Dec 30, 2010

Thursday Music

What may or may not surprise you is that I listen to NPR regularly. National Public Radio, or as some fellow Texans like to call it; Commie News, has some of the best news in radio or any medium. Plus the shows are entertaining, but one feature they have which I love is their song of the day.

Of course they feature an up and coming artist who they feel you should be listening to. Some of the songs they feature are, well all of them are forgettable. Seriously they infuse some of the worst new songs featuring the most unoriginal and uninspired musicians outside of country and top 40 in the name of being edgy.

What's so entertaining about it is reading their synopsis of the songs. Music journalism is always good for a laugh as you can tell the writer is scrambling for the perfect adjective to somehow differentiate a song from others that sound largely the same. Try reading this sentence aloud without laughing:

Carried primarily by the drums, it stomps and rolls with glammy antagonism, and Tunstall gnashes through it with a candy-coated sneer.

I admire their wordmanship though for they do the seemingly impossible. To try and make modern music seem anything other than over produced, auto-tuned, insipid sounds to appeal to the masses is truly a feat. I wish I had that talent.

So today I bring you an example of what NPR feels you need to listen to. I actually kind of like it:

"As a result, the song ignites at unexpected moments like Pop Rocks dropped in cola." - Marc Hirsh

Dec 29, 2010

A second chance

With the exception of Pete Rose and Mike Tyson, few professional athletes have been more divisive amongst sports fans than Michael Vick. The reasons are obvious as he commit ed a heinous crime which many, especially those in the animal loving community, believe his punishment was in no way harsh enough. There are others who think he's done his time and deserves a second chance at being a decent human being.

I'm torn about the issue as I am a dog lover, but at the same time I do believe people deserve to enter back into the life they once knew after serving their sentence. Sure I think the judge was lenient on him considering the charges, but he has a right to a defense and they did a better job than the prosecution apparently. Such is how lady justice rules in our great land.

President Obama decided to get in on the action and praise the fact that Vick has been given a new life in the NFL. I'm not sure why he openly gave an opinion on the matter. Granted it was in the context of a private conversation, but we all know nothing is ever held under wraps concerning the President's communications. Still conservative talking heads are slamming Obama claiming Vick has no right to play football and even Tucker Carlson stated the Eagles' quarterback deserved the death penalty.

Given all this I find it strange that few thought it odd that Tyson, a convicted rapist, was welcomed back to boxing with open arms. Granted boxing is not as popular as football and believe it or not has a more thuggish image. Still if we are to believe that people can lead a new life after the mistakes they've made we should feel Michael Vick can give back to society. Though in my worst moments I have to admit I'd like to see him thrown in a pit of angry wild hogs.

"A Republican in my state of Arkansas feels about as out of place as Michael Vick at the West Minister dog show." - Mike Huckabee

Dec 28, 2010


When I think back to my younger years and video games I smile at the good times that were had playing on a console or the Commodore 64. Younger generations don't understand how far games came from the days of Pong to the Kinect in such a short time frame. Back then game developers were constantly bringing new ideas to the marketplace and gamers rejoiced at that.

One of the best games of the late 90s was Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. While most games based on movies are a complete waste of time, Goldeneye was a rare exception that exceeded the expectations of everyone. A satisfying first person shooter, this was arguably one of the greatest games for that platform. The hours spent on multiplayer alone was worth the price. It wasn't complex, but it was challenging as well as fun.

So this Christmas I used one of my gift cards to purchase Goldeney 007 for the Wii. It follows the storyline of the film, but updated a bit for today's technology. It uses Daniel Craig as the star British secret agent and he even lends his voice to the game. Surprisingly the dialogue is less banal than the movie.

The game is similar to the old title we know and love, but hardly the same. Still it brought back some nostalgia to the hours I spent attempting to beat the original Goldeneye on every difficulty. The latest version is terribly simple though. Gone are the days of getting body armor and carefully moving around every corner to take down an opponent, because you're health well quickly regenerate when you hide in cover, similar to the Call of Duty games. If you die in a level you won't have to restart it, just simply re spawn at your last checkpoint. It took me just a short amount of time beating the whole game on agent and sadly I'm not sure if I unlocked anything. In the original you had two unlockable levels, but I haven't seen any here.

While the graphics are improved and the style is better what was most notably missing were the friends piled on the couch, numerous bottles of beer, and the smack talk.

"James Bond is quite serious about his drinks and clothing and cigarettes and food and all that sort of thing. There is nothing wry or amused about James Bond." - Ken Follett

Dec 27, 2010

A Merry Christmas...

Christmas Day the wife and I made our way to my brother in-law's place to feed his dogs while him and his fiance are out of town. The wife stopped the car a short distance from his home and noticed a guy with his car parked in the middle of the street trying to communicate with a basset hound sitting by himself in an alley.

My wife's a dog lover of the highest order and immediately exited the vehicle to attend to the dog. After a bit of conversation with the other guy they concluded the canine was lost and she agreed to attend to matters. She picked up the hound and carried him to the car and had him sit on my lap. We found a dog tag with a phone number, but sadly when we called it it appeared to be disconnected.

I tended to my brother in law's pooches and Kelly made some fliers with the words "Found Dog" and our phone number and posted them in various areas of the neighborhood. It was then apparent that we'd be taking care of the droopy dog until an owner can be found.

I was annoyed at this prospect as dogs can be high maintenance. My wife though has a huge heart and was doing the right thing, so I swallowed most of my disdain and decided it would be in everyone's best interests that we give care to the stray.

The next day my wife went to work as I took the task of making the home a nice one for Taters, the dog's name listed on his tag. He was an incredibly sweet little pooch as he cuddled and laid his head in my lap as I watched television and played video games. I quickly grew attached to the basset hound as we bonded.

Later that evening we attempted to find Taters' owner as we walked him around the neighborhood we found him in, but to no avail. It seemed as if the dog would be under our care a bit longer than once thought. I welcomed this and feared it at the same time. The wife and I are trying for a baby and the idea of a home with three dogs and a wee one was less than stellar. Still I surprised myself at how paternal I was with Taters and grew seemingly close to him in such a short time. I knew letting him go would be somewhat difficult.

After we both went home in defeat we received a call from a lady who asked if we had a basset hound. Sure enough it was the owner and she was excited that her dog was found. Apparently Taters was a recent Christmas gift from her fiance and she brought him to a sibling's home in the area and sadly misplaced him. My wife gave her directions and she made her way to our home.

Taters jumped on the couch and sat in my lap as we awaited his owner's arrival. It hit me more than I thought it would, but I was glad to see he was going to a nice home where he'll be well cared for. Maybe even one with a big grassy meadow and a babbling brook....

I'll miss the short time I had with Taters. Still the wife and him instilled in me the goodness of the Holiday season. Her love for animals ensured a family a very merry Christmas. If only all of us could follow that example.

"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person." - Andy Rooney

Dec 22, 2010

The worst...

I hear this has been a good year in film, but I have yet to see it for myself. I've seen a lot of movies in 2010, but few that I would classify as good. This is my own fault, because I didn't rush out to see 'The Social Network' or 'Inception' and have still yet to see either. Sad really as I understand both are fine cinema. The best movie I've seen all year is 'Toy Story 3'. Granted Pixar never disappoints, but I was surprised at how compelling the last entry in this trilogy was. Another notable film was 'Easy A', one I expected wouldn't be good at all, but I ended up enjoying it immensely.

So instead of making a best and worst list this year I sadly will just point out the biggest flops and disappointments I had the displeasure of witnessing:

1. Valentine's Day - It tried to be 'Love Actually', but fell far short with awful writing and unbelievable story lines.

2. Date Night - It wasn't terrible, but with talent like this one should rightly expect more. I guess the producers thought the premise alone would get people to see this and they were right. Sadly they made little effort into making this fun. A romantic comedy that's neither romantic nor comedic, when the gag reel is more entertaining than the script you know it has problems.

3. Iron Man 2 - Not awful, but not even as enjoyable as the previous overrated film.

4. The Bounty Hunter - A silly, implausible story that lacks the charm needed in movies of this nature. Jennifer Aniston plays Jennifer Aniston. Enough said.

5. Clash of the Titans - No one expected this to be good, but what I didn't fathom is how little entertainment value this would actually have. The film it's based on is not exactly high brow, but even with such low expectations I was shocked how much I disliked it.

6. Alice in Wonderland - At times I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton, but this dreck reminded me of another one of his films I hated with almost equal contempt, 'Planet of the Apes'. While visually entertaining there's no story here. Besides a crowd pleasing genocidal Queen of Hearts there's no reason to sit through this. Truly a tale that tries to be for adults as well as children, but satisfies neither.

"It's just hard to know why Mr. Burton, who doesn't seem much interested in Alice, bothered." - Manohla Dargis

Dec 21, 2010

The end.

As my wife can attest my geekery knows little bounds. I confess I do have a soft spot in my heart for Star Wars and know more about Lucas' pet than anyone should. I also watch Star Trek and Lord of the Rings on occasion and engulf myself into the fantasy realm of fantastic stories of superhero movies and the like.

Of course none of my geek tendancies rival that than my love for fantasy football. Today marks the end of my season as the Nashville Tax Burdens were defeated in my Redmond league. I made the playoffs in my first ever first place win in my division, but was unseated. I shall not go to the Super Bowl this year in either league that I play in, which was fine. The season was a good one.

It makes me sad though that the NFL season is so close to ending...

"I think I've been able to fool a lot of people because I know I'm a dork. I'm a geek." - Gwen Stefani

Dec 20, 2010

Tis the season..

I went to church with my brother in-law and future sister in-law yesterday to a denomination called Disciples of Christ. What's interesting about the name of the church is how anyone can call themselves disciples when no one living has ever seen Jesus. Apostles seems to be a more appropriate term, but that doesn't have a certain ring to it. I guess that's why I don't run a church, well that and other reasons.

The three of us sit down and were warmly greeted by a middle aged woman who wanted us to feel welcome at the church. What was surprising about this is that the congregation was a large one, as per usual in the Dallas area, and somehow we had 'newbies' written on our foreheads. She asked us to fill out a contact information card and gave us welcome bags, which she claimed had Starbucks gift cards.

She lied, or was simply misinformed. There were free coffee in store for us. The bag contained literature, such as the Gospel according to John, and others associated with their church's doctrine, but it also contained a package of Grandma's peanut butter cookies.

Like the other churches I've visited in the area there was no traditional choir nor was there much audience participation in the singing. Like the others it had an electric band with singers that drowned out the drones of those in the pews. It was the first time I heard a guitar solo to a Christmas song in a place of worship.

My brother in-law nudged me and noted how many ugly red Christmas sweaters were apparent. He was correct as there was a sea of them donned by elderly women. It was so bad I almost felt over dressed. I'm not sure why gaudy Christmas sweaters became popular at any time by any generation, but they still reign amongst the geriatric set.

This church, unlike the others, had communion. We were given a wheel well like platter with a small cup of grape juice and a bowl with a tiny cracker. Being raised Catholic I always expect the true vino, but most denominations prefer not to serve alcohol to their parish. This is a damn shame I feel.

"You Catholics use the real vino!" - Kevin, after attending his first Mass.

Dec 17, 2010

I'm loving it.

My wife's friend Jackie is moving and she needed assistance in throwing out numerous items that belong to her seven year old daughter. In an attempt to make things go smoothly she asked that I take the kid to McDonald's while Jackie and my wife tackle the ever so difficult chore of cleaning out her room, which resembled Berlin circa 1945.

Kaitlyn, the child in question, buckled herself into my car and we set out on our journey to the kingdom of gluttony. I put in Quiet Riot's 'Cum on Feel the Noise'. I looked in my rear view mirror to find the child air drumming and trying to keep up with the simple lyrics.

We arrive to our destination so hungry that anything resembling food would do. I go to the counter to make an order, but browsing the menu proved more difficult than one would imagine. I got a Happy Meal for Kaitlyn and an Angus mushroom burger for myself.

The two of us sat down and I consumed the lukewarm pseudo food. Kaitlyn talked about how she loves the Star Wars cartoon, so we discussed the merits of Anakin Skywalker's crusade against the Separatists. She said she felt alone as she's one of two in her class that still believes in Santa so I informed her of the real Kris Kringle and how he's actually Elvis. She is now aware that the King faked his death in order to fulfill his lifelong goal of donning the red suit and bringing to toys to the good little boys and girls.

Her mom was not amused when she shared this revelation with her later.

Kaitlyn asked if she could play in the area designated for child amusement. I walk in there with her and she climbed around in the tubes and enjoyed her time in the slides. I sat and listened to the wails of other little tykes running around huffing and puffing. Three boys turned the area into their own pro-wrestling ring and were kicking and tackling each other as they giggled their way through their mock violence. Little girls were crying while their moms sat at their tables with a look of mild depression mixed with anxiety. One woman informed her daughter that it was time to leave the hallowed grounds of the play area, but the wee one informed her to stop it. The mom didn't take kindly to this and dragged her offspring kicking and yelling as if she was a husband being taken to a bridal shower.

Sounds of laughter and giddiness were coupled with those of extreme terror. The walls were dense and filled with the gleeful shouts of young kids and the gloom of overworked parents filled the air. Yes this is the life I want. Seriously.

"The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop." -Mark Twain

Dec 16, 2010

Thursday Music

Christmas music is everywhere to the chagrin of a few. There's a station here in Dallas that plays nothing but Holiday songs from Thanksgiving till December 25th. It can be a pleasant listen, but after hearing Wham's 'Last Christmas' for the 47th time I find it a bit tiresome. Plus they seem to have an affinity for 'Wonderful Christmastime' which is unacceptable.

Still there is a lot of Christmas music I like, but strangely I don't hear a lot of it on the previously mentioned station, or anywhere for that matter. Stores blare Mariah Carey and the like, but nothing that really reminds me of the holiday of my childhood.

In the first grade my class put on a Nativity play and I was given the role of the Little Drummer Boy. Having no lines my task was to sit in front of the baby Jesus and bang a drum while the rest of the kids sang the infamous tune. I was quite the method actor as I practised my percussion for weeks. My folks decided against giving me the drum set I wanted, which was probably wise of them.

At the risk of having Mattbear, who doesn't blog enough by the way, breaking out his in depth knowledge of Kung-Fu on me, I'll post one of my favorite Christmas tunes from one of the oddest duets ever:

"Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won't make it 'white."' - Bing Crosby

Dec 15, 2010


Everyone told me that marriage would change me, but how could it? I mean why should it morph the awesomeness that is me? I'm Wiwille and I shall not stray from being the coolest.

Yesterday I receive a text from a friend announcing the news of Ryan Reynolds splitting from his wife, Scarlett Johannson. I replied stating that she missed her chance as I'm already married.

What the hell? Had I been single I'd jump up and do a happy dance under the delusion that I may have a shot at wooing the wonder that is Scarlett, but instead I sat in my cubicle shrugging off the news as it would never apply to me. My obsession in all things Johannson wore off. How did this happen?

Yes marriage has indeed changed Wiwille, for the better I may add. Sure I do list her as #1 on our celebrity affair that we're both allotted, but I no longer crave her as I once did. I may have written numerous posts about her as an excuse to post awesome pictures as the one you see above, but that has seemed to wane. Forsaking all others was the vow after all.

Does this mean I have to turn in my man card? And who shall I relinquish it to?

"One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy." - Scarlett Johansson

Dec 14, 2010

The Econolodge is wild.

While my folks were in town the wife and I decided to take them to breakfast at the chain restaurant that truly embodies southern cuisine and shopping, Cracker Barrel. I love their food with their grits and butter and all things that would send someone into a diabetic coma. Plus their store is amusing with all sorts of odd non-perishable foods and candies. Never to be outdone they have religious literature and feel good music to charm their clientele.

We pulled into the facade of good living to see an interesting site, a Girls Gone Wild bus sitting in the parking lot of an Econolodge. Yes the glorious company made famous by the country's biggest douche apparently stops regularly in Dallas hoping to exploit intoxicated women who have serious daddy issues. I'm guessing DFW has loads of women willing to be filmed in compromising situations.

I took a picture of the bus, which had pictures of scantily clad women, but later I had the awkward conversation with my mostly conservative folks what Girls Gone Wild is and why I'm aware of it's existence. I told them I've never seen a video and I'm only aware of them through late night advertising. I don't think they bought it, but I swear it's true.

I'm guessing Joe Francis has no interest in seeing me lift up my shirt on camera.

"No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree." - W. C. Fields

Dec 13, 2010

Christmas in Texas

My parents were in town this weekend for their first visit to Dallas. The wife and I were scrambling to find things to do as we wanted them to experience Texas culture. We took them to my mother in-law's church yesterday. While it wasn't as large as Six Flags Over Jesus the place of worship was bigger than what they were used to. The music was loud, the pastor used drawings in his sermon, and there was a short, but clever skit to dramatize the nativity. They even allowed people to bring in coffee to keep them from nodding off which was kind of cool.

Afterwards we went to lunch at a barbecue place called Hard Eight. It was a rustic looking place where one could find all kinds of meats cooked on a large smoker of sorts. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was what one would expect from a Texan eatery, but they had something that really caught my eye. Their holiday decor included Christmas lights made out of shotgun shells.

Yes you read that right. I love Texas.

"You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas." - Davy Crockett

Dec 9, 2010

Thursday Music

Christmas music is something most of the public love or hate. I find it a mixed bag, as some of the old tunes I love, but of things produced for the holiday season end up being corny or uninspired at best.

Last night I turned on the television and saw in the cable listings that 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' was on. I chose it on the remote, but sadly they deceived me as it was some computer animated short featuring the voice of Betty White as Mrs Claus. I was a sad Wiwille as my intended viewing is one of my favorite Christmas cartoons of all time. It ranks right up there with the Grinch and Rudolph.

What I didn't learn until recently is that the theme for Linus and Lucy first debuted on 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. I'm not sure what I find about that tune so appealing. Maybe it's nostalgia, but hearing it always makes me smile. So today dear readers I bring you a little ditty that may make you hearken back to your youth:

"Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use." - Charles M. Schulz

Dec 8, 2010

For shame...

Dear Dr. Robert Jeffress,

I remember Christmas as a good time in my youth. My parents taught me the wonder of the season and it was always a fun time of opening presents and sharing our faith amongst ourselves. We attended midnight mass, as many do in the Catholic faith, and enjoyed a gift exchange. Great food was consumed, many fond memories were made, and I learned the values taught by our church.

Today things have changed. Many in the Christian community have this persecution complex where if they don't see others celebrating the holidays in the exact fashion they're accustomed to they cry foul at their fellow citizens. Somehow this has become the new cross to bear for those on the right and it's something I'll never understand.

As a lad I got many gifts from my parents, but they constantly warned me about the over commercialization of the holiday overshadowing the religious and charitable aspect. Charles Schultz reminded youngsters the country over through his timeless cartoon about the dangers of retailers exploiting faith in order to sell a shoddy product. Many others taught their children the same values and should I have wee ones I shall carry on the tradition.

You sir seem to want to destroy those values with your new public shaming of private businesses who don't show Christmas displays. With your website you've decided to call upon the masses to out anyone who doesn't display a tree in their lobby or use the term 'Happy Holidays' in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. You even want others to boycott said places of retail. Are you against Hanukkah signs as well? Do you really want your flock to bring shame to the chosen people?

I find it refreshing when corporations don't use my faith, or lack thereof, to get me to be a more avid consumer, but you strangely want Christmas to be more commercialized. If you opened your history books, at least not the revisionist one you seem to subscribe to, you'd know that most of our holiday traditions have little to do with the birth of Christ, or Christianity as a whole for that matter. One of the nations founding Christians, the Puritans, were against any kind of celebration what so ever. Then again I doubt little things like facts matter at all to you.

You haven't shamed anyone in this campaign but yourself and your followers. You seem insecure in your faith if you ask private businesses to express traditions that are loosely tied, if at all, with the birth of Jesus. Texans already have an image problem with much of the nation referring to them as simpleton idiots. You sir have made it more difficult for a citizen of the state to express their faith in the manner they deem fit. I would hope you and your congregation would be more charitable this Christmas instead of ridiculing those who don't share your views, but that appears to be asking too much of you.

Although I'm tempted to just simply call you an ignorant ass clown I shall try to be more like the Lord and Savior and wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas.


"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Gandhi

Dec 7, 2010

Let he without sin...

Today the Texas Supreme Court is hearing arguments concerning if the process of the death penalty violates the constitution. Given that it's in such a largely Republican state this is unusual, but it may not have the effect some may be looking for. It probably will not abolish the practice, but it may change the process to help eliminate the possibility of putting an innocent person to death, if that's even probable.

I'm against the death penalty, which puts me in the minority considering I reside in a state that seems to revel in it. Texas has given the ultimate solution to the most people, and has exonerated the least. The republic has even given a mentally disabled person the right to a last meal.

While I don't believe it's moral to kill a person against their will, I do understand the thought. If I were face to face with Bin Laden and happen to be holding a firearm I'd at least consider it. Still I hope that citizens of Texas review the facts about the death penalty before they let their emotions dictate how justice should be served and seriously meditate on why we allow a culture of death in our judiciary.

"For centuries the death penalty, often accompanied by barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists. Why? Because the instincts that are warring in man are not, as the law claims, constant forces in a state of equilibrium." - Albert Camus

Texas judge to review death-penalty law in hearing

Dec 6, 2010

Six Flags Over Jesus

My future sister in-law gave me a call early Sunday and asked if I would like to attend church with her and her intended. They are scoping out places of worship and figured they'd give Prestonwood a try. It's a Baptist congregation that houses a large complex including a private school, a large sports stadium, and covers an area that one may assume rivals that of Vatican City. We call it Six Flags Over Jesus.

I go intent on it being blog fodder if nothing else and it didn't disappoint. The parking lot was packed in the mega church and we made our way into the hallowed grounds of Baptist worship. There was an enormous cafeteria there, a coffee stand that proudly served Starbucks blends, book stores, ticket booth for concert events, and even a children's play area that had a pictorial of Moses parting the waters where kids can sit on a big fish and roam about at the bottom of the Red Sea.

The three of us order coffee and give ourselves a tour of the tax exempt behemoth. The architecture reminded me of an airport where we were about to board the 747 to the heavenly kingdom. Many lilly white folks walked about with the good book in hand ready to hear the message of the day. They wouldn't let us bring our Starbucks into the worship hall, so we caffeinated ourselves as much as possible then got a seat in the upper section.

Many of you are familiar with televangelists and this church was much like one you'd see on TV, sans the homosexual scandals. They had big screens for those in the nosebleeds, high production values, a full orchestra and choir, and even someone signing the narrative for the hearing impaired. This was less of a church service and more like a concert. Songs were sang for a bit, pleas for charity were made, and finally the pastor took to the podium to deliver a simple, but effective sermon on witnessing for the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the preaching the pastor reminded his flock that the Good Lord took time out from saving souls to assist in their school's win over some dominant team in football. He put on a hat that showed his pride in their divine victory and asked that we all applaud those that were part of this miracle. The television show 'Friday Night Lights' is not fiction, it's a documentary. I felt like I was living in the script.

Afterwards we made our way out of the parking lot and saw a SUV with "Jesus is my homie" written on the side. I was unaware that the Lord and Savior was down with American teenage slang, but as I've been told all things are possible through Christ.

"I even went so far as to become a Southern Baptist for a while, until I realized that they didn't hold 'em under long enough." - Kinky Friedman

Dec 2, 2010

Thursday Music

Yesterday I was part of an email thread between my wife, my brother-in law, and his fiance. Russ was notably absent for the most of the communications, which was just as well. It was concerning our plans for New Years Eve. Below is an excerpt:

Kristy: Maybe they will have a concert at Billy Bob's. Show Erik how to "BootScoot" :-)
Me: You may be shocked to know that I actually do know how to Boot Scoot. There may or may not be video of the sad event.
Kelly: Honey, I love you! I danced with you @ Ernie's . Sadly, there is not evidence of this Boot Scooting. We need to practice more. ;)
Me: I think we may have different interpretations of this Boot Scoot. I'm talking about the white trash fad of the early nineties where congenial folk stood in a line and followed along with everyone else to the twangy talents of Brooks & Dunn.
Kelly: That is called line dancing. Boot Scooting is more like 2 stepping or 3 Stepping. :)
Me: So if one does the Boot Scoot Boogie it's called line dancing, but if one 2 or 3 steps to whatever song of their choosing it's boot scooting.... I'm a very confused individual who is Texas retarded. I think this state should require it's own cultural literacy program before they give you your driver's license.

I think a little background is in order regarding my incorrect interpretation of this boot scooting all the kids are talking about. Years ago I finally convinced a girl that going on a date with me was actually a good idea. She invited me to join her friends to do some line dancing.

Ye gods it took all I had to not hang up the phone and light it on fire, but a gentleman was I so I thought I'd buck up and try it. I concluded it might be fun.

There was no second date.

So today dear readers I bring you the song that I learned how to line dance to. It never was a good tune and time has not been it's friend:

"I don't like country music, but I don't mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means 'put down'." - Bob Newhart

Dec 1, 2010

Birther smack down

A few weeks ago I felt compelled to write my state Representatives for the first time as a Texan. It was because of Leo Berman, a Republican representing Tyler, is introducing a bill before the state legislature requiring the Secretary of State to review all documents of citizenship before someone can be placed on the state ballot to run for President. I asked the folks representing the district I live in to kindly vote this down should it come to that, but I left out the part where they should light it on fire and put it our with their urine and sprinkle the ashes in Glenn Beck's coffee.

He claims the American public are somehow confused as to Obama's birthplace and assumes that everyone is as gullible as he is and buys into the birther nonsense. As if Texas didn't have enough image problems, this intellectual midget won't accept the facts behind the President's birth in Hawaii and would rather believe in internet rumours. He's gone on record stating that our elected Commander in Chief is God's punishment on America. It seems the Lord only serves to punish Republicans for reasons I don't understand.

He finally took to CNN to discuss this with Anderson Cooper. Predictably the journalist hit him with all the facts that dispute the birther bullshit as well as Obama's youthful travel plans. Berman had no answer for any of it, but held true to his beliefs. The Representative clearly displayed his idiocy and I hope the citizens of Tyler see this and vote him out come next election. Not only is this bill insane, but it's unconstitutional as well.

"I believe that Barack Obama is God's punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president." - Leo Berman