Feb 25, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 36

Films about war seem to be failing at capturing the public's attention. Maybe it's due to the current war our country is facing is burning movie goers out, but really Hollywood hasn't delivered a high grossing war film in a while.

The Hunting Party is a different kind of war film if you can call it that. The story is set five years after the conflict in the Balkans. Veteran journalist Duck (Terence Howard) returns to the country where he once risked his life as a cameraman. He reunites with his award winning reporter Simon (Richard Gere) who's now struggling to find work after an on air meltdown.

Simon approaches Duck with a huge story. Simon believes he's on the trail of The Fox, a former Serbian general and hunted war criminal. The two of them join up with a network vice president's young son and traverse the Serbian countryside hoping to locate him.

The film is different then what you might expect as it's loaded with dark comedy, which I love. The acting is natural and direction is about as strong as you would expect. The script is not entirely all that exciting, but it is very clever. Some may find the elements of war and comedy a little muddled, but I enjoyed it.

Thanks to Scott for submitting this.

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"On paper, there's no way that The Hunting Party should work. But onscreen, it defies the odds." - Jeff Strickler


Grace said...

I'd never even heard about this movie before today. But if you and Scott suggest it, then heck, I'm going out to rent it.

Big Ben said...

I'm with Grace, never heard of it?!

Wiwille said...

Grace, BB - Yeah this movie really flew under the radar for most.