Jan 31, 2008

You sir are sexist.

Won't vote for Hillary? Think Ted Kennedy made a good choice in endorsing Obama? Believe that someone else is more qualified to be the leader of the free world? You are sexist and contributing to the psychological gang rape of poor defenseless Clinton.

According the president of the New York chapter of the National Orgainziation of Women (NOW) Edwards and Obamas' tag teaming of the front runner is paramount to women bullying and not a viable campaign tactic that's been used since primaries began. It's a sinister ploy to keep women in the kitchen making us pie and not daring to touch the remote when our show is on or else they may get a whoopin.

In her well timed press release Marcia A. Pappas makes no note of any of the qualifications of Hillary's run for highest office in the land nor make any direct policy points. Again we have no idea of what Hillary's stance is on trade, foreign or even domestic policy, but I guess that wasn't the point of the essay. Really it was about making you feel like a wife beater if you don't vote for her.

We all knew gender would play a role in this race, but seriously folks don't be made to feel like less of a person because you won't vote for someone you don't feel is qualified to hold the job. Actually if you feel any guilt about not liking Hillary's candidacy at all then you're a candy ass of the highest order. Go make me a sandwich.

'That’s why, when women in New Hampshire could vote in private, they came out in droves for Hillary. They'd seen more Hillary bashing than had Iowa's women, and the polls stopped too early to measure their collective reaction. What happened is that women stood up and said "We're fed up and we're not going to take it anymore! We won't sit idly by and watch, while you gang bang one of us."' - Marcia A. Pappas

Psychological Gang Bang of Hillary is Proof We Need a Woman President

Jan 30, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 31

White trash. I know them well. Growing up in a rural area where meth ruled the economy I came across my share of poor white country folk. While there are downsides to living amongst those who believe pro wrestling is real such as petty theft, domestic violence, small animal molestation, and erratic driving they can be amusing in a Springerish way.

Run Ronnie Run embraces the small town rebel hero. Ronnie is a complete jackass prone to excessive bouts of willful destruction of private property. Still he's a harmless mullet sporting, jean shorts wearing (inside joke) simpleton if not a multiple felon. A good natured chap who just wants to have fun, Ronnie is small minded as proven by his numerous arrests which usually involve a massive amount of liquor and property damage, but his gentle heart is endearing to most.

After being filmed many times in a 'Cops' like show which feature him running from the law and ranting in a hilarious fashion a television producer finds him and takes him to Hollywood to film him getting arrested in various cities for petty crimes. Ronnie embraces his new found success as the show is a massive hit, but of course he years for his lifelong love back home. The mother of his children is the one who truly holds his heart and he's willing to sacrifice permanent jail time to try and get her to marry him for the fourth time.

Run Ronnie Run is not fine cinema by no means, but it is pretty damn funny. Just when you think the white trash joke gets old they provide hilarious cameos by Jack Black, Jeff Goldblum, and the South Park guys to name a few. Oh and they do give reality TV a good rip, but then again that's an easy target. It also pokes fun at the state of cinema and celebrity in general which as a film buff I found myself laughing out loud at. It also stars R Lee Ermey as a cannibal reality television show contestant. It doesn't get better than this.

Yes it's not a film for everyone as I could relate to the humor growing up in an area that believes in God, the confederate flag, Bud Light, and it's ok if she's your cousin. Sometimes comedies work better for others as they may be a glimpse into your sometimes sad life. That's why till this day I love Swingers.

Thanks to Crystal for sumbitting this. Yes she's from the same town as I.

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"Though the material isn't up to Mr. Show's high standards, some great laughs abound -- as when Hollywood stars beg Ronnie to rob them, or when Ronnie's only moment of soul-searching on death row concerns his last meal: waffles, just edging out corn dogs." - Christian Hoard

Jan 29, 2008

Wiwille knows what's good for you

As much of a fan of film I can be there's not a whole lot out there that I'm really excited to see. Charlie Wilson's War was not as clever as it or anybody thinks it is, nor do I have much desire to see another monster tear up New York. A geriatric action hero is not my style either.

Still Hollywood has managed to answer my prayers and that is a period piece with Scarlett and Natalie. Yes that's Miss Johansson and Miss Portman starring in a historical drama about the Boleyn sisters. I can't think of better casting. Yes I know it's not some skin flick, which would be ideal, but it's the next best thing.

Oh and for the ladies it does have Eric Bana.

Then again it's not like a movie about the Boleyn sisters will have that much tension. You already know the ending. Still I'll watch it and so should you.

"One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy." - Scarlett Johansson

Jan 28, 2008

Taste death live life.

Well it snowed last night and as usual everyone in the Seattle area is panicking. People are calling in sick due to adverse weather conditions and some are just too skittish to brave the flaky roads.

I for one love driving in the snow as it's anarchy in the streets. I enjoy the excitement to see if someone will hit me as after all I am insured. I know some people don't have much experience with wet snow conditions and I can't fault them for being careful. We don't need a bunch of panicky people out in conditions such as this, but sometimes I wonder if they really know how to taste death live life.

I say brave the snow. Do it naked with no cell phone. I know Seattle people can't really drive anyways as the idea of traveling at 60 mph is a scary concept and using a turn signal is shown as a sign of weakness, but still you need to man up folks. It's only a half inch of snow. You drive slow anyways so what's the big deal? Oh are you afraid of the big bad hill? Is it terrible to ask you to downshift and drive at a steady pace?

Listen up Seattle drivers. I'm tired of your nonsense. You really need to take some time to educate yourselves on how to operate a motor vehicle responsibly. Driving the speed limit through a tunnel is not a difficult nor frightening task. Merging does not require you to come to an almost complete stop. Slamming on the brakes is not the best solution in most cases. Most people tend to believe that they are good drivers, but you're all lying to yourselves. Instead of abusing your children take some time to know your car and how it works. It's for the greater good.

You can do it. I believe in you.

"The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers." - Dave Barry

Jan 27, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 30

Few films can live up to the cinematic masterpiece that is 'Original Sin'. The master of the directing craft took the reigns of this brilliant and original love story to new heights of aesthetics. In a stunning portrayal of femininity masking a soul of deep despair, Angelina Jolie gives her bravest performance since Tomb Raider part 2. Playing the dual role of lover and betrayer each look she gives keeps the audience guessing. Antonio Banderas takes a real stretch as he plays a Latin lover consumed by his mail order bride's beauty. Regardless of the life and hardship she pains him with Antonio's character reveals a deep yearning for his love, one that took his breath away at first glance. He'll sacrifice everything for his eternal mate, even going so far as...

...ah hell. This movie sucks. It's so implausible it'll make you laugh out loud. The dialogue is weak and the characters are anything but interesting. If it wasn't for the gratuitous boobies Angelina proudly displayed I'd cry myself to sleep watching something this painful. Thanks Miss Ash. Thank you.

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"The film aspires to Hitchcock ... but it comes off like one of those soft-core Red Shoe Diaries flicks you see on cable TV." - Peter Travers

Jan 25, 2008

Wiwille's movie revies part 29

An undercover cop, who's in too deep. Yes you've seen the story before and Beyond the Law delivers it exactly how'd you expect. It's not a good movie, in fact if I get more submissions like this I might bust my colostomy bag in protest.

The movie stars Charlie Sheen as a sheriff with a ugly past. As a child he was abused by his uncle, a cop, and he pulls his abusers gun and shoots him multiple times. Lovely little family story.

After getting fired from the Sheriff's office Sheen is recruited by the FBI to go undercover and infiltrate a motorcycle gang called the Jackals. He recruits a fellow biker to assist him with his look which requires Sheen to build a chopper, wear leather, grow a beard, and sport a fine mullet.

After various antics of proving himself to be solid biker trash Sheen befriends the leader of the Jackals, Blood. Blood is a charismatic leader who deals in drugs, guns, and sleeping with trashy women. Sheen purchases weapons and substances from him to build a case against the gang. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until Sheen's personality takes a turn for the worst. His childhood demons catch up with him and he finds himself becoming more like the bikers with various fits of rage.

His love interest, a photo journalist doing a story on bikers, is now wary of Sheen's behavior and he demands that he gets off the case. His boss won't let him, cause he's so close...oh hell you know the story. Sheen witnesses Blood performing a murder and he now faces his past and is compelled to do the right thing. Sheen later confronts his pal Blood for the moment of truth and tells him about his identity. I won't give away the ending cause I know you couldn't see it coming.

The film tells it's audience that this is a true story and over a couple hundred arrests were made due to the efforts of the cop. Whoop dee doo. This film is so awful complete with bad acting, horrid dialogue, and sloppy editing. They even do the slow clap in the film. Yes the slow clap made famous by 80s teen comedies.

The movie does have it's high points. The motorcycles are cool, the soundtrack has it's moments, and Linda Florentino gets topless, which is to be expected. Still these elements hardly make it watchable. I guess it's better than the similar film 'Stone Cold' with the fine thespian that is Brian Bosworth, but not by a hell of a lot. If this movie had less stupid montage sequences and a bigger budget it may have been better, but yet not even the coolness of Michael Madsen can save this dreck.

Still this film has quite a cult following and it's not hard to see why. Campy as it may be the movie is somewhat cool and the characters are hardcore and mildly fun to watch.

Thanks to Mattbear for submitting this film and reminding me why I love good movies.

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Jan 22, 2008

Self defense with Wiwille

Last night I was in my martial arts class gearing up for my belt test on Friday. Towards the end the instructor decided to have us do some reality based self defense. We split into two groups and three of us would practice scenarios where one person would be attacked by two others and we would practice fending off the bad guys and getting out of the situation.

While it's obvious that one would use hand to hand combat to get yourself out of the fight a good defense is also to raise your voice to get the attention of others and sometimes running like hell.

After being the bully a couple of times it was my turn to be a punching bag. The two attackers approached me casually as my brain started to think up ways of fighting them off. The first person, a black belt, came up to me and threw a front kick.

I blocked it and screamed "YOU'RE NOT MY DADDY." The attackers stopped and I got my window of time to get out of there. Everyone in the dojo stopped, stared, and laughter ensued. The instructor actually stated that was a great technique as it got everyones attention and it gave the attackers enough pause for me to safely remove myself from striking distance.

Wiwille, giving you sound advice while looking like a complete jackass.

"You may have heard that back in the States there are some people who are smoking grass. I don't know how you feel, but it's sure easier than cutting the stuff." - Pat Morita

Jan 21, 2008

Why do you remember him?

Today marks the celebration of the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr, and yet I wonder how many really take the time to reflect on the life of this country's greatest civil rights activist. Yes we've all gone to school and was taught that he was a great man cause people of all races can now share a drinking fountain because of his efforts, but really we were taught little about his writings, his administration, his faith, nor his feelings on issues outside of racial equality.

Conversations rarely are formed about the legacy of King, but when they do I always get the feeling that people pay him, if you'll pardon the expression, token respect. They give him tribute, cause they feel they have to and not because they truly care.

What's worse is that so many remember the infamous speech in Washington; however no one remembers anything about King's writings or speeches on economic equality. For the last few years of his life he believed that discrimination has more to do with class than with race and he fought hard for the unions and disenfranchised workers to bring to them better pay and benefits. King understood that people of color must be treated with respect by their employers as well as their government.

For five years after he announced he had a dream King marched with striking workers demanding fair and equitable wages, but sadly his life was taken on that fateful day in Memphis. On this day I ask you to remember King and reflect on his impact on the country, but if you feel you can pull yourself from some Brittney Spears news do study the man who not only had a dream, but payed the ultimate price so that it may one day become a reality.

"A man who won't die for something is not fit to live." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

His last speech:

Martin Luther King's Neglected Legacy: Economic Justice

Jan 20, 2008

Trivial pursuit.

I was out that evening coming back from a little shopping. My cell rings. It was the my roommate, the Jiggaman. He only calls when he needs something.

"Hey man," he said. "What are you doing tonight?"

"No plans," I said.

"I need a partner," he asked. "Some coworkers are coming over for games and we need a person to even the teams."

"Sounds like fun."

I go home and start to get the place ready for company. The Jiggaman arrives with his coworkers and we all get ready to play some Trivial Pursuit. Jiggaman picks out the teams. Him and I are partnered up with one of his coworkers ready to take on our opponents.

We sit down and his coworker looks at me and smiles.

"Are you dumb?" she asked. "Cause I really want to win this game."

"Well..," I said a little dumbfounded, but amused. "You'll soon find out."

And that's how I met the Pretty Girl.

We ended up winning thanks to my superior knowledge of everything that exists. Actually the three of us made a good team when the Jiggaman wasn't directly sabotaging us. It was a good game.

"God may not play dice but he enjoys a good round of Trivial Pursuit every now and again." -Federico Fellini

Jan 18, 2008

Windy Cindy

A co-worker of mine invited me to attend his church and the last few weeks I've been attending. Surprisingly lightning hasn't struck me down when I entered. It's a Pentecostal church that's very lively. Think "can I get an Amen from the congregation" kind of thing. The service is very loud and emotional, which is a shock to someone who grew up attending solemn Catholic masses, but still the pastor and the parish as a whole seem to have good hearts.

Last Sunday I met an interesting lady. She is an older woman who calls herself Windy Cindy for reasons unbeknownst to me. She grasped my hand and welcomed me to the church and started a conversation with me that took an odd turn.

"Are you new here?" she asked seeming genuine.

"Yes," I said. "My coworker has invited to attend the service."

"Praise the Lord then," she said in a giddy disposition. "It's nice that friends bring you to the Lord."

"Yes," I said. "It's very touching to have people looking out for my spiritual health."

A wave of confusion came over her and she paused for a moment, then handed me a bottle of Mango juice.

"I was wondering if you'd like to fast," she said as I took the bottle.

"Err. I really don't know anything about it," I said examining the juice.

"Well Jesus fasted for 40 days..." She went on to tell me about Christ's fasting in the desert, which was a story I've heard many times, but she continued to tell it as I've just been exposed to the event.

"Well yes," I agreed. "Jesus did fast."

"Yes and when you fast the voices from the flesh disappear and God become clearer," she stated.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes," she said seemingly proud of the education she was giving. "You can hear God's will and know more about your purpose."

"Well that's cool," I said. "I'll look into it."

"You know I try to spread the word of God everywhere I go," she said with a proud smile.

"I'm sure God appreciates that," I said. I was kind of lost on what to say at this point. People were coming up to shake my hand and I could sense they were trying to get me to turn my attention away from her.

"Yes praise him," she said. "I went to South Center and walked around and told everyone I saw to have a great day for the Lord. I do that so they can do the same to other people and the seed can be planted."

"Wow," I said with a slight amount of shock. "You walked around saying that?"

"Yes I did," she said proudly. "Then someone called the cops."

She was still giddy at this point, so I had to ask what happened next.

"I told the cops to have a great day for the Lord and they thanked me. So the word of God was planted in them and they can spread his wonderful message," she went on with a very chipper attitude about it.

"Well that's nice," I said. "I'm sure the police took it well."

"They did call the paramedics," she stated with a smile. "And they took me to Valley Medical Center."

"Oh wow."

"Yeah," she said still with a smile. "It was a blessing cause I got to wish everyone there to have a great day in the Lord and they still keep in contact with me and I tell them to praise his name and they can do the same and the Lord works in such great ways and ....."

She went on babbling about her experience with the medical professionals. Someone came by and said hi to her and took her aside, but not before she gave me some business cards with her name 'Windy Cindy'.

The pastor then came up to me and told me that she's bipolar and she tends to babble and asked me to not be freaked out by it. Story is she had a nervous breakdown at some point and has never been normal since. Poor lady.

I've been to church many times, but this is the first time I've received juice.

"No religion can long continue to maintain its purity when the church becomes the subservient vassal of the state." - Felix Adler

Jan 17, 2008

Wiwille plays hero, learns valuable lesson.

It was a warm night at the local country store as I sat on the bench outside sipping my soda. I was there waiting for friends to show up so we could sit around and debate what activity we would engage in that evening, which normally meant just sitting around eating mini-mart jojos.

A full sized rugged mid 70s truck was driving erratically down the road and pulled up across the street in front of the Assembly of God church. Out steps a short burly man who probably was in his mid-twenties slamming the door and screaming. He runs to the passenger side of the truck and yanks out his significant other. The mullet sporting white trash man with chewing tobacco lip grabs her by the shoulders and continues screaming at her.

She trembled in fear as he continued his hollering. The woman started sobbing, even begging the man to stop. He finally raises his arm and backhands her across the face telling her to shutup.

I'm enraged and I'm fifteen years old. This is not a combination that leads to peaceful conflict resolution.

Under the impression that I'm the only one around well equipped to deal with this I stroll over to the couple and yell at the guy to leave her alone.

White trash: Fuck off punk!
Me: No fuck you.
White trash: WHAT?
Me: I said 'no fuck you'.
White trash: ..........
Me: You're a fucking coward for hitting women.
White trash: ........

He couldn't believe I was talking to him that way. He pushed the woman into the truck and I saw my opening. I threw a left jab connecting with his nose, then a right cross which hit the bridge of it again. He stepped back holding his nose and muffled something unintelligible. I kept my guard up ready to pounce on the waste of sperm. He pulls his hands away from his face to reveal a good amount of blood.

The look he gave me was horrifying, so I attack again. This time I was greeted with his right hook, which he followed up with numerous jabs. I fall to the ground and he starts kicking me repeatedly. I throw my arms up over my face and curl into the fetal position while absorbing each blow from his feet.

White trash finally got tired of kicking the living crap out of me. Standing over me breathing heavily his mind pondered what to do next. The wheels were turning in his compact size brain and his next course of action was to spit a large amount of chewing tobacco on me.

He then wiped the blood from his nose and mumbled something to his gal about getting into the truck. He made his way to the driver side of the vehicle and I started to stand up. As I was on my knees I looked up at his crying mate. She gazed back with a puzzled look.


She slapped me across the face.

"You broke my boyfriend's nose asshole," she cried out to me. She gave me another slap and got into the truck. White trash bellied out a laugh I'll never forget and they sped out of there.

I laid down in the parking lot and rested my bruised body on the cold concrete. Not having the maturity to figure out what to do next I finally mounted my bike and returned home slowly. Not wanting to freak out my parents I told them I fell off my bike. My mom examined my bruised cheek and stomach and she panicked and rushed me to the hospital. No permanent damage was done, but valuable lessons were had.

So to you readers who may have more courage then sense let me explain to you steps that should be taken when confronting something of this nature.

1. Call the cops immediately. They can't stop people from being abusive, but ideally the man will be thrown in jail and possibly experience dry anal rape. Yes that may sound cold, but if you hit women I have no sympathy for you.
2. Do not try to be a hero. Medical treatment can be expensive and you may experience damage to the body that you simply can't just heal from. Plus the offender may have a weapon.
3. Defend the honor of people you love only. Obviously this girl was not happy to have a teenage knight in shining armor try to save her from her mullet sporting boyfriend.
4. If you do have to attack someone in this situation make sure you kick them in the testicles as hard as you possibly can. You'll be doing society a favor to help ensure they won't reproduce.

I never did see the couple again, which is bizarre for a small town, but I'm not sure what I would've done if we ever did meet. I just pray to God they don't have children.

"If you give me any problem in America I can trace it down to domestic violence. It is the cradle of most of the problems, economic, psychological, educational." - Salma Hayek

Jan 15, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Snow and ice has covered the eastside and normally I consider this to be a good thing; however this time has left me cynical about the white flakes falling from the sky.

Last night I exit the dojo to find the ground covered in snow. Excited I step into my car and prepare for anarchy on the streets. Traffic was moving slowly as one would expect. If you're not from Seattle you're not aware that the drivers around here do not do well with adverse weather conditions. Actually they can't drive in normal weather.

I witnessed numerous people spinning out, panicking, and jamming on the breaks believing that's a good idea. After about a half hour of that nonsense I still hadn't made it to the freeway. Normally this would take me about 5 minutes.

I pull off into a restaurant and eat dinner alone waiting for the traffic to die down. I finally braved the roads which weren't that bad at all and made it home safely.

This morning the city was covered in ice. I spend a good amount of time in my car defrosting the windows and after what seemed like forever made my way to the freeway. I tried to roll down my drivers side window to get the last remaining chunks of ice off of it, when suddenly it flies off the track and falls down into the door.

This did not make me happy.

I continued driving thinking it could be worse. Hey at least it's not raining or snowing. Then a truck drove by at a speed way to fast for the conditions and sprayed slush all over me and the car. So there I sat with road slush on my face, clothes, and in my hair freezing my manhood off. I crank up the heat and the seat warmers to compensate and that helped, but it wasn't as pleasant as having the glass barrier to protect me from the elements.

As I wiped the wetness off of my clothes and face another truck flew by adding more slush to the inside of my vehicle. I quickly pull into the left lane so this wouldn't happen again.

So now my car sits in the garage at work with no window. I have to trust that my coworkers are caring individuals who will not deface the the inside of it. At least I have the club to try and sway people with bad morals from jacking it.

Needless to say I'll have to get it in the shop ASAP as this is not something you can just put off. After I just got my car out of the shop for headlight repair and other work I'm sick of making my mechanic rich.

"Two things destined to keep you broke are a car and a girlfriend" - Source unknown

Jan 14, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 28

Biopic films can be a mixed bag for fans of the subject. A lot of times the demons of the person being depicted are left out of the script in order to entertain or personify them into some sort of saintly figure. The ugly side of humans are tossed for a story that's more into hero worship than being an honest portrayal.

Frida is an interesting film if not captivating. Following the life of the painter Frida Kahlo the movie gives a detailed amount of time on the events that happened to her, from her the trolley accident that all but debilitated her to her tumultuous marriage to famous revolutionary artist Diego Rivera. While the movie....wait a minute....what do I care? Selma Hayek got naked in this movie. Multiple times in fact and I for one am all for it....

Okay back to a more constructive critique. The film displays the tortured artist's work in visually creative ways; however convenient to the narrative they may be. We see an event in her life, then she paints about it, wash, rinse, repeat. The story moves at a....Selma showed her boobies yay yay yay....okay I'm better now that I got that out of my system.

While the viewer understands the physical pain of Frida and how it relates to the images she created on the canvas what I didn't understand is the other motivators in her life. Why was she so dedicated to Communism? What drove her love for the womanizing Rivera or did she really love him at all? The movie plays it safe just concentrating on the moments in Frida's life that you'll find in an Encyclopedia, but won't delve into the character any more than what you might expect already. Still it's not a bad movie by no means and it's rather interesting take on the life and art of someone who was almost overshadowed by the cult of personality of her husband. The performances and cinematography are top notch it's paced very...Selma gets naked naked naked naked....okay, whew.

Thanks to Pablog for submitting this for review. Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"Meticulously mounted, exasperatingly well-behaved film, which ticks off Kahlo's lifetime milestones with the dutiful precision of a tax accountant." - Manohla Dargis

Jan 13, 2008

Bunch of misogynists you are.

Many people rail against stereotypes calling them 'the language of hate' and thumbing their nose at anyone who may associate behaviors with someone's appearance or even tastes in entertainment. While a lot of these people may get up on their soapbox threatening certain people with strong words the truth of the matter is that most people use stereotypes not only to discriminate, but as a self defense mechanism.

Certain urban legends are surrounded by such not so keen observations that usually the public buys into them as truth without any supporting evidence. Given it's that wonderful time of the year that is the NFL playoffs I'd like to turn your attention to the myth that never dies which is domestic violence and the Super Bowl.

A few years back certain women's groups cited studies that on Super Bowl Sunday domestic violence rates reach as high as 40% above the norm. The public bought into it and NBC aired a commercial reminding men that abusing your wife is in fact a crime. Other groups took it a step further and sent out mailings advising women to leave the home during game time in fear that their husband may beat them savagely if their team doesn't win or if they don't bring the nachos in time.

Finally a reporter from the Washington Post decided to take a look at the evidence that was to back up these claims and found that no such data exists. There are certainly no cases of a 40% increase in domestic violence on that day and families are more likely to suffer abuse during the holiday season. Still the damage was done. The lies perpetuated by the domestic violence activists are still with us and people assume it to be true. After all football fans are nothing but brutish, simpleton, beer swilling violent misogynists right?

I know many people that watch football, men and women alike. I've been to many Super Bowl parties and all of them have been a fun environment where people just want to relax and enjoy a game. None of the people I associate with can fit the scenario that most people assume football fans to be and I thank God for that.

However misguided these women may have been they certainly have done damage to their own cause. Not only have they lost credibility, but they certainly haven't done families any favors by asking them to flee their husbands for reasons that are unfounded. I condemn domestic violence in all it's forms, but to mislead people in this fashion can set up a cry wolf scenario. As stated earlier most domestic violence cases are higher during the holidays, but I've never see mailings asking wives to be more careful around Christmas.

A lot of people in a way want this to be true as silly as that may seem. It gives credence to our already established thoughts on what the typical football fan may be and many find that comforting. Try and show this story to someone and watch them stare off for a few seconds and then say "yeah...but I hear..." Trust me it'll happen.

I do hope everyone has a safe and fun Super Bowl this year.

"I want to know what it's like to play in a Super Bowl and win one. My career will be great without it. But, personally, selfishly, I want to know what it feels like." - Dan Marino

Snopes Article

Jan 9, 2008

The candidates are attacking my liver.

"She cries on TV and that gets her 6000 votes! You got to be shitting me"

That was a text I got yesterday from my friend Corey.

As I was driving home last night I was tuned into NPR listening to New Hampshire coverage. The news was mostly focused on the somewhat surprising win Hillary achieved in the "live free or die" state. Speculating on the rise in poll numbers many analysts and campaign officials were talking about how women in large numbers turned out to give their support for the fairer sexed candidate.

One woman from the Clinton camp came on the line to voice her opinion as to why people should vote for her boss. She stated matter of factly that this country needs a woman president. I started shouting in my car "this country doesn't need a woman president. This country needs a good president you dumb friggin hack. Look now's the time to make up for the horse shit we've been putting up with the last eight....."

It was then I realized how much of a dumb ass I must've looked like to the people in the car next to me.

I wanted to run home and pickle my liver with a horrendous amount of booze. I used to say I respected why people voted for someone. I take that back. If you vote based on gender, race, religion, or anything other than issues and qualifications you're a jack ass of the highest order. Disagree with me and I may crown you the king or queen of all that is jackassery. Hate me for saying that? Well go right ahead your majesty.

"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends." - Hillary Clinton

Jan 8, 2008

I'd run too.

Ron Paul supporters, who are sometimes known as Paultards, have recently become very upset with Fox News and their decision to withhold the beloved candidate from debating in New Hampshire. Already known for their moderately crazy behavior a group of them descended upon a longtime staple of the right wing network Sean Hannity.

Already furious with Hannity's unfavorable comments towards Paul the crowd started chanting "Fox News sucks" over and over again after they "chased" him out of a resteraunt. They marched behind him voicing their displeasure following his every stride. The conservative talking head decided he would do the best thing possible in that situation and that is pick up the pace and get the hell out of there.

Now I'm no fan of Hannity, but if faced with a crowd of angry libertarian leaning nuts I'd take off too, probably at a full sprint. They love the second amendment after all and I wouldn't take any chances. Of course after I got to some safety I'd drop trou and show them my ass, but that's why I never became a broadcaster. I probably wouldn't live long.

"It doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution this idea of the separation of church and state." - Sean Hannity

Jan 7, 2008

Wiwille makes new years resolution, not sure how he feels about it

For the last few months I started leaning towards making a huge step in my life and with the ringing of the New Year I feel it's appropriate the leap be made. Now one who reads my blog would probably assume that as a resolution I should start being more charitable, not constantly use my middle finger in traffic, take a writing course, or stop wishing the untimely demise of vacuous celebrities. Really they're all noble pursuits.

What may surprise and/or confuse people that know me is that I'm going to be changing my wardrobe habits. Yes for a while now I've been looking at my closet and seeing a lot of items that either no longer fit or never fit right to begin with. Many tacky shirts, coats, and pants are about to be donated so there'll be more space in my dresser.

Really this is a big step for me. Seriously folks I have a hard time getting rid of clothes for whatever reason.

I, Wiwille, do resolve that every paycheck I'll buy something until my closet and dresser is full again. What's different now is I won't be wearing a lot of hand me downs and way too large tshirts. Nope. With the assistance of Rawbean, who's been kind enough to browse online with me, I've been picking out certain styles that seem rather trendy and doing pre-shopping if you will. I'm starting to be less practical and take more interest in aesthetics of personal dress.

Yes I'm as shocked as you are. Wish me luck and don't call me a pansy.

No I haven't watched Fight Club lately. Why do you ask?

"Fashion is not frivolous. It is a part of being alive today." - Mary Quant

Jan 5, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 27

The 80's was a particularly odd time in film, but the decade provided us with unforgettable masterpieces as well as mind numbing teen films that are forever wedged in my brain. Some teen films are forever viewed as classics from the funny 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' to the ofter over dramatic 'The Breakfast Club', but not there are those that pop into your head that make you think 'oh yeah I vaguely remember that'.

'White Water Summer' is one of those films that if you see once you're not likely to forget. My first and what I thought to be last viewing was at the drive-in as a kid. My folks hated the movie and complained throughout the entire thing so I really didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it. Still even without them playing Siskel and Ebert I doubt I would've like it anyways.

'White Water Summer' starts with a monologue by Sean Astin who introduces the story about his trek into the wilderness. Cut to a seemingly much younger Sean Astin, he is a city kid in New York who's parents are thinking of sending him off to camp. Kevin Bacon is showing his folks a slide show of a tour he gives for urban kids where he takes them into the wilderness and to camp.

Now call me a worry wart, but the idea of letting my young son go off into the wild with some guy who spends all his time with young boys kind of sounds a little creepy to me. Maybe the father liked the idea of sending his child off so he can snort coke with low dollar whores.

The movie then has Kevin taking the boys into the woods showing them how to be men which involves canoeing, rock climbing, and group peeing. Sean is the constant thorn in his side being afraid of the elements and basically being a rebellious pain in the ass. Kevin wants to provide the children with life lessons about the wilderness and thankfully it doesn't involve anal. Still he pushes the kids into overcoming their fears and respecting nature as well as being all manly and stuff.

Sean decides to rebel against Kevin's tactics and after being left hung from a huge rock he decides to mutiny against what he feels is draconian leadership. The boys then follow in an almost 'Lord of the Flies' fashion until the Baconator gets injured trying to save his ship if you will. It's up to Sean to save the day and of course he does so like a man.

The movie ends on a strange note as the director seems to feel they ran out of film and tries to finish it as quickly as possible. Still the movie does have it's high points as some of the wilderness and white water sequences are really well shot. Kevin Bacon plays a great bad guy and does well with the material given.

'White Water Summer' has all the elements of a bad 80s movie. Foul mouthed kids, horrid pacing, dialogue that makes little sense, and terribly bad music being played constantly. The people that wrote the music for these films really need to feel the suffering they have plagued upon audiences. The songs in this film were something like a cross between Kenny Loggins and Huey Lewis and the News and were thrown in at the most inappropriate times.

Thanks to Greg for having me watch this again and review it....I think.

Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"Most stunning is how abruptly the film ends, but I suppose that’s to be expected when a production simply runs out of money." - Scott Weinberg

Jan 3, 2008

The force is strong with this young one

If there was one fantasy I still hold from my youth it's whooping ass with a lightsaber. Yes many from my generation still hold on to that image of us brandishing a laser sword and slicing stormtroopers to bits. I can't explain the fascination with the imaginary weapon, but sometimes it's just best to enjoy the imagery.

One tyke though got his wish and not only attacking with one, but defending his mother while doing so. According the article some man came and punched his mother while yelling at her. The child decided to do something about it and grabbed his toy lightsaber and whacked the 30 year old attacker sending him fleeing.

I believe the man in question defines 'worthless pig fucker' by attacking a woman and fleeing from a little boy. I hope he spends many years being ridiculed in prison.

Oh and this article is from the Sun, so it's questionable that it actually happened.

"I thought Star Wars was too wacky for the general public." - George Lucas

Sabre-way from my mum!

Jan 2, 2008

Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit...

No you're not reading Scott's blog, but I did use a lyric as a title. Yeah I'm not above ripping people off.

New Years Eve was a fun filled evening. Elli had her birthday dinner and it was a good turnout as well sat and ate with her folks. I met the parents for the first time and found them to be enjoyable. Antics ensued and I think Elli's parents thinks we're all friggin nutjobs and really they wouldn't be that far off.

Later on that evening a bunch of us made our way to a bar to ring in the New Year. Heavy drinking was in order as I noticed I had about 7 at dinner and was well on my 3rd beer. Quoc and I drank out of one of the plastic hats and I still don't recall who thought that was a good idea, but it was done.

Midnight occurred and everyone celebrated the new year. Afterwards someone put Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' on the jukebox and the entire bar sang along through the first verse. I felt old somewhat, but it was actually a cool moment. We all enjoyed the comradery we shared and then made our way to do some dancing.

At some point I got separated from the group and I'm not sure how, but when I did notice I decided not to walk around looking for them and instead head to the club. I had to pee and didn't feel like emptying my bladder in public, which is something I've never done. Yeah well moving on...

We boogied the night away to an interesting mix by the DJ and fun was had by all. After the place closed I walked outside and watched the people hug each other and feel a sense of embracing the good times that were just spent. I was glad to be a part of it.

"For the record it was Erik who gave her the present." - Corey (inside joke)