Aug 22, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 12.

Scott, author of Life is Grand, Love is Real and Beauty is Everywhere!, and the mysterious Lisa have both submitted the same movie for review, which is a first. Out of more than half a dozen recent submissions this is the only film I've actually seen before. Let's jump right in shall we?

I'm torn about the work of Spike Lee. At times I find his films fascinating, but some can be horribly uneven and downright dull. Still even the worst of his movies are technically good if that makes any sense.

The 25th Hour was considered at the time a serious departure for the director. Instead of focusing on larger than life characters locked in struggle with each other this movie is a simple plot about a simple man (Ed Norton) chronicling his last day before going to prison. While this may seem horribly uninteresting somehow the movie works with it's sense of urgency, solid performances, and appealing cinematography. Lee keeps you guessing about the true nature of Norton's character as well as the people surrounding him and that alone kept my eyes glued.

Yeah there's not a lot going on with the story other than a guy trying to figure out who sold him out to the cops and his sense of dread before he enters the big house, but you'll find it appealing. A little slow at times, but it's a film I connected with imagining how my last day of freedom would be had I, god forbid, ever served real time in prison. The public and critics seem to be split on this film, but since I'm probably the smartest person you've ever met with the aesthetic values that are only equal to my deadly skills in a MMA octagon I highly recommend it.

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"Not a happy experience, and there are times when it seems to drag, but there's no denying that it lingers in the mind long after the impressions left by other movies have evaporated." - James Berardinelli

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