy. If I'm not posting about movies it's usually about news events involving hot people or strange stories that involve violence, nudity, a sword, and barnyard animals. Yes I know the content in Erik's Ramblings is getting a little tired, but really that may never change. I was often told if you can't write about what you know fake being an expert. Yes I profess many opinions on this blog, some well informed while others are just ramblings about things you care nothing for, but for all my intellectual faults I make up for by posting images of good looking people. And really what is quality online literature without a curvaceous figure?

I'm of the firm belief that to get more people interested in the political process is provide potential voters with one thing and that is cleavage. With all the attention Obama has been getting for being mildly attractive it makes sense that boobies are the key to making an informed decision at the polls.

The great minds at TheHill.com tend to agree with my theory by making a list of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. Most images on CSPAN are of 40 year old balding fat guys who don't age well due to daily visits to their local high class brothel/cocaine dealer which would lead most mildly interested political fans to think that D.C. is populated by nothing but angry looking trolls.

Well they may be right. There are quite a few hot people on this list for sure(Betsy Barrett being my personal fave), but Nancy Pelosi made number 4. Number f*&#ing four. I'm amazed she even made the list at all. Is our nation's capital just nothing but ugly people grasping for power cause they were picked on in school?

"The thing about D.C. is it's not Miami or New York where there are all these hot people everywhere. I'm cute by New York standards, but when I came here, my stock just shot up fast." - Jessica Cutler

50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill - Top 10

Jul 26, 2007

Observations from the field.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. This week I'm spending my time at a work conference at the Seattle Convention Center learning about new products and procedures. The content is surprisingly interesting as our company has seem to make some great advancements in their technology as well as investing into some new exciting things.

We have employees here from all over the world and I'm lucky to meet a few. Yesterday I had breakfast with a couple of folks from the UK who were really cool, which is a rarity amongst tech geeks. They asked some interesting questions about Seattle such as where they can find some quality ladies. I was stumped honestly as I've never went out downtown to scope for the ladies. They were kind of disappointed in the fact that I can't help them in their quest for some good ol American loving, but I pointed them in the direction of Pioneer Square which may assist them in their needs.

Apparently they've already been there. They went to Cowgirls Inc the previous evening and one of them was so wasted that he has pictures of himself riding a mechanical bull, an event he has no recollection of. They both claimed they were impressed by the "quality of the ladies", but sadly neither of them "got beneath the bedsheets" with the girls.

Given this event is such a sausage fest I kind of empathized with them in wanting to at least get some good eye candy. Seriously there's a few thousand guys here and about 500 women. Yeah the girls get stared at a lot.

I'm glad to see my company is at the forefront of bridging culture gaps.

After this event is over I'll be back to my five posts a week. Hope all is well with my blogger land buddies.

"Stand beside your horse and your man, in that order." - Sandra Odin.

Jul 20, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 8.

I haven't seen The Joy Luck Club in years nor did I have any plans to view it again soon. Such plans were thwarted by Miss Ash as she submitted this in my attempt to review my readers favorite films. Still I placed it in my queue and awaited it's arrival.

The movie chronicles two generations of Chinese-American women. The older generation tells their stories of days in their homeland struggling to keep a sensible lifestyle in an often oppressive culture that at times viewed females as second class citizens. The film jumps between the elderly to the younger ladies born in America who are torn between the traditions of their families and their struggles to adapt to a seemingly modern society.

Most guys loathe this film claiming it's nothing more than a chick flick, but I disagree. This movie details history in ways often overlooked in big budget pictures. Most directors choose large scale biopics of military and political leaders, but this film focuses on the average person struggling through life in a world they often can't control.

The story can seem disjointed as the tales of the youngins are overshadowed by the often times horrifying lives their mothers lead in China, but still it's a great film that I found inspiring. Sure the acting can be hit and miss, but the attention to detail visually is breathtaking. There's moments of sheer beauty and terror in this movie and all of it is done with grace. While I couldn't relate to any of the stories, partially because I have a penis and about as lilly white as they come, I highly recommend this even though Mattbear may want to punch me for doing so.

I'm still taking submissions so if you want me to review a particular film drop me an email or a comment with the title. Details are listed here.

"It's fascinating and satisfying the way the diverse threads are knitted together into a single tapestry." - James Berardinelli

Jul 19, 2007

Wiwille has perverted sense of justice.

Although the Michael Vick story is months old the overrated quarterback has grabbed the attention of the national media again as federal indictments were slapped upon him for his alleged participation in a dog fighting organization. What's interesting about this case is I wonder if he's the only high profile celebrity who attaches himself to this bloodsport. Will this be like baseball where one person is found to be using steroids and suddenly an entire legion of players are under scrutiny?

This may be the case as Clinton Portis claimed that dogfighting "can't be too bad of a crime." Ladanian Tomlison expressed his disgust for the act, but in the same breath admitted to being a spectator in the past. Seriously folks how the hell can you sit and watch dogs kill each other and why risk your lucrative lifestyles to do so? Is the rush of being in the NFL not enough?

I do hope it's Vick and only Vick who chose to involve himself in this ugly activity, but I'm skeptical. The NFL doesn't need this kind of ugly publicity. And you thought the Bengals were bad enough.

While I'm not a capital punishment advocate I do hope if Vick is found guilty that he'll be dropped in the desert with an army of wild hungry dogs. Yeah I'm kind of twisted that way, but I have a soft spot for man's best friend.

What's even more interesting is that Vick will face less jail time for abusing dogs on his property than if he grew pot or made moonshine.

Okay enough about dog killing. Now to the stuff you're really interested in and that is a list of the hottest female athletes. Women's golf seems like a great spectator sport now.

"It can't be too bad of a crime." - Clinton Portis

Animal-rights activists say Vick case 'tip of the iceberg'

Jul 18, 2007

Who didn't see this coming?

I like video games. Yes I spent many an hour playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 battling it out with fellow gamers all the while taunting them with phrases such as 'useless pig fucker'. Nowadays I don't make the time for playing them as I used to as most games are really just better versions of age old ideas. Still I haven't picked up a Wii yet, which is a very innovative concept.

Regardless Sam sent me a piece of news that I find disturbing as all hell and so should you. A young couple are now facing prison time for neglecting their infants because they were too busy playing online a Dungeon and Dragons online video game. The situation was so bad for the children that the 11 month old was weighed in at 10lbs and had a mouth infection, dry skin, and severe dehydration. To top it off her head had to be shaved due to her hair being matted with cat urine. The other child was treated for starvation and a genital infection. Thankfully both infants are expected to make a speedy recovery.

I've never played online video games as they hold no interest to me and I'm too busy just being awesome to bother with the time consuming activity, but obviously there are others who think otherwise. I do hope the parents spend a long and quality experience in pound-in-the-ass prison. Those who are addicted to video games are beyond rehabilitation especially those who can't even take the time to feed a child.

I wonder what condition their cat was in.

"They had food; they just chose not to give it to their kids because they were too busy playing video games." - Kelli Ann Viloria, prosecutor on the case.

Internet-Obsessed Couple Let Kids Starve

Jul 16, 2007

Wiwille is a winner and a loser.

The Pretty Girl asked me to tag along with a bunch of her co-workers to see the latest Harry Potter film on IMAX 3-D. While I'm not a fan of the lifeless fantasy character I thought it may be cool to see it in that format. We agreed to meet there as she might be late picking up her friends from the airport.

Scheduling events while hoping airlines will stay on schedule proved to be a daunting task as their flight was delayed. I agreed to go to the Pacific Science Center and wait outside with a ticket for her. I arrived to find all her friends lined up already. My roommate, the Jiggaman, purchased all tickets ahead of time including five extra for reasons he couldn't explain. We wanted to get rid of them and I called everyone I knew who might be interested in rushing out to a children's movie. Actually I only phoned one person, my boss, who is fan of the boy wizard and his school time adventures. He didn't answer. He probably saw my name appear on the caller ID and assumed it was something about work, or he secretly plotting firing me, and sent my call to voice mail.

They open the gates to the theatre and usher people in. It was crowded for sure as the show was sold out. I stood outside holding the five extra tickets asking people if they wanted them. As I was selling the five a couple came to me and asked if I had more. I said no as I was holding two as I awaited my girlfriend to arrive. After the last ticket was sold I headed to Starbucks to get some coffee. On my way back I noticed the gates were locked. I asked the guard if they were letting people in who were ticket holders and he said no.

Damn I could've sold the last two tickets. Oh well. So after parking, tickets, Starbucks, and standing outside for 45 minutes it turned out to be a big fat waste of time and money, but then again I didn't have to sit through a long ass movie that I doubt had much more to say than the previous four films. Really it was kinda a win for me, but sucked for the Pretty Girl who is a fan of the books and movies. I wanted to see Sicko anyways. Maybe some other time.

"The storytelling seems occasionally disjointed, but...for all the special-effects wizardry, that touch of film magic never surfaces. There's fireworks and action and much swooshing about, but this interim installment seems stuck in one nightmarish gear." - David Ansen

Jul 13, 2007

I'm indifferent to Linkin Park and that doesn't make me a bad person.

I'm not a huge fan of Linkin Park. Yes I know you all love that band and everything they stand for and while I like maybe one of their songs most of the time I find them redundant and annoying. Since the music loving public will shamefully love a band one minute then gleefully announce how much they suck the next I was always curious when Linkin Park's time was up.

Remember when everyone loved Creed, Limp Biskit, and butt rock? A few years went by and someone released a memo urging everyone to trash and hate the music they once rocked out to and fans who have no loyalty quickly turned and followed the leader. Similar thing happened with 'Titanic', but that movie did suck.

When Linkin Park came on the scene they sounded like the world's loudest boy band to me. Then they kept releasing songs and everyone soon loved them. I mean loved them. I didn't understand it, but there's a lot I don't get such as why I'm not universally known as the sexiest man ever. That will forever remain a mystery.

"We're not the Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd. We're Linkin Park, and we cut all the fat out. We don't do guitar or drum solos." - Chester Bennington

The following annoying parody really hits the mark:

Jul 12, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 7.

When I proposed to write a review of my readers favorite movies the lovely Miss Ash submitted not one, but four movies for me to write about. Three of the films I absolutely love; however, she asked me to write about a flick I hate with my ever loving being. I reviewed the one I hate first and then went through the rest of the list saving the best for later. Since I've already watched and reviewed everyone elses request I'm going to finish up our shoe loving Canadian's list.

I recently watched Trainspotting with the Pretty Girl, but I'll never forget the first time I saw it. I was an assistant manager at a movie theatre and my job was to screen the movies before opening night to insure the film was put together correctly. After viewing the trailer for Trainspotting the employees and myself sat down late one night to watch it.

I was completely blown away. This was one of the first films I've viewed that was honest about the drug culture. It wasn't like you were watching junkies from afar, but as if you were viewing their experience from the inside out. It takes you along their journey of addiction from their daily rituals of scoring a hit as well as their personal life.

Now it may seem you've heard this story before and you probably have, but this film doesn't pull any punches. Unlike most narratives of this nature where some good natured person gets wrapped up in drugs because they may have made a mistake there's no one to root for in this dark story of people who love them some heroin. The protagonists are selfish as one would expect an addict to be. Even the characters that choose not to shoot up are vile at times, but can also be hilarious. The director doesn't tell you how most of these people got into their drug habit, because really it doesn't matter. When the movie starts and the percussion of an Iggy Pop song start pounding you're immediately thrust into the environment of the Scottish junkies. It just grabs you and doesn't let you go until the end.

The cinematography is excellent being dark and gritty and always creative. The acting is good thanks to a wonderful cast and it's pacing is rapid. The soundtrack is amazing as well and is used appropriatley. It also has good nudity for boys as well as the ladies. Yes ladies if you're interested in seeing Ewan McGregor's manhood he thanks you by giving the audience a glimpse. Thankfully for us guys his love interest is pretty hot naked.

I'm still taking submission folks so if you have a movie you'd like me to watch and review just drop a comment or an email.

"The messages in "Trainspotting" will be different from viewer to viewer, but all will be powerful nevertheless." - Chad Polenz

Jul 11, 2007

In religious news...

Pope Benedict has stirred controversy over his claim that the Catholic Church is the one 'true' church founded by the disciple Peter. All other denominations are reportedly not founded in truth, or something to that effect. Basically if you don't follow Catholicism you're doomed, doomed he tells you. According to the Holy Father all other denominations, from the Protestants to the Latter Day Saints, do not have the path to salvation.

Now one who knows a little about the Bible knows how flawed this proclamation is, but I'm surprised at all the controversy. Seriously are you really that shocked that a leader of an organization, and a country for that matter, believes that their path is the one true way? Would your boss preach that the competitors products and/or services are adequate? I mean I preach the idea that all Anne Hathaway needs to achieve true happiness is me, but no one calls me crazy. In fact most hot girls need some Wiwille, the true epitome of masculinity. This I declare.

Maybe I am a little nuts.

Speaking of bat shit crazy religious people police in Britain are offering a $40,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of people involved in female genital mutilation. A practice that long held in Africa and the Mid-East many women, often times children, have their clitoris cut out to inhibit their sexual desire and allow them to keep their honor. Due to the recent Muslim migration into Western Europe leaders of the countries are scrambling to update their laws to enforce specific violations such as this one.

Now I applaud the efforts of the police in taking this issue seriously, but I find it horrifying that the practice is so widespread that it has to come to this. When I hear stories like this I sometimes consider that capitol punishment is in fact a good thing.

"We were looking for a 'good shepherd,' and instead we got a German shepherd." - Pope Benedict XVI

Female genital mutilation on the rise in Britain
Pope: Other Christians not true churches

Jul 10, 2007

Blogger GI Joes.

As most guys of my generation I was a huge fan of the GI Joe cartoon. Every afternoon after school I was glued to the set watching the adventures of "America's daring highly trained special mission force" battling Cobra Commander and his minions. Every character had a special function, like Shipwreck who was a sailor (get it) and Lifeline the medic. I always imagined myself being Snake Eyes, the mute ninja dude who had a pet wolf.

Given that I have nothing interesting to blog I sat here imagining what kind of characters my blogger friends would be had they been recruited by the Joe team. Here are the results:

Palbog (Blog as You Are) - Code name: Fumar. Pablo's special technique would be arson.
Mattbear (The Inexcusable) - Code name: Whiteout. Mattbear would stun the enemy by stripping of his shirt and blinding the enemy.
Jeff (Caliban) - Code name: Aliester. Jeff would employ magic(k) to render Cobra's weapons useless. His lectures on comic book cannon would also be used as a torture device, but this is still under review by the UN as a possible violation of the Geneva Convention.
Kelly (Sunburned Feet) - Code name: Hot mom. A master tactician Kelly would draw battle plans and staff accordingly.
Joe (Jowie) - Code name: Commodore 64. Joe's job is a lonely one as he sits in a server room attempting to hack into Destro's network.
Dennis (The Canucks Genome Project) - Code name: Puck. Stationed in the Arctic Dennis would constantly pull and analyze miliatry statistics all the while preaching the evils of The New Deal.
Alec (Alec's Blog) - Code name: Potter. Alec would develop communication software and entertain the troops by showing bad movies.
Jinsane (Mind Blowing Insanity) - Code name: HHT. Jinsane would render the enemy useless as their concentration would be blown by her scantily clad uniforms.
Alyssa (Accidentalpurposity) - Code name: Peanut. Alyssa would stand by on reserve. In case a battle would be deemed all but lost by Joe's commanders Alyssa would step in and in a violent pregnant fit of rage take out each and every enemy soldier armed only with a lawn dart. She is thought to be more effective than a nuclear device.
Scott (Life is Grand, Love is Real and Beauty is Everywhere!) - Code name: One note. A communications office Scott would send cryptic messages encoded as song lyrics. Once disciplined for creating messages asking people to respond with their favorite sexual position the enemy has never been able to decipher his code.
Clair (The Country Mouse Tales) - Code name: Steeple. As military chaplain her duty is to provide a spiritual center for the Joe team. An interpreter is always accompanying her so the American troops can understand the British slang.
WIGSF (What I've Got so Far) - Code name: DJ Jazzy Canuck. WIGSF would entertain the troops by providing music to every single task they take. Once questioned about blaring the Village People during latrine duties WIGSF maintains he's hetero.
Big Ben (Memoirs of an Oversized Canadian) - Code name: Tiny. Given Big Ben's size the command at GI Joe headquarters believe his best duty would to train soldiers in various sports keeping them in shape. He also moonlights as a pro-wrestler and was acquitted during a sexual harassment court martial.
Miss Ash (Something's Gotta Give) - Code name: D-cup. Understanding males' primary weakness she would appear on the battle field and flash and any all attackers stopping them dead in their tracks, laying down their arms, and staring at her. When the enemy is deemed useless she would then pull out her sword (with a designer shoe hilt) and strike through all motionless soldiers.
Wiwille (Erik's Rambling) - Code name: Stalker. Was once a brilliant fighter, but now incarcerated for questionable correspondence with a certain Hollywood debutant. Pleading his innocence he now writes useless and often times insulting ramblings. Numerous appeals have been thrown out by the military tribunal.

Yeah I think that's enough for now.

"You gotta be tougher than that! I'm no wimp any more! I'm a G.I. Joe, and nothing stops a G.I. Joe! Nothing!" - Lowlight

Jul 9, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 6.

High Plains Drifter was submitted to me for review and I was hesitant to see it. I've only viewed two of Clint Eastwood's westerns and even though I enjoyed them I doubted that more really needed to be said with the genre. Remarkably enough I was wrong.

Eastwood directs and stars in the film, but this time his character really does have no name, or at least none that is spoken on screen. Riding into a small mining town the nameless character kills three locals who attempt to work him over in a barber's chair.

Impressed with his skills the townsfolk hire him to help them defend against three soon to be ex-cons who previously whipped the former town marshall to death. The nameless gunfighter is given everything he wants including the opportunity to literally paint the town red.

While this seems like simple fare for westerns this picture is a revenge play, albeit a pulp one. With it's supernatural approach, Eastwood's bizarre choice in music, and it's extremely dark scenes High Plains Drifter is by no means the best movie he's directed, but it may be one of the most surreal. It's not high art, but if you already enjoy the genre it's worth a look.

Want to see your favorite film reviewed here? Send me an email or drop a comment.

"Eastwood registers strongly as actor and director of this revenge Western (yet another critique of High Noon), with a style that's influenced by his mentors, the economic efficiency of Don Siegel with touches of Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns." - Emanuel Levy

Jul 6, 2007

Bring out the youth vote.

As another election year creeps upon us campaign managers clasp their hands while brainstorming which voters they need to target. Unions, lobbyists, and the blue hairs are but a few of the many groups a candidate attempts to woo in order to secure votes. Every election year the media tries to sell us a story that those running for the highest office in the land really want to secure the youth vote. Yes they would have you believe that politicians really give a good shit about what young people think even though they make little attempt to go to the polls.

I've been voting since I was 18. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm a civic minded individual or better yet I'd like to believe I matter. I can cast my vote in the ballot box and say "Huzzah to all you who said I have a small member".

Seriously I like taking a part in the process no matter how insignificant it may be, but I find some of the attempts to woo me into voting laughable at best and insulting at worst. Whether it be Clinton playing a saxophone on Arsenio or P Diddy, Puff Daddy, or whatever the hell his stupid name is telling me my life is dependant on using a butterfly ballot I sometimes believe such tactics actually make young people turn away from voting. Instead of treating the nation's youth as adults, which technically they are, they're efforts often demean them.

Most people my age choose not to participate in politics and sometimes I can't fault them too much. It's easy to become cynical about the process especially when you live in a state where you clearly know how the electorate will swing. Sad really considering people put their blinders on and think that the Presidential election is the only one that matters, but it's the most dramatic and if reality television taught us anything is that the public loves manufactured drama.

I wish more people would go out and vote and not just leave it to the geriatrics who care only about their social security and reruns of Mattlock. Still until they reward voters with lap dances from Elisha Cuthbert our youth will continue to be misrepresented.

"I don't ever want to be doing the same sort of thing, I never want to be typecast, because I have way too much to give to be sort of, to always be the hot chick in the movie." - Elisha Cuthbert

Reaching Out Early for the Youth Vote

Jul 5, 2007

Zombie dream.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July with all appendages still intact. I had a great one as the Pretty Girl served some good food and had a nice turnout for her get together. The fireworks display was amazing this year and we all had a great view.

Still I had a late night last night so today I'm pretty useless. Last night I had one of the most vivid, bizarre dreams. First off I started off in North Germany. I had no idea how I got there, but I was standing with two doctors who were explaining to me how I was helping in the first line of defense of a zombie plague. They told me that I was recruited to assist them in vaccinating people who've been infected with a virus that eventually turns them into a full fledged member of the slow walking dead.

The male doctor gave me a gun and a flashlight. The gun's ammo was syringes filled with the vaccine. The flashlight was a special one as not only did it cast light, but if you shined it on someone and if they were infected their veins would glow green right through their clothing.

With me so far?

The doctors explained further that there are 10 stages of the zombie transformation process. Stage eight is the last point the vaccine will work. Stage nine will not turn someone into a flesh eater, but you're soon on your way to becoming one and there's no hope for you.

Our post again was located in northern Germany in a small war withered town. In the town was an abandoned sports stadium where apparently all the zombies were gathering to plan their takeover of the world. Pretty organized bunch for being dead. Anyways I was to stand post at a house that was located on the road to the stadium. My job was to weed out the stage 1-8s. I would shine my flashlight on the zombies walking by and if I saw a stage 1-8 I shot them with my vaccine gun and the doctors would provide them with medical care. If they were stage 9 or 10 I was told to let them go to the stadium and not attack unless provoked. Given that we were on the edge of the military blockade I was told that the soldiers would take care of most of them anyways.

Interesting. I did my job though and shot numerous 'almost' zombies while the doctors did their thing. After a while I got bored and treaded past the Army's line and tried to save any potential zombies and bring them back into safety. I remember the sights as horrifying as the stage 9 and 10s all looked emaciated and sad. There was a whole family of zombies who looked like holocaust victims. If they were horses I would have shot them.

I shot as many stage 1-8s as possible and then ran back to the doctors. Outside was a stage seven who was beating his wife with a large stick. As I was out of ammo I couldn't shoot him so I decided to punch him. I approached him and knocked him out, but apparently I got infected doing so. The doctors came out and started screaming at me calling me an idiot for touching a zombie as we were out of vaccine.


To prove that I was on my way to walking really slow they shined the flashlight on me and I was indeed a stage 1. The doctors had me sit outside the house while they scrambled to make some vaccine. While waiting I overheard some soldiers talking about how once they round up all the zombies in the stadium that an air strike would take them all out. Genocide in Germany!

Dream ended.

Today is going to suck.

"I always loved horror and that's sort of the reason we decided to make the film. We were nourished on those sorts of films, so it was a labor of love." - Simon Pegg

Jul 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

Well I have the day off to revel in the festivities for the 4th of July. I'll be watching the fireworks from the balcony of the Pretty Girl's apartment which is located right on Eastlake. Fun should be had by all.

It's a dark time for our country. Even though America has seen worse times you wouldn't know it by studying the body politic. Still on this day I'd like to forget the issues plaguing our White House and remember the sacrifices made on this day when our forefathers created a government that ideally is by and for the people. Whether you like our current state of affairs or not you can enjoy the freedom to actively participate in the process without fear of death.

For all our ills this country is a great one to reside in and for one day lets give thanks to those who created a system that allows us the comfortable lives we live. By giving thanks I mean buying foreign fireworks, blowing shit up, and consuming way too much alcohol and food.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July from the folks...err folk...at Erik's Ramblings.

"The 4th of July is a time to reflect on this country's most vivid and sacred symbol of pride: the American flag." - Kenny Marchant

Jul 3, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 5.

Films that center themselves around an Orwellian plot line are almost doomed. Most can be overly pretentious by making it's audience sit through 2+ hours of preachy nonsense that everyone should already know (V for Vendetta). Others can be stifled in silly action and poor special effects. Still the concept alone is something that strikes a chord in me. The idea of resistance to a totalitarian regime brings out the romantic in me.

'Equilibrium' is one of the two films submitted for review that I've never heard of. I watched the trailer and figured I'd give it a look. It also helps that Joe, the one who asked me to review it, lent me his copy. The film takes place after the fictional third world war where the standing government uses a drug to suppress human emotion therefore wiping out war, greed, etc. Instead of 1984's thought crimes they implement 'sense crimes'. Get it? Yeah. Anyways being a futuristic sci-fi film the powers that be use draconian measures to keep the populace in line.

The premise alone is flawed because almost nothing would get done without emotion. Even the characters that are supposed to be without it display them numerous times. Fear, anger, and laughter are all present amongst them. The action is clearly influenced by 'The Matrix' and various Hong Kong films and you get the feeling you've watched this film before.

Still somehow this movie got it right for me. While most people will look at it and scream that the action looks too much like the already mentioned 'The Matrix' I actually enjoyed the sequences better in Equilibrium. For one I can buy Christian Bale kicking ass far more than I can believe Keanu beating up anyone. The acting is far and above better than the script should allot thanks to a great cast. For all it's flaws the film has style and rises just above being pure corn and for those who like the genre it's worth a rental. What it lacks in originality it makes up for in style.

Want to see your favorite film reviewed here? Send me an email or drop a comment.

"Giggling at the absurdities and inconsistencies is part of the fun. But the talented cast alone will keep you watching, as will the fight scenes." - Eric Harrison

Jul 2, 2007

Hire Wiwille!

Online networking is so important to some people. Whether it be those who constantly spend their off hours on Facebook or Myspace or others who try to get attention by posting pictures of themselves in revealing clothing (which works) being popular online can consume a lot of energy and time. Some who's goal it is to become 'cool' on the internet, but don't have time or the creative spark to write and maintain a blog or MySpace site, can and will hire someone to do it for them.

Yes folks you can buy friends on the internet and oh what a reward that must be. Think about it. Hiring someone to make yourself look cool can be easy to pull off. Since I'm uber cool, have the writing talent of Steinbeck, and the toughest mo-fo you've ever met I think I'll offer my services for making you the most popular thing online since the Star Wars kid. Heck the raging success of Erik's Ramblings is proof. I get a whole three readers each day!!! Posting numerous pics of Scarlett has helped I'm sure.

Seriously folks you are quite possibly the most pathetic person alive if you feel you have to hire someone to help you maintain some semblance of popularity online. I understand that blogging consistently can be difficult, but really isn't the point of it more self satisfying than anything? Is buying friends online worth it?

To those who may think that this blog is outsourced do you think I honestly pay for someone to write posts this incoherent with no attempt at proper grammar?

"This guy is a busy entrepreneur and he says that wherever he goes, people marvel at the energy he still manages to put into blogging and networking - and he then tells them it is all being done by a guy he pays to do it." - BBC article

Are my online friends for real?