Jan 30, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 31

White trash. I know them well. Growing up in a rural area where meth ruled the economy I came across my share of poor white country folk. While there are downsides to living amongst those who believe pro wrestling is real such as petty theft, domestic violence, small animal molestation, and erratic driving they can be amusing in a Springerish way.

Run Ronnie Run embraces the small town rebel hero. Ronnie is a complete jackass prone to excessive bouts of willful destruction of private property. Still he's a harmless mullet sporting, jean shorts wearing (inside joke) simpleton if not a multiple felon. A good natured chap who just wants to have fun, Ronnie is small minded as proven by his numerous arrests which usually involve a massive amount of liquor and property damage, but his gentle heart is endearing to most.

After being filmed many times in a 'Cops' like show which feature him running from the law and ranting in a hilarious fashion a television producer finds him and takes him to Hollywood to film him getting arrested in various cities for petty crimes. Ronnie embraces his new found success as the show is a massive hit, but of course he years for his lifelong love back home. The mother of his children is the one who truly holds his heart and he's willing to sacrifice permanent jail time to try and get her to marry him for the fourth time.

Run Ronnie Run is not fine cinema by no means, but it is pretty damn funny. Just when you think the white trash joke gets old they provide hilarious cameos by Jack Black, Jeff Goldblum, and the South Park guys to name a few. Oh and they do give reality TV a good rip, but then again that's an easy target. It also pokes fun at the state of cinema and celebrity in general which as a film buff I found myself laughing out loud at. It also stars R Lee Ermey as a cannibal reality television show contestant. It doesn't get better than this.

Yes it's not a film for everyone as I could relate to the humor growing up in an area that believes in God, the confederate flag, Bud Light, and it's ok if she's your cousin. Sometimes comedies work better for others as they may be a glimpse into your sometimes sad life. That's why till this day I love Swingers.

Thanks to Crystal for sumbitting this. Yes she's from the same town as I.

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"Though the material isn't up to Mr. Show's high standards, some great laughs abound -- as when Hollywood stars beg Ronnie to rob them, or when Ronnie's only moment of soul-searching on death row concerns his last meal: waffles, just edging out corn dogs." - Christian Hoard

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Miss Ash said...

It sounds like a Joe Dirtesque film....which i've also not seen. I'm very surprised at you Mr. Wee Willy, very surprised indeed. Though I suppose if you can relate to the film....