Sep 3, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 16

Well folks it's Labor Day and unlike most of you I'm working the holiday in an attempt to grab as much cash as humanly possible. I hope you're all out enjoying yourselves with barbecues, ball games, and above all good nudity.

My movie review submissions are winding down, but I'll churn out another today. The mysterious Lisa has submitted Shaun of the Dead, a movie I had yet to see until Saturday. Although I heard many a good thing about this film I avoided it as I figured I wouldn't find it funny. I've never seen a zombie film before as I find the whole concept of slow moving brain eaters not scary. Actually I'm not a fan of horror period.

Shaun of the Dead follows the adventures of Shaun (didn't see that coming did ya?) and his attempts at fighting off a zombie plague. Enlisting the help of his slacker room mate Shaun becomes a zombie slayer while saving the life of his mom and recent ex-girlfriend.

Pretty thin on plot, but the concept requires a simple storyline. This film makes up for the lack of story by being hilarious. Showing the walking dead being as unrecognizable as the living alone made me howl. While it's not scary by any means the focus on the characters, especially Shaun's sidekick friend, makes the movie worth the watch. I highly recommend it whether you like horror films or not.

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"For those who don't mind a little laughter with their zombies (or perhaps it should be the other way around), this is an unusual source of entertainment." - James Berardinelli


Miss Ash said...

I think I saw this...but I don't really remember which means meh!!

whatigotsofar said...

A very entertaining movie. I laughed myself silly.

Scott said...

Nice, have not seen that movie in a long time. Might have to watch it soon.

I want to be in the corporate training business Willie! We shall see how it all goes in the next year and a half or so.


kristina said...

I thought this movie was awful...complete waste of time....