Oct 24, 2011

Wiwille's movie reviews part 82

Sci-fi can be a tough sell to audiences and Solaris is a perfect example of why. When you see movies such as Norbit and a Fast and Furious sequel top the box office you'll see little demand for slow moving story set in outer space.

Solaris is the story of Chris, a psychiatrist hired to investigate a recent suicide on a space mission around the planet of the same name. He arrives to find a two person crew who are somewhat desperate to get off the ship after strange disappearances of the rest. After a night's rest he dreams of his deceased wife, who suddenly materializes next to him. After the shocking rendezvous he confides in the crew about her, who relate as they've seen a lot of their loved ones as well, all due to the energy they're trying to harvest from the planet.

Solaris is slowly paced, but the photography is brilliant. Sometimes romantic, and often haunting, Solaris is a prodding story about humanity, love, and the possibilities of the hereafter. Some may find it pretentious, and may be bored as the story isn't original at all. I've never seen the source material, nor have any desire, but this is a remake I enjoyed; however audiences and critics weren't as kind to it as I am. Maybe after a few decades people will see it as the masterpiece it truly is.

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"Many will justifiably find [it] a heady experience akin to 90 minutes of watching paint dry. Others will see that paint forming something close to a masterpiece." - Andrew Wright

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