Jun 23, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 52

Money. In all my observations concerning human behavior I find currency to be the one thing that corrupts everyone. While most people like to think of themselves as noble creatures who would sacrifice anything for their God, country, and their loved ones it is my belief that many would set aside everything they're supposed to protect so that they may a bit wealthier. It's a cynical concept I know, but one I think I'm right about.

'Shallow Grave' is the story of three flatmates who at the beginning of the film are looking for a new roommate. After taunting various candidates one moves in only to promptly die. Before the dwellers call the authorities they uncover a suitcase full of money and decide the best action would be to get rid of the body and keep the dough.

The plot moves along as you would expect as the three roommates get jealous of one another. Paranoia sweeps one of them as he inhabits the attic, stores the money, and spies on the others. All grow suspicious of each others' intentions especially after the mob comes to visit to reclaim the money.

Yes this is familiar territory as you've seen this plot before (Blood Simple, Treasure of the Sierra Madre) and sometimes it's been done far better, but still I enjoyed this film despite it's flaws. The photography is very creative and the acting is about as good as it gets with a script like this. The actors are even more impressive when you consider the three main characters are some of the least like able anti-heroes you've ever seen. Given all the implausibilities for the sake of continuing the story (I mean why not report the dead body and keep the money anyways?) it's still a decent thriller/black comedy. You won't be overjoyed when watching this, but still this movie is worth a look for the visuals alone and I would recommend it.

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"A tight little thriller, filled with exhilarating twists, that quickly establishes its artistic contract with the audience" - Edward Guthmann


Anonymous said...

That was a good movie. Coulda done with the naked man ass though.


Miss Ash said...

I don't even remember submitting this haha!

Umm did WIGSF say he could have done with naked man ass??

Mattbear said...

This also sounds quite similar to "A Simple Plan", which you reviewed earlier. I like that movie.

JLee said...

I think I've seen this, but once again am having a senior moment, so I may have to watch it again just to make sure. ha

Scott said...

Good stuff. Did you review Beautiful Girls? I forget, if not, do er up.


Anonymous said...

Meant to say "without the naked man ass." Forgive me. I'm sick. You know I meant to write "without."

And on other matters. Don't know if you've done this one yet, but I would very much like to read your thoughts on Big Trouble in Little China.


Anonymous said...

How can he not yet have seen "Big Trouble in Little China?" What a classic. "...Son of a bitch must pay...."