Oct 22, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 21.

Always one to be proud of his taste in the mildly obscure, Mattbear has kindly submitted 'Heist', a film by David Mamet which I have never heard of. Starring Gene Hackman, the film tells the tale of a crew of thieves assigned to an airport robbery and follows them in their trials and cons.

While this is indeed a simple story the acting is far and above better than it should be for the most part. Gene Hackman is always reliable even in some of his worst films. What really made the movie for me is the clever script. The details of the heist is a bit of a stretch, but still enjoyable. The dialogue is engaging as well as funny.

No it's not a great film, but as crime genre pictures go this one is definitely worth your time.

Well I've come to the last of the movie review submissions. Hopefully this has been as fun for you to read as it has been a treat for me to write.

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"If it piles on more psychological fake-outs than is safe in a setup this size -- well, at least it's got that talk, that language, that thing Mamet does that is at this point as identifiable as the cadences of the Bard." - Lisa Schwarzbaum


Miss Ash said...

Umm what about the movie Brick. I've had a few people recommend it but have never seen it myself.

Or Casablanca, i've yet to see that one either.

Mattbear said...

Well, I'm glad you thought it was ok, at least.

Miss Ash - you must see Casablanca. There's a good reason it's still a well-known movie.

rawbean said...

I was at the movie store on Saturday and I could not for the life of me come up with a movie to watch. Maybe you have a list of movies to suggest for the next time we are renting??