Feb 12, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 33

Ahh yeah. The triumph of the human spirit. One man against all odds in pursuit of a dream that's within their grasp. Will they go against the grain and achieve the glory or will our protagonist be humiliated so that all who spectate may abuse them with wet noodles?

Such is the true story of Burt Munro, a elderly gent from New Zealand who fantasizes of visiting the salt flats in Utah and breaking speed records with this Indian motorcycle. While this is not terribly interesting in and of itself the film portrays Burt as an eccentric, socially awkward, but gentle hearted man which makes you want to root for him.

The story follows his travels from New Zealand to America to achieve his goal of breaking a land speed record via his motorcycle. Burt is an eccentric, affable chap who traverses the southwest meeting weird Americans, having one night stands with old ladies, telling people not to smoke, and nursing his heart condition. His adventures are fun to follow as he meets fellow Americans from all walks of life and seems a bit like a fish out of water, but none deter him from riding his Indian motorcycle on the salt flats.

Like all feel good movies of this nature it delivers on everything it promises. The character of Burt is interesting enough and it's always a treat to watch Anthony Hopkins act. The race sequences are well filmed and exciting and I found myself caring for this strange man who seemed to have little flaws other than being awkward. It's an easily digestible film, if not a little long and overly cliche, but as far as time killers go there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours. For those interested in a feel good spirit movie I'd recommend this.

Thanks to Foster Communications for submitting this as I probably would've never bothered with it if not for her.

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"The World’s Fastest Indian is lightweight stuff, but despite the clichés it’s an enjoyable ride." - Robert W Butler


Scott said...

I saw this a while back, it was a fun movie.

You should check out The Hunting Party and Once.

Foster Communications said...

I did really like this movie. V. quirky. Maybe i just have a thing for Anthony Hopkins.

I watched Once, Scott's recommendation from above, this weekend. A foreign, independent musical. I've decided those things should not go together :) Then again, maybe I wasn't in the right mood.

Miss Ash said...

At last one that sounds fun, light hearted and interesting. I'll check it out.....right after I rent Casablanca...shit I forgot about that one.