Jun 29, 2008


Friday night I joined in the festivities concerning Andrea growing a year older. I had a great time watching her consume alcohol at a ridiculous rate and everyone seemed to enjoy it as well. I may or may not consumed too much, but that wasn't the point. It was her day after all and she seemed happy all could attend.

The rest of the weekend I mostly shopped. Yes a shopping weekend. My motorcycle safety course is next week so the purchase of boots and gloves were in order. I went to look around at bikes and noticed the inventory has depleted to a great degree. Seems with the gas prices people are more inclined to purchase something that can actually get over 40 miles a gallon.

I went and looked at Harleys, but after much thought I doubt they would be what I'm looking for in a first bike so I made my way down to another shop to take a look. I've finally narrowed it down to two. The weekend following my test, assuming I pass and get my endorsement, I'll be looking at getting one of the following bikes.
This is the Suzuki Boulevard C50. A nice looking bike for sure, but the engine is a bit bigger than what I was originally looking for.

This is the 08 Honda Shadow 750. This is probably what I'm going to get.

I'm actually kind of nervous about this purchase. I want it to be something that I can ride well since I'll be doing it often. I'm sure I'll wreck it at some point, casue the old saying goes it's not a matter of 'if' you're going to wreck, but a matter of 'when'.

After much more shopping I finally did the same old thing I always do every Sunday. Went to the gym, laundry, dishes, etc. I sit here again, alone on a Sunday night, watching a thunderstorm, and wondering if she even gives me a thought. Probably not me thinks. That's for the best.

At least for her.

"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." - Hunter S. Thompson

Jun 27, 2008

You're going to hate reading this

It's happened. Yes folks just when we thought it the era of celebrity sex tapes were over with, when you believed that people would have learned their lesson from Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian another star has crossed from legitimate acting to amateur porn star. That person being is Vern Troyer.

I'll give you a minute to let that sink in.

Yes Mini-Me had a home made video 'stolen' from him, which includes footage of him and his girlfriend being intimate. Apparently some distributor believes that people are interested in viewing this and has the film available for sale. I think the only reason anyone would view this is to cure morning wood.

The girl involved must really be into his intellect.

I am deeply disturbed by this. If Star Jones comes out with a sex tape I believe violence must ensue. I mean the kind of action that would everyone responsible. Her, the man involved, her parents, his parents, her second grade teacher, hell no one would be safe from my wrath. I would consider it a public service, cause I'm a giver. The jury would consider it justifiable.

And still nothing from Scarlette or Anne, sigh.

The only mind bleach I could think of for this is Alize, who I haven't posted about in a while. You're welcome:

"There's nobody else that can double me - except for a doll." - Verne Troyer

Verne Troyer Sues TMZ

Jun 26, 2008

Thursday Music

I used to use music for, if you'll pardon the expression, pumping me up for a particular task. Whether it be 'Back in Black' for football, 'Battery' for fighting, or 'Alabama Song' for drinking, various songs always put me in the mood for some particular activity. There were other tunes that I used to get me in the mood for certain things that I won't post about here, because after all today is Thursday Music, not TMI Thursday.

When I was a photographer before every shoot I tuned my stereo to Paul Simon's 'Kodachrome'. Even though I've never been a fan of his solo career I was always amused by his attempts to prove himself the more talented of his former band mate; however many times he may have failed. From his miserable Broadway show to dancing with Chevy Chase, Paul Simon will go down in history as one of the great icons of music regardless of how you feel about the quality of his music.

All that being said 'Kodachrome' was the song that helped fuel the creative juices while behind the camera. Without further boring you with my ramblings I bring you, dear readers, Paul Simon:

"I don't consider myself to be a major talent, so the only solace I can take is to hope I'm growing." - Paul Simon

Jun 25, 2008

Coloring with Wiwille

The Lord and Savior Jesus has been portrayed in many respects. Most westerners know his image from renaissance paintings and biblical epics, but there are many who have fashioned him in other respects. Yes your author here once took liberties in Christ's choice of style.

I was in the third grade attending Catholic school. The teacher was educating us about Palm Sunday, a religious holiday celebrating the Messiah's return to Jerusalem to preach his word. According to the gospels Jesus rode into the city on a donkey while his followers laid down palm branches in front of him celebrating the son of God. This is not only significant because Jerusalem was the epicenter of Judea at the time, but Christ had many enemies in the town who wanted him dead and the act is known throughout the Christian community as a great example of his courage.

The teacher then passed out coloring papers with a picture of the Lord on a donkey. It was our assignment to color our savior and answer some comprehension questions. I took out my crayons and added some hue. As my teacher walked past my desk she stopped and looked at my paper.

"Erik," she asked. "Why do you believe Jesus wore a camouflage robe?"

"Uhh, cause he wanted to hide from his enemies?" She held back her laughter and explained to me that it was not appropriate to make Christ look like a member of the special forces, never mind that the style of camouflage wouldn't work in the desert city.

She shook her head after she got done giving me a lesson in Jesus' wardrobe. She told my folks about the incident later. Mom was not happy at the time, but now uses this incident to my embarrassment telling it to every girl I ever brought home. I think they reduced the time I got to spend watching G.I. Joe for a while. I just liked my deities being able to whoop ass.

Catholic school is the reason why I'm such an upstanding citizen today.

"And they brought the colt to Jesus and cast their garments on him, and He sat upon him. And many spread their garments upon the way, and others cut down branches off the trees and strewed them upon the way. And those who went before, and those who followed, cried, saying, 'Hosanna! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord! Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!'" - Mark 11:7-10

Jun 24, 2008

Social networking with the Hoff

Ahh the beauty of online social networking. Since the creation of MySpace and Facebook denizens of internet users have utilized the sites to connect with friends, sport fuck strangers, and stalk previous lovers. Given the popularity of these and the potential to become a cash cow many companies such as Disney are creating their own clones to tap the new market. One such fine entrepreneur has decided to jump on the bandwagon as well and that gem is David Hasselhoff.

Yes the Hoff has a social networking site. I'm sure you've stopped reading at this point and went to it immediately to create your own account to enjoy the Hoffness.

As I read this important news I thought to myself what kind of social networking site would my fellow blogger buddies make? Actually if they could create their own Superpokes and Applications what would they make? Let us brainstorm shall we? (Those not on Facebook will not get this)

Blog as You Are: Throw various politician at (Superpoke) Random Poetry Generator (Application)

Caliban's Journal: Toss comic book villain at (Superpoke) Create your own super hero (Application)

Coke and Count Chocula: Dance to mildly obscure music with (Superpoke) Draw a crude cartoon and send to friends (Application)

Dennis' Broken Heart: Toss scalpel at (Superpoke) Play 'Operation' online. (Application)

Mizzle's place in the web: Slapshot with (Superpoke) Grammar 101 (Application)

Princess Kitten Speaks: Pour coffee on crotch (Superpoke) Build your own breasts (Application)

Somethings Gotta Give: Go shoe shopping with (Superpoke) Play online volleyball (Application)

The Inexcusable: Die in a fire with a member of the Bush Administration (Superpoke) Create your own survivalist compound (Application)

The Muzzy's Blog: Attack with poorly constructed lightsaber (Superpoke) Build your own phone (Application)

Accidentalpurposity: Shop for brightly colored underwear with (Superpoke) Play super mom (Application)

Foster Communications: Throw pizza at (Superpoke) Corral children on the playground (Application)

Jlee's Place: Sing karaoke with (Superpoke) Create you own music video (Application)

Life is Grand, Love is Real and Beauty is Everywhere!: Climb tall mountain with (Superpoke) Blare loud music through playlist (Application)

The Country Mouse Tales: Travel to random places with (Superpoke) Make your own mix CD (Applicaiton)

There's a Land That I See: Go to Nickleback concert with (Superpoke) Chat with boy who's crushing on you (Application)

whatigotsofar version 2.0: Throw N********k at (Superpoke) Traverse various music stores for titles you know they don't carry (Application)

Words from the Not so wise: Drink booze through a straw with (Superpoke) Play White Trash Shopping Spree at Wal-Mart game (Application)

"There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me." - David Hasselhoff

Jun 23, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 52

Money. In all my observations concerning human behavior I find currency to be the one thing that corrupts everyone. While most people like to think of themselves as noble creatures who would sacrifice anything for their God, country, and their loved ones it is my belief that many would set aside everything they're supposed to protect so that they may a bit wealthier. It's a cynical concept I know, but one I think I'm right about.

'Shallow Grave' is the story of three flatmates who at the beginning of the film are looking for a new roommate. After taunting various candidates one moves in only to promptly die. Before the dwellers call the authorities they uncover a suitcase full of money and decide the best action would be to get rid of the body and keep the dough.

The plot moves along as you would expect as the three roommates get jealous of one another. Paranoia sweeps one of them as he inhabits the attic, stores the money, and spies on the others. All grow suspicious of each others' intentions especially after the mob comes to visit to reclaim the money.

Yes this is familiar territory as you've seen this plot before (Blood Simple, Treasure of the Sierra Madre) and sometimes it's been done far better, but still I enjoyed this film despite it's flaws. The photography is very creative and the acting is about as good as it gets with a script like this. The actors are even more impressive when you consider the three main characters are some of the least like able anti-heroes you've ever seen. Given all the implausibilities for the sake of continuing the story (I mean why not report the dead body and keep the money anyways?) it's still a decent thriller/black comedy. You won't be overjoyed when watching this, but still this movie is worth a look for the visuals alone and I would recommend it.

Thanks to Miss Ash for submitting this. Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"A tight little thriller, filled with exhilarating twists, that quickly establishes its artistic contract with the audience" - Edward Guthmann

Jun 20, 2008

Wiwille has goals

People that know me know that there are few things I like more than good beer. Yes I fancy myself a bit of a beer snob to the annoyance of my bud light drinking buddies.

My friend Paul, who claims he puts the fun back in functional alcoholic, sent me an article that lists 40 things a drunkard should do before he dies. Many of my blogger friends have a list of goals they plan to accomplish within a certain time period. I have yet to commit to such, but today we'll be going down the list to see what I must do before the grim reaper pays a visit.

1.) Open and close a bar: Never done this. I've opened one once at 5:30am, but have yet to spend a complete business day there.
2.) Go on a bender: I think it's time I should take a week off work and spend it destroying my liver.
3.) Drink a fifth of hard liquor, by yourself, in one day: I don't get drunk alone. Seriously I don't. No I'm not kidding. Still don't believe me? Okay fine I'll do this.
4.) Dance like a fool in front of a large hooting crowd: I can't count how many times this has happened. From drunken renditions of the Hustle to stumbling through the latest crap pop song I've made a complete ass of myself on the dance floor a few times. Scratch this as 'accomplished'.
5.) Spend a night in the drunk tank: No comment.
6.) Get drunk on the grave of your hero: I'd love to sip Congac on Winston Churhill's grave, but isn't there some sort of curse that would arise from it?
7.) Buy a crowded bar a round: Yeah this whole list seems to be expensive.
8.) Embark on an impromptu road trip: Problem with this is having to find someone who'll drive sober. I've been on many a spontaneous road trip in my youth, but keeping my friends from drinking is a chore.
9.) Get 86’d from a bar: This has never happened to me. Seriously.
10.) Extravagantly overtip a bartender: Does it count where exactly I placed the money?
11.) Walk up to an attractive stranger way out of your league and buy him or her a drink: Hmm. This is something I've never done either. I think I can knock this off my list this weekend as it's not hard to find a girl who's way out of my leauge.
12.) Conspire an afterhours at your favorite bar: My old friend John and I did this a few times at Le Chat Noir. Good times.
13.) Make your best friend a perfect martini: My best friend doesn't like martinis. Actually he likes girly drinks. Would a rum and pineapple juice count?
14.) Buy, build or steal a home bar: This is not a bad idea if I didn't live in such a small apartment.
15.) Get carried home by your drinking buddies: Most of my buddies probably couldn't even lift me much less carry me somewhere. I'd probably get dragged instead.
16.) Get drunk with your father: I've been drunk in front of him, but never with him.
17.) Fight a good fight: Been there, done that.
18.) Visit the source of your favorite beer, wine or liquor: Ireland here I come.
19.) Drunkenly watch the sun come up with your best boozing buddies and a bottle: God I miss the days of drinking till the sun rose.
20.) Sit in on an A.A. meeting: Scratch this off the list. True story.
21.) Hit a dozen bars in one night: Easily accomplished if you can find someone who will drive you, but then again it doesn't say you have to drink at each one of them.
22.) Try at least one hundred different drinks: I've definatley been through that in beer.
23.) Get loaded in the land of your forefathers: Getting drunk in Germany was one of the greatest highlights of my life.
24.) Juice on the job: I used to have a really cool boss.
25.) Split a magnum of expensive champagne with your true love: This gets more complicated as one would have to find true love. Expensive champagne is easy.
26.) Give a hobo twenty bucks: I'm sure money given to the homeless is always a worthy cause.
27.) Get loaded and tell your boss exactly how you feel: He reads this blog. I probably don't need to tell him any more.
28.) Send a friend a bottle of good liquor: I truly am a friend indeed. Scratch this off the list.
29.) Eat a pickled egg from the big jar: Not a difficult task. I'll try that this weekend.
30.) Go on a fishing trip with your pals: This may never happen as none of my friends fish. I guess we could go on a chartered trip, or just buy poles and pretend.
31.) Eat the worm: My time in Tiajauna was spent wisely.
32.) Learn at least one traditional drinking song: Whiskey in the Jar was a favorite of mine.
33.) Steal some booze: Stole some MD 20/20 once as a teenager. Never could finish it.
34.) Spend half a paycheck on a single bottle of liquor: This is not a bad idea. Makers Mark isn't that expensive, but a bottle of Cognac will hit the spot.
35.) Start your long-awaited and very personal autobiography: Me and the Booze: A Love Story: I'll just simply write a post.
36.) Try absinthe: Devil stuff it is too. One of the few times I walked in a perfect Z formation.
37.) Watch the movie Barfly with five of your closest friends: Not a big fan of this film, but I'll try it again.
38.) Work at least a week as a bartender: I'd be fired within a day.
39.) Make your own beer, wine or moonshine: I used to make my own beer with good results. I need to do that again.
40.) Go to your place of worship loaded: Done that. Thanks Sam!

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin

A man is, ultimately, the sum of his accomplishments.

Jun 19, 2008

Thursday music

Years ago I started to watch Meet The Press which bored the crap out of the girl I was seeing. On Sunday evenings MSNBC would replay the show and we would watch it together, until she got tired of it and finally asked me why I had any interest in this "dull show".

I just looked at her and explained it's one of the few network political talk shows that seems less involved in theatre and more concentrated on good discourse. Frustrated with that answer she asked if she could change the channel. I agreed, but only if I got to watch next week.

The following week I tuned into MSNBC with my girlfriend cuddled with me. They were discussing the then Congressional mid-term elections when all of a sudden my gal starts kissing me. I stop her, look at her, then glance at the television and say "you're so bored by this you'd rather sleep with me?"

"Oh honey," she said sheepishly. "I'd rather have you than anything."

"Liar," I say. "You would never let me interrupt E.R. for some good nudity."

"Well......" she stated as her eyes pointed upwards pondering a response. She gave up and started kissing me again.

It was then I learned that nothing was a better aphrodisiac than political talk shows. Yes Tim Russert bored my then girlfriend so bad she thought being naked with me was a better than watching his show. That's saying a lot.

I kept watching his show for years and loved it. He was tough with his guest, but fair. Russert's research set the standard for the industry and all who watched him were excited to see how his high profile guests would answer for their politics. He defined the idea of the press being the watchdogs of Washington D.C. Never to lower the standards of having pulp journalism I always respected his show and it became a favorite of mine.

What does this have to do with Thursday Music you ask?

I was watching his memorial service last night. Many people got up and told stories about the brooding Irish Catholic journalist. It was touching to see so many people loved him and that he seemed like a man convicted more than most nowadays. Towards the end a man got up with a guitar and did an acoustic version of Springsteen's 'Born to Run'. I've never been a big fan of The Boss, but apparently Russert was. As I listened to some amazing guitar playing I recalled a person who also enjoyed the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. That person being my dear friend Kevin.

I still miss you Kevin.

"Should we freeze or postpone prospective tax cuts and avoid any new tax cuts until we are sure we have the money to pay for the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq." - Tim Russert

Jun 18, 2008

Wiwille is a pansy

Anyone that really knows me understands that I hate nothing worse than crying. I'd rather sit through an entire season of 'Full House' than shed a single tear. Call me a throwback to a time that never existed, but it is my firm belief that I should never let the water works flow even if I was subjected to seven root canals at the same time without any pain killers.

All this being said I have cried at movies before. I'm not sure why the medium can strike at my vulnerable side, but it does and as a consequence I'm stuck looking and feeling like a candy ass.

Listed below are some of the movies I've actually balled through. Go ahead and call me a wuss. This cry baby will still kick your ass.

1. Million Dollar Baby - I watched this with the Jiggaman and one of his cute friends in the theatre. At the time the credits rolled there sat two burly men fighting tears as if our lives depended on it. We must've been a sight.

2. Dead Poets Society - This movie hasn't aged well unfortunately. What once seemed to my teenage mind to be a great film really has turned into an over melodramatic sap fest, but at my first viewing I let a tear loose.

3. Casablanca - I've seen this film at least a dozen times as a child, but when I first saw it as a teenager it finally touched me.

4. Love Actually - I watched this recently and even though I've seen it before without incident the scene where Colin Firth busts into his love interest's place of work and proposes not caring if he looked like a complete fool got to me.

5. Pop & Me - This little seen documentary is a compelling one where a father and son travel the world interviewing various men about their paternal relationships. I think this is the only non-fiction film that actually made me weep.

6. Big Fish - I've already written about this.

7. Dr Zhivago - Few films have been less depressing than this. Set against the early days of the Bolschevic Revolution almost every element of this story is bleak.

8. Atonement - I absolutely love this film, but I don't think I want to see it again, ever.

9. The Thief - I've never seen a movie make post-WWII Soviet Union look so miserable and it's a Russian film no less. A story of innocence lost, this film made my father cry, which is a rarity indeed.

Okay that's enough. Yeah so I can be a sap. Seriously I think I need a weekend of masculinity which involves MMA fighting, drinking 14 porters, boobs, possible arrest due to driving a muscle car through a mall, and a book about war.

"There is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Why bewail what is done and cannot be recalled?" -Sophocles

Jun 17, 2008

Mosaic Collage Meme

I got this from Grace.

This Meme is all about the Mosaic Collage that you are about to build by answering the questions in this meme by using pictures!

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Google Image Search or same type of search engine for pictures.
2. Using only the first page of results, pick one image. You can’t search forever for a certain image.
3. Copy and paste each in any program that you can post the pictures in a mosaic pattern. I used Microsoft Paint.

The questions:

1. What is your first name? Erik
2. What is your favourite food? Sushi
3. What high school/University did you go to? R.A. Long
4. What is your favourite colour? Black
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Seriously you don't know? Okay it's Scarlett Johannson...oh and thanks for stopping by my blog.
6. What is your favourite drink? Vodka martini
7. What is your dream vacation? Europe
8. What is your favourite dessert? Cheesecake
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Sexy
10. What do you love most in life? Drinking
11. What is one word that describes you? Weird
12. What is your blog name? Erik's Ramblings

And here's the collage:

"A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It is like your future photo album." - Bo Bennett

Jun 15, 2008

Booze, boobs, and box office.

I'm sitting here typing instead of sleeping. I should be in bed now, which technically I am, but again the insomnia fairy has struck. I might as well write myself to sleep.

I took Friday off to be a tour guide for the lovely Miss Ash and her friends Howard and Jason. What was interesting about them is they brought a long a doll they won in a claw machine, which was a black baby dressed in a chicken costume. Keeping with the theme of their own chicken costumes they were going to wear at a party the next day, they lugged that doll all around Seattle taking pictures of it with various landmarks and in very creative fashion.

Miles were walked as we strolled through downtown hitting the sites. Jason and Howard seemed opposed to spending much money so we did as many free things a humanly possible including visiting the library. Still I had fun as we walked around looking at stuff I normally wouldn't with a local. Howard was pretty set on visiting Olympic Sculpture Park, which I never even heard of. Turns out there was a reason for that. Miss Ash was kinda pissed we walked that far to see a bunch of large cones.

The day progressed and I started to crash. Sleep deprivation started to rear it's ugly head and I feeling a bit ill. I had to make my leave at around midnight as I had a seminar the next day and really didn't need to be practicing the martial arts hungover, so I made my leave without any heavy drinking sadly. I had a good time though and hope they did.

After the seminar the next day I headed up to Bellingham for an evening with Elli and Friend. We went to an Irish Pub and the drinking ensued. Elli introduced me to one of her employees to which she explained that she's heard all about me. She then whispered something in Elli's ear. Laughter took place as Elli explained I was not the guy who passed out in a bathroom at Target.

The employee leaned over and whispered something else in Elli's ear. Elli laughed again and said yes I am the one she wants as her maid of honor for her upcoming nuptials.

Yes you read that correctly.

She went on to announce I was to wear a gawdy dress, to which I agreed. When given a role you might as well take it all the way.

The night went on and the spirits went down my throat rather quickly. Car bombs. Oh you devil car bombs.

At some point I was talking to a hot Asian gal who is the girlfriend of one of Elli's employees. Her dress was a little revealing and her boobs seemed desperate for liberation. I kept informing her of the exposure, but she seemed unphased. I tried to maintain a gentlemanly appearance by looking away, but since the conversation was somewhat deep to people that are inebriated she insisted I look at her.

Okay so I did catch a peek. I like boobs. Sue me.

I had a great time though hanging around the hot folks at a bar, drinking like I was 20 again, and having many laughs. I'm enjoying visiting Bellingham again, although each time I leave a bar I still wish my friend Kevin could've been with us. God rest his soul.

The next day I took my folks and nephews out for a Father's Day breakfast. I wanted to spend some time with dad today, but really both mom and him looked tired from running around with their grandchildren. I did the best thing I could for them and told my parents that I will take the boys off their hands for a few hours.

All involved were delighted.

Gabe and Corban pile into my car and were excited to go to the park to play. I asked them about sports and both insisted that baseball was a better game than football.

Oh this will not do. Nope not at all.

I immediately go and buy a nerf football and take them to a field. There I tried to teach them the basics of the sport, but mass confusion arose. Simply catching the ball was a chore for them, but when they did the boys would often start running the wrong way. I told them to head for the end zone, but as Corban scored his first touchdown he kept running till he got off the field. Call him an overachiever. I then had to explain where the field stars and ends to which they reminded me of the proper school yard terminology called "not playable".

We then played on the playground and later took them to see Ironman, which they loved. I took them back to mom and dad's for dinner and made my goodbye. I traveled home back to my life, back to the weekly ritual of work, gym, martial arts, etc. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I need a vacation.

"Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins." - Paul Brown

Jun 12, 2008

Thursday music

I don't know exactly how I got into big band music as a kid. My folks never really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because of old Looney Tunes, which featured the genre prominently. Whatever the reason I grew a strong liking for the big band sound and it stuck with me for years. When swing dancing became all the rage back in the mid to late 90s I was excited by the fact that I could actually purchase the music at a local store rather than to search obscure retailers trying to locate a simple vinyl (sorry WIGSF). Still that fad went the way of the Pogo Ball and it's rare someone will even admit they enjoyed the music.

All that rambling aside here's some Glenn Miller for you.

"Why do you judge me as a musician, John? All I'm interested in is making money." - Glenn Miller

Jun 11, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 51

Documentaries can often be more fiction than fact depending on the intent of the director and/or editor. The author of the piece usually has a theme already in mind before even shooting the film, but there are exceptions. Directors often start with a story they may have in mind, but as they pursue it they find themselves wrapped in a completely different tale.

Terry Zwigoff's 'Crumb' is unlike most films you've ever seen. Following the life of famous comic book artist R. Crumb, Zwigoff finds himself shooting the refreshingly candid and controversial artist. For those of you unfamiliar, R. Crumb was popular throughout the sixties and seventies in the underground comic movement creating characters you've probably heard of or seen. Fritz the Cat, Mr Natural, and the 'keep on truckin' walking guy are all trademarks of his, but that's just a small slice of his work. He's been called many things such as revolutionary, sexist, racist, and morally perverse, yet few in the field can deny his influence.

His art is still controversial even by our standards as being sadistic towards women. It seems the jury is still out on whether his drawings and stories should be celebrated or not considering it's graphic nature and even racist undertones. He seems to make no apologies for any offense that might be taken by his audience as Crumb explains that most of his work was under the influence of hallucinogens and he clearly states that his hatred toward the fairer sex is a fair subject matter to tackle.

The film starts with Crumb visiting his older brother Charles, a complete outcast and manic depressive who's refused to even leave the house for long periods of time. Living with his mother, Charles is heavily medicated and speaks in a tone that suggests a serious mental illness.

The film's strengths lie in where we see R. Crumb's family, from the disturbed Charles to his younger sibling, a sex offender named Max. In it they relate stories of a tyrannical father of the WWII generation who was often disgusted with the idea of having outcasts as children. Blaming the comforts of the fifties for their inability to maintain a relatively normal social status their father would often abuse them while their prescription drug addict mother would sit idly by wallowing in her substance abuse.

R. Crumb seemed to be the only one who escaped the torment of childhood, from his aggressive father to horrid memories of being ridiculed by his peers. Still to describe the man as well adjusted would be delusional. While he admits his hatred of women, and some would say this is well shown in his comics, he also lacks an ability to express love even when pressed. His sexuality is all over the map as he relates stories of masturbating to pictures of Bugs Bunny and various other cartoon characters, often multiple times a day. His fascination with dominating is told through his drawings as he depicts ample bodied amazonian female bodies with sometimes bird like heads.

His naive nature can be endearing though and R. Crumb seems a figure of empathy rather than disdain. After watching this film recently for the fourth time I find it more of a triumph of how art can help you escape the hell some people call reality.

It should be noted that Crumb himself hated this film and it's portrayal of him and his family and produced another documentary which was far less appealing. Even though I'm not a fan of comics I found this movie fascinating and would highly recommend it as one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Thanks to Ryon for submitting this. Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"Yet as I left the film, I felt that if anyone had earned the right to express his own vision, it was Crumb, since his art is so clearly a coping mechanism that has allowed him to survive, and deal with his pain. "Crumb" is a film that gives new meaning to the notion of art as therapy." - Roger Ebert

Jun 10, 2008

Be sure to turn it off

I was reading a story earlier today about a woman who was caught cheating on her boyfriend. According to the story the woman invited over an ex-boyfriend for a night of infidelity when they unthinkable happened. Her cell phone hit the floor and dialed her current boyfriend who listened to the girl get her freak one with another man. Yeah, awkward.

The man apparently went out of his tree and drove over and assaulted her leaving a shoe print on her face. Poor woman. I don't understand violence of this nature. I've been cheated on before, but I would never raise a hand in anger to a woman. Guy probably has a small jimmy.

This tale reminds me of an incident I had, sans the brutality. I was hanging out with Corey having beers and my phone rings. It was another friend, who shall remain nameless. I pick up the phone and hear some loud music and a bunch of beeps from him hitting the phone keys. I scream my friend's name into the phone, but there was no response. Finally I hang up.

Couple seconds later the phone rings again. It was the same guy. Again I hear nothing but loud music and a bunch of beeps. I hang up.

Sure enough the phone rings again. Same person, same response. I hang up the phone wondering what could possibly be happening.

Of course he calls again. This time not only was there loud music and beeping, but I could faintly hear some woman talking dirty. Ye Gods he's getting freaky with his wife and calling me. What the hell?

I immediately hang up and call him back to make sure he would turn off his phone. I would hate to think that maybe he would call his mother during this. I reach his voice mail.

He calls again. I don't even answer.

I call him again and finally he picks up.

Him: Erik?

Me: Dude you called me a bunch of times.

Him: What?

Me: Just now. You kept calling me and all I heard was a bunch of music and beeping. Then finally I heard your wife...you know...talking.

Him: My wife?

Me: Yeah your wife.

Him: .........

Me: You really need to turn off your phone while you're intimate.

Him: Ohhhh hahahahahaha.

Me: What the hell is so funny?

Him: I'm at a bachelor party. I just got a lap dance. She must've hit the phone and dialed you. You're on my speed dial.

Me: Oh my god.

Him: Yeah.

Me: I hope she didn't call your wife.

Him: .....HOLY SHIT.

Me: Man you are screwed.

Him: Oh my god. Oh my god. I'm so fucked....

Me: Dude hang up now. I imagine you have some calls to make.

Him: Fuck fuck fuck.....

He hung up. Thankfully the only call that the lap dance made was to me. So let this be a lesson folks. First off if you have a wife who's not comfortable with the idea of a half naked woman on your lap, well don't get a lap dance. That should be obvious. Second get a flip phone, or simply turn it off.

Wiwille, protecting you from divorce.

"It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving, it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe." - Thomas Paine

Woman assaulted after dialling boyfriend during sex

Jun 9, 2008

Wiwille's gonna be a movie star

My dear friend Ryon is a filmmaker and is currently working on a new script that is in pre-production. For those of you unfamiliar this is the same guy who directed Grip Loss, a movie I wrote about a few days back.

Ryon's new film is a horror story with a plot that I won't reveal yet, but as I'm sort of the Kyle MacLachlan to his David Lynch he casted me in the role of a scruffy tough rancher. I raise sheep.

I'm not kidding people.

I've yet to meet the rest of the cast as they're all based in or around Idaho, but today he sent pictures of each of us. I started scrolling through the pics and realized that everyone in this film is really good looking, sans me and the old guy with the Santa beard. They look more like actors that star in a CW series than a horror flick.

The girl that plays my character's love interest is absolutely smoking hot. I don't know how this will come off as believable. Since I'm currently editing the script I think I'll write in some line about my 12 inch personality, cause after all movies never lie.

The shoot is scheduled tentatively for September and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

"I think that true horror is accomplished by slowly getting into your brain. The old way is much more scary." - Sergio Aragones

Jun 6, 2008

Dramatic tension

When I was in middle school I was bitten by the acting bug. I signed up for a drama class and learned the elementary levels of being a thespian. The teacher decided we would perform a comedic version of Romeo and Juliet and I was cast as some nameless Capulet.

Truth be told I was never any good at acting, but I tried to bring the most into my four lines of dialogue. I practiced over and over again, but my delivery was weak. The teacher showed great patience with me and even allowed me to ham it up a bit to the amusement of all watching the rehearsals.

Curtain time. The entire school is sitting in the auditorium waiting to see us young actors entertain them for a few minutes. I had one scene which I took a note from a nameless Montague and read it. Afterwards I was to crumble up the note and get into a little exchange with another Montague.

Sounds simple enough right? If you honestly believe that this would go simply I'd like to welcome you to my blog.

The costumes consisted of tights and some med-evil puffy shirt which was amusing to say the least. So there I was standing there in clothes that would probably send your average homophobe into cardiac arrest in front of an unforgiving audience that consisted of hormones on parade. I awaited the Montague message ready to deliver my line in a fashion that would make Marlon Brando jealous, cause I had to make up for the fact I looked stupid in that outfit.

A kid name Chris played the deliver of the message. Chris was your stereotypical 'nerd'. He acted strange, was always picked last in P.E., dressed like he was a cast member of the Brady Bunch, and would hang out with equally like minds. Still he was a harmless guy and no one ever picked on him, probably because for all his faults he was really nice.

Unfortunately for him he lived one of the most terrifying events that can happen to someone of that age.

I recited in my head what I was about to say, but then came my cue. I started to hear faint giggles from the audience, but I was confused as to why. There was nothing that was supposed to be funny going on so I was confused. I turn to look at Chris as he announced he had a message. He starts to approach me and before my eyes I see a 12 year old in tights with a massive erection.

Yes the poor bastard was suddenly excited at that moment. It was like something out of a bad American Pie sequel that went straight to DVD. I froze. My attempt to channel the spirit of James Dean was vanquished. I stood there trying to control a combination of laughter and pity.

Small chuckles from the audience turned into howling. The teachers were doing their best to calm everyone down as I stood there wide eyed, keeping Chris out of my field of vision. The whole idea of saying my lines like a superstar were shot, so I did the best thing I could. I did my best impression of a game show host as I shouted the dialogue.

The audience roared. I mean friggin roared. Finally all the educators stopped even trying to whisper to them to be quiet. They were yelling at the students to maintain order. Chris made his way off stage and we continued the scene as best we could. Finally the curtain dropped and I made my way backstage.

The teacher was giving Chris a whole ration of hell for lack of bodily control. She was pissed at how he ruined her precious play. Of course being in middle school he was the butt end of many taunts afterwards. Girls would point and laugh and announce "he had a boner." Guys would say crude stuff to him and make sure he felt all sorts of shame for being a young lad with too much energy.

At that age it only took a change in the wind to get me...uhh...well...hard so it wasn't an uncommon occurrence when I refused to go up to the blackboard. I guess I have to salute him for his bravery, cause I would've ran like hell the moment I thought I'd be at half mast, much less full. Even though a lot of guys would pick on him after that I believe all felt sorry for him to some degree. We all experienced embarrassing moments like that in our youth, but thankfully for most of us it never reached that wide an audience.

Chris never signed up for drama again.

"A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age." - William Shakespeare

Jun 5, 2008

Thursday Music

I'm not sure why, but I've had Bob Marley stuck in my head all morning. I'm not a huge fan of the reggae artist, nor do I worship at the altar of the genre like many so often do, but I find a lot of his stuff catchy at least. Usually if I need a Marley fix I can hang at some strip mall sports bar and count on hearing "No Woman No Cry" come blaring over the jukebox at some point.

I'm not sure why I had this particular song penetrating my mind when I woke up today, but I can't complain, cause I do enjoy it. So for today's Thursday Music I bring you "Redemption Song."

If I were smart I would've saved yesterday's post for today.

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." - Bob Marley

Jun 4, 2008


I was tagged by WIGSF regarding a music post. Here goes:

'List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now.'

There are many songs I'm into right now for various different reasons so this list may see a bit random, but I make no apologies for it. I won't get into why exactly I'm into some of them, cause some things aren't fit for broadcasting on this or any blog. Since I have such refined tastes in everything you can and should read this list as gospel.

1. When You Were Young - The Killers

2. Crush Crush - Paramore

3. Stripped - Depeche Mode

4. On my own - Les Miserables

5. Fade to Black - Metallica

6. Rhapsody in Blue - Covered numerous times.

7. Young Folks - Peter Bjorn & John

"I’m supposed to tag seven people. Okay, here we go: JLee, Wiwille, Miss Ash, Bob, Claire, Spark and Sarebeth." - WIGSF

Jun 3, 2008

Another dream girl for Wiwille

Alec IM'd me on Saturday night asking if I was watching the fights. I quickly tuned into CBS's broadcast of EliteXC fights, which for those who are unfamiliar is a MMA competition, much like the UFC. I was killing time before I was to go get some beers with Corey so I stayed tuned to the 'junior league' of mixed martial arts competition.

The announcers then turn their attention to the upcoming female fighters. They introduce Gina Carano, the 'female face of martial arts'. Oh what a face is it.

I sat in front of the TV watching the pre-fight interviews and realized that I must marry this woman. She's beautiful and she can fight. That's just hot. I mean uber sexy. Then again I imagine if we got into any argument she would want to solve them in the ring. I better train more if I am to be her husband. Or I could stop being so pathetic as to pine over women I'll never meet even though I know they'll never be able to resist someone as sexy as myself. And why I say sexy I mean turning nuns away from their faith kind of sexy.

Apparently she's also on that American Gladiators show, a program I have no interest in watching, until now that is.

"By raising awareness of something even greater, that just happens to come out of female competitors." - Gina Carano

Jun 2, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 50

Tim Burton is one of those movie makers that often puzzles me. He can make some enjoyable films such as Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands, but at the same time he's responsible for such garbage as Planet of the Apes and Sleepy Hollow. Still no matter how bad the stories may be Burton's visual work is nothing short of amazing and for that I'll watch everything he makes at least once.

'Big Fish' is one of my favorites from the Johnny Depp loving filmmaker, cept this one doesn't star Johnny Depp. Hmm.

Anyways the story follows Edward Bloom, an ailing elderly man with a flair for storytelling, and his estranged son Will. Will goes to see his sickly father, but under some self protest as he can't stand him and his exaggerated stories of his life. Regardless Edward continues to tell the fantastic tale of his existence to anyone within ear shot.

The film then cuts to flashbacks of the young Edward and his great adventures as a carnival worker, a love struck youngin, a soldier, and his encounters with all sorts of odd characters. As Edward engages his daugther-in-law with his fabricated memories his son Will is disgusted with his father's lack of engagement with reality. Edward's wife; however, seems to love him dearly and finds the tall tales amusing, if not attractive.

I loved this film when I saw it in the theatre and just having seen it again I still adore the picture. The story is a touching one and I enjoy the mythic stories told upon us. Albert Finney is excellent as usual and is a treat to watch. Hell the whole cast is great and the script allows them to have fun playing characters that range from dry to surreal. We all somewhat romanticize our past and this film finds splendor in such memories.

I first saw this with an ex-girlfriend. At the end she leaned her head on my shoulder and cried. After the credits rolled and the auditorium lights came up she wiped her tears and glanced up at me. She then shot me a look of surprise and asked me if I cried. I told her of course I didn't.

I was lying.

She knew that.

Thanks to Foster Communications for submitting this. Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"Burton has not given his imagination such free rein since Edward Scissorhands, and this stands with that and the equally generous Ed Wood as one of his best movies." - Terry Lawson