Jan 25, 2008

Wiwille's movie revies part 29

An undercover cop, who's in too deep. Yes you've seen the story before and Beyond the Law delivers it exactly how'd you expect. It's not a good movie, in fact if I get more submissions like this I might bust my colostomy bag in protest.

The movie stars Charlie Sheen as a sheriff with a ugly past. As a child he was abused by his uncle, a cop, and he pulls his abusers gun and shoots him multiple times. Lovely little family story.

After getting fired from the Sheriff's office Sheen is recruited by the FBI to go undercover and infiltrate a motorcycle gang called the Jackals. He recruits a fellow biker to assist him with his look which requires Sheen to build a chopper, wear leather, grow a beard, and sport a fine mullet.

After various antics of proving himself to be solid biker trash Sheen befriends the leader of the Jackals, Blood. Blood is a charismatic leader who deals in drugs, guns, and sleeping with trashy women. Sheen purchases weapons and substances from him to build a case against the gang. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until Sheen's personality takes a turn for the worst. His childhood demons catch up with him and he finds himself becoming more like the bikers with various fits of rage.

His love interest, a photo journalist doing a story on bikers, is now wary of Sheen's behavior and he demands that he gets off the case. His boss won't let him, cause he's so close...oh hell you know the story. Sheen witnesses Blood performing a murder and he now faces his past and is compelled to do the right thing. Sheen later confronts his pal Blood for the moment of truth and tells him about his identity. I won't give away the ending cause I know you couldn't see it coming.

The film tells it's audience that this is a true story and over a couple hundred arrests were made due to the efforts of the cop. Whoop dee doo. This film is so awful complete with bad acting, horrid dialogue, and sloppy editing. They even do the slow clap in the film. Yes the slow clap made famous by 80s teen comedies.

The movie does have it's high points. The motorcycles are cool, the soundtrack has it's moments, and Linda Florentino gets topless, which is to be expected. Still these elements hardly make it watchable. I guess it's better than the similar film 'Stone Cold' with the fine thespian that is Brian Bosworth, but not by a hell of a lot. If this movie had less stupid montage sequences and a bigger budget it may have been better, but yet not even the coolness of Michael Madsen can save this dreck.

Still this film has quite a cult following and it's not hard to see why. Campy as it may be the movie is somewhat cool and the characters are hardcore and mildly fun to watch.

Thanks to Mattbear for submitting this film and reminding me why I love good movies.

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Mattbear said...

I had a feeling you would pan this one, and you didn't disappoint. I was drawn to this one because I heard the story of Dan Saxon (on whom the movie is based) from an instructor in college. The Hell's Angels still have a standing hit order on the poor bastard.

But I love the movie, partly because it does pull out every cliche in the book. Two of the supporting actors I still refer to by their character names in this movie whenever I see them in something else (Scooter and Oatmeal).

We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Oh well...we'll always have Point Break.

Miss Ash said...

Hmmmm....doubt i'll watch it.

Grace said...

You've actually managed to make me less interested in this movie then I was beforehand. I can't stand Charlie Sheen.

Foster Communications said...

Charlie Sheen with a beard and mullet does not a pretty picture make.

Foster Communications said...

And if you haven't seen Big Fish or The Worlds Fastest Indian you might want to check them out. (Not even a chick flick. How nice am I?)