Mar 5, 2007

Overrated films part 21.

It's hard for me not to root for an Indie film. When I see something that doesn't have a roman numeral in the title or the film doesn't have to contain a massive amount of CGI to effectively tell the story I smile inside knowing that drama at it's heart is not dead..yet. When a small movie with a quirky, non-conventional plot comes along with good acting and dialogue I feel giddy inside knowing that maybe, just maybe audiences will have more alternatives to your standard popcorn fare starring Will Smith and/or a bunch of aliens.

Little Miss Sunshine is still riding the wave of success, yet after finally seeing it I'm convinced that the powers that be at the studio spent more money on marketing this film then actually making it. It was a good movie mind you. The film had good acting, decent dialogue, and genuinely funny moments if you didn't see them coming a mile away. That being said it wasn't that funny and really the best character in the film made an exit way to early. Some of the downer points in the film felt unnecessary and gave it a disjointed feeling.

I'm sure I'm in the minority when I give the film any sort of criticism as everyone seems really kind to it. Maybe I've seen too many quirky Indie comedies for my own good. Sometimes I sit through them and feel they're all to predictable. It's something I'd recommend; however, it in no way lives up to it's massive hype.

"Sunny or dark, comedy should never be as predictable as Little Miss Sunshine." - Roger Moore


Mattbear said...

I myself found "Little Miss Sunshine" to be pretty lame. There were some good parts, but most of it was weak. I am sure part of this has to do with my hatred of anything involving Greg Kinnear, one of the worst actors I've ever seen.

Wiwille said...

Mattbear and I agree on something!!! Well sort of...still this is a remarkable day indeed.