Mar 19, 2008

Four wheeling.

Years ago a couple of friends and I spent a rainy Saturday at the beach driving around a four wheeler. Trampling through the mud and getting it stuck a few times, fun was had by all involved. There was no one else at the beach to be seen as the weather was off putting for most beach goers so we had the place to ourselves.

Brandon, Craig, and I were getting ready to load the four wheeler in the truck. Someone came up with a dare to ride the machine naked. Everyone refused to do it and I took the four wheeler for one last spin. As I rode into the trees I thought about the dare and decided for whatever reason it may be funny. So I sat in the trees and stripped down. I threw open the throttle and rode as fast as I could past the truck containing my friends.

They both doubled over with laughter. I continued to ride to a sandy hill and drove the four wheeler up it. I got stuck at the top of the hill standing up to get some traction. There I was standing on the pegs of the machine trying to make it up, but finally I gave up. I threw it into neutral and turned to cost back down the hill when what to my horror did appear but a family on horseback staring at me.

There was a family of four riding their horses minding their own business when they had to come across a muddy naked guy on a four wheeler. The poor people. I don't think I rode the thing faster trying to get back to the truck. My friends thankfully were still there awaiting my arrival. I threw my clothes on and loaded the thing as quickly as possible. We made it out of there before someone could call the cops.

"Streaking is a sign of decreasing self-esteem and increasing moral turpitude" - Wes Hall


Miss Ash said...

Oh man, that was hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment but it didn't stick. Bop? It was a long one too. I'll paraphrase. Streaking is funny and Miss Ash wants photos if they exist.

SareBeth said...

Mine wouldn't post either.
but all I can say Erik is.. PAH PAH PAH!

Scott said...

Too funny and so so glad that there is no video evidence of this debacle.

Wiwille said...

Miss Ash - Glad you enjoyed.

WIGSF, Scott - There is no evidence that any of that happened thankfully, unless the family had a camcorder.

Sarebeth - Well spoken.