Oct 24, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 22.

I never thought anyone would submit Casablanca for a review as I assumed everyone has seen it. Well I was wrong. Yes sometimes that does happen.

If it weren't for a young filmmaker making a Mario Puzo novel into a film I would stand with Jeff and proudly state that Casablanca is my favorite film of all time. That's saying a lot considering I've seen many movies. I have way too much times on my hands and not enough boobs.

I thought it would be pointless to provide a plot synopsis, but since some of you haven't seen it I guess a rehash of the story is in order. Set in WWII after the fall of France to the Germans, Casablanca tells the tale of war refugees fleeing to the occupied French territory in hopes to find a way off the continent and maybe to America if they're lucky.

Rick is a cynical night club owner who seems rather indifferent to the plight of people trying to find government approved visas. Bitter and somewhat lonely, Rick runs a classy joint that provides mild comfort to those in need of trying to entertain themselves in a world gone mad with war.

In walks the source of Rick's bitterness, Ilsa. A former flame from Paris Ilsa finds herself in Casablanca and unknowingly locates the man she once scorned. To Rick's surprise Ilsa is married to a leader of a resistance movement against the Nazis. Ilsa's husband Victor recently fled imprisonment in a concentration camp to continue his work in anti-German propaganda and ideally find letters of transit that will allow him and his wife to escape to America.

Well obviously a love triangle is established as Rick is struggling to bury his romantic nature under his cynical armor. As he is in possession of the letters of transit, illegally by the way, Rick's duality is split between his love for Ilsa and his desire for a better world than one dominated by fascism.

I won't go anymore into the plot as you should just get off your ass and rent this if you haven't seen it already. There are few films that truly stand the test of time. While we've seen technical brilliance in the form of Citizen Kane and The Seventh Seal, Casablanca has it all. The characters, even the supporting ones, are all compelling. The lighting is masterfully done. The humor works and the acting is some of the best you'll see this side of A Streetcar Named Desire. Really it's just that good. I've seen this film over a couple of dozen times at least and it never ceases to entertain me. The simple values espoused by the film is something we all can benefit and learn from. Love, sacrifice, true patriotism, and the fight against tyranny may be romantic ideals that only exist in fiction, but they're virtues worth emulating and fighting for.

Goddamn it Miss Ash! Seriously you mean to tell me after all your years of existence in a country which provides you multiple avenues of media that you haven't once sat down and watched Casablanca? No guy has ever tried to show that movie to you in the hopes that you'd be so swoon by the story that the removal of clothing would ensue? Not that I've never tried that. Nope. Never....moving on.

You better go watch it now or I'll pay WIGSF to stand at your door and give you lectures about why he thinks women are secretly plotting an Illuminati like take over of the world.

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"One of those rare films where every shot and every quotable line of dialogue counts, there’s not a dead patch in Casablanca." - Matt Mueller


whatigotsofar said...

Are you saying that I should use the film to try to get Miss Ash to remove her clothes?

Miss Ash said...

I'm laughing so hard over here, you guys are silly!!

I will rent it as soon as I get a chance perhaps next week sometime.

Oh and I forgot to submit Gigi....it's a musical of sorts set in France. Enjoy!!

Big Ben said...

I have not seen the film either - sounds much deeper and serious that I expected. I stick to 80's flicks with booby shots. Revenge of the Nerds anyone?

Scott said...

An all time favourite of mine for sure. Saw it on the big screen a couple of months back. If anyone gets a chance to see it on the screen please do so.