Apr 26, 2010

Bad movies I love part 25

Inspired by the good WIGSF's latest post I felt compelled to write about another bad movie that I love dearly, The Chase. Most of you probably haven't seen this for I think it lasted maybe a week in theatres, but I recall being thoroughly entertained by it.

The story is a simple one of an escaped convict, a crime he didn't commit btw, who finds himself hijacking a rich young woman while fleeing to Mexico. Insert a cop (Henry Rollins) and his partner who are the subject of a 'Cops' like reality show. They get the call to give chase and a high speed pursuit is in order.

While this film is not high brow by any means it's hilarious. The movie takes many stabs at reality television culture and the publics' fascination with it. Today's viewing audience may find this hardly original, but this was produced well before the days of Survivor and Jersey Shore. Henry Rollins steals the show as the authoritarian, but intellectually vapid, cop.

Sure this film will not stand the test of time, but it's still an enjoyable romp. Be sure to stay tuned after the credits for the funniest scene in the movie, which is Charlie Sheen in a clown suit reciting Robert Duvall's infamous speech from Apocalypse Now.

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"Goofball fun, and Swanson's rarely been hotter." - Luke Y. Thompson.

Cheesy as it may be, I love this scene:


wigsf said...

and my post was started as a comment on Hex's blog

Heff said...

I thought ANYTHING associated with Henry Rollins was destined to suck.

On another note, I hear you punch squirrels in the face.

Admirable, lol !

Anonymous said...

I have such a crush on Charlie Sheen! That's not a joke either..

Miss Ash said...

I will never see this movie :)

Congrats on the engagement!

Mattbear said...

After 20 years or so, if somebody goes to kick something to me and misses, I still say "I said kick it over to me, Pele."

Me said...

Man, I had forgotten about this movie. I loved it! Plus, it doesn't hurt that Henry Rollins is a big ole bag of sexy.