Apr 7, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 42.

I'm fascinated with the career of John Hughes. Normally when folks of our generation think of the writer/director they think of funny teenage melodrama accompanied by pop soundtracks (Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off). While his films may be as subtle as a sledgehammer people seem to forget that he also was the brains behind the kick-in-the-crotch comedy Home Alone, the forgettable Curly Sue, and the cinematic masterpiece with a Saint Bernhard who's named after a famous composer.

Molly Ringwald plays a middle class teen who's feeling neglected by the fact that everyone in her family has forgotten about her sixteenth birthday as they prepare for her sister's wedding. Lonely and insecure she pines for Jake, the handsome unobtainable rich senior. Jake is a sweet natured guy who actually puts his hormones aside as he notices her affection and struggles with the idea of leaving his hot shallow girlfriend.

I've never seen Sixteen Candles before, nor did I have any real desire. While I enjoy a good comedy once in a while I figured this would just be another formulaic film. While there are elements that seem stale I laughed my ass off in this movie. Long Duk Dong was quite possibly the most politically incorrect character since Mickey Rooney's portrayal of the landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but damn it every time I heard that gong I chuckled. I was genuinely moved by how the kids were flawed, but still good natured. Then there's Anthony Michael Hall who often steals the show with his antics and nerdy demeanor.

Oh the movie has boobies. Yes a PG movie showing the naked ladies. I for one am all for it.

I recommend this as the laughs I had were sincere and I was somewhat touched by the romantic element. A lesser director would have been more cynical portraying the teen years, but Hughes made a nice Cinderella story that both genders can appreciate.

Thanks to Miss Ash for submitting this as I never would've watched it otherwise. Wanna see a film reviewed by Wiwille? Drop me an email or comment and you'll see it soon on Erik's Ramblings. Rules are posted here.

"A sweet and funny movie about two of the worst things that can happen to a girl on her sixteenth birthday." - Roger Ebert


JLee said...

One of my favorites!!
"I never bagged a babe." haha
And Jake...sigh. I think that guy became like a realtor or carpenter or something mundane after that movie.

Miss Ash said...

Glad you liked it as I find it quite funny. I love when he's leaning on the hubcaps and they fall all over the place....and the girl with the shirt at the fountain when she wipes her face. I love it!

rawbean said...

I think I own this movie.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than being felt up by your own grandmother.

Grace said...

I love this movie. Don't remember any boobies in it though... glad you liked it :)

Memophage said...

Speaking of - I heard an NPR interview the other day with Gedde Watanabe - the guy who played "The Donger", his naivete regarding the racial stereotyping of his role, and his experience being despised by just about every asian-american male in the country.

Link here, it's an interesting listen.