Apr 30, 2006

Bad movies I love part 6. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

I blogged about The Boondock Saints a while back, but that was before I started the 'Bad Movies I Love' series. I'm surprised it took me this long to include it in my list. Like I said before it's the best bad film I've ever seen.

Set in modern day Boston, two Irish Catholic immigrants decide to take on the underworld with extreme vigilance. William Dafoe, in one of his strangest roles, plays an eccentric FBI agent who tries to track the mysterious, but popular vigilantes.

This movie has all the makings of your typical 90s crime film. Characters that seem to stem straight from a comic book, unbelievable action, and the constant use of the f word makes the movie fit right in with it's genre; however this movie is different. It reminds me of a superhero movie more than a crime film, sans the capes of course. This movie has real style and it shows in it's huge cult following. The Boondock Saints is not a good film, but it has such camp fun I love every minute of it.

Troy Duffy, the film's writer/director, is apparently one of the craziest self centered artists in recent years. With only a script he was given a dream contract by Harvey Weinstein, then co-chairman of Miramax. Duffy and his Safeco Field sized ego blew it all by being an asshole to everyone in Hollywood he encountered including his longtime friends. The deal fell through with Miramax and he became ostracized from Hollywood. The documentary Overnight, made by his scorned friends, chronicles the quick rise and fall of Duffy's short train wreck of a career. It's an interesting film that I recommend. It can be hard to watch given that Duffy makes Tom Cruise seem sane.

In exciting news The Boondock Saints will play on big screens on May 22nd and yes you bet your ass I'll be there. The website where I found this news doesn't have much information as to exactly where it'll be playing, but I'm sure we Seattle people will be accommodated.

Also the studio is releasing a special edition of the film on DVD for you Dogtown junkies.

Boondock Saints courtroom scenes.

"And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy Hand. Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy Command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be, In Nomeni Patri, et Fili, et Spiritus Sancti." - The Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints. Only one night on the big screen.
The Boondock Saints.


Mattbear said...

I'll be right there with you, man.

There is rumored to be a Boondock Saints 2 in the works, since the first one attained a bug cult following after the DVD release. We'll see. I doubt it could live up to the original.

jinsane said...

This is one of my all-time faves. One of my favorite parts was when the cat got accidentally killed and then he proceeds to "go off" on his girlfriend once she notices the cat is gone! Too Fuckin' Funny!