Jan 27, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 30

Few films can live up to the cinematic masterpiece that is 'Original Sin'. The master of the directing craft took the reigns of this brilliant and original love story to new heights of aesthetics. In a stunning portrayal of femininity masking a soul of deep despair, Angelina Jolie gives her bravest performance since Tomb Raider part 2. Playing the dual role of lover and betrayer each look she gives keeps the audience guessing. Antonio Banderas takes a real stretch as he plays a Latin lover consumed by his mail order bride's beauty. Regardless of the life and hardship she pains him with Antonio's character reveals a deep yearning for his love, one that took his breath away at first glance. He'll sacrifice everything for his eternal mate, even going so far as...

...ah hell. This movie sucks. It's so implausible it'll make you laugh out loud. The dialogue is weak and the characters are anything but interesting. If it wasn't for the gratuitous boobies Angelina proudly displayed I'd cry myself to sleep watching something this painful. Thanks Miss Ash. Thank you.

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"The film aspires to Hitchcock ... but it comes off like one of those soft-core Red Shoe Diaries flicks you see on cable TV." - Peter Travers

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Miss Ash said...

Bhahah!! I didn't think it was THAT bad :P