Apr 1, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 40

Religion is often a divisive issue especially when it gets mixed with politics. It's not hard to understand why. Many cry foul at conservative Christians for trying to implement their version of scripture into law. Dutch politician Geert Wilders has recently produced Fitna, a propaganda film which attempts to explain how specific verses in the Koran (yes I spelled it like that. Sue me) help justify the actions of Muslim extremists.

First off the art of the film is simple at best. Given a fifteen minute run time there wasn't a lot of work done with the editing. The music is easily recognizable, but sometimes feels out of place. That being said some of the images are quite striking if you haven't seen them already. Mostly it's comprised of actions at 9/11, the Madrid bombings, clerics preaching destruction for the Jews and various other infidels, and violent actions brought upon homosexuals, children, and women.

I know it's all politically correct to sit and say 'now now the poor Muslims are just happy people who want to practice a religion. Most are peaceful.' That may be, but like most faiths Islam is not the religion of peace that they claim to be. The fundamentalist community which has arisen from regions of the Earth that are either oppressed or war torn have wreaked havoc on the political landscape that still values democracy and free speech. Wilders' film is what he thinks should be a wake up call to the citizens of Holland claiming that followers of Islam are incompatible with modern society and we should resist any and all attempts by radical clerics to perverse their way of life.

While I'm obviously not a European I somewhat find myself on the side of Wilders. Granted not all people of faith are trying to subvert modern humanism, but religion is political at it's core. Some of Allah's teachings in the Koran, which are followed daily all over the world, are completely incompatible with democracy and decent human behavior. It's Wilders fear that such rules will become legislated in his country, because his fellow members of Parliament are too afraid to stand up to threats of violence.

Yes yes I know you're sitting there saying to yourself 'but...but...the Bible says this.' Yes I know all about it. Difference is I've read the Bible and the Koran. You haven't. This little arrogant high horse rant is about the film and it's contents, not to compare and contrast two world religions. That's for another post.

The short film was released online, however it's site host has taken down the film for now due to threats upon their safety. Given the content is not telling you anything you don't already know I can't recommend it as it's just preaching to the choir. Plus it may be difficult to find. If the art of it were better I'd say give it a look, but otherwise it's just a serious of extremists committing horrifying acts of violence and anti-Semitic preaching.

So they're angry about a film that depicts themselves as violent so they decide to react with violence?

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"What are the fundamentalists really after? Simply taking over Islam and then turning its back on modernity." - Alexander Haig


Miss Ash said...

I've read neither.....nor have I seen this....clearly i'm batting a thousand today.

Claire said...

I'd heard about this film, but hadn't seen it. I haven't read all of both, but I've read most of both. Do I at least get a C?


JLee said...

I heard about this on the news the other day and I had the exact same response that you did:

"So they're angry about a film that depicts themselves as violent so they decide to react with violence?"

They are proving his point by these violent acts! I would never put down anyone's religion, but this kind of nonsense has to stop. Remember when there was that political cartoon about Mohammed and people started rioting and threatening death to individuals? Wasn't their leader supposed to be peaceful?? It doesn't make any sense...

Wiwille said...

Miss Ash - It's okay. It takes baby steps. You can start by watching Casablanca.

Claire - I say C+. BTW aren't you a Christian?

Jlee - I remember those riots and how ridiculous it was. I understand they live in conditions we can't imagine, but seriously do we have to act like we live in the eigth century?

Foster Communications said...

It seems like most wars/conflicts are due, at least in part, to religion. It makes no sense to me.

btw, have you seen Down With Love? I pulled it out of my collection and watched it recently, forgot how good it is.

Grace said...

Anybody who takes their religion to an extreme is taking it too far. I haven't seen this movie, but it sounds pretty interesting... I've read the Bible, but not the Koran (don't plan on it either).

Wiwille said...

FC - I actually own that movie and will add it to my review lis.

Grace - It's not really that interesting in the fact that you're proabably aware of most of the points in the film, but if you haven't watched the news since 1997 you might find it enlightening.