May 19, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 48

Crime dramas were huge in the 90s after the success of 'Pulp Fiction'. Quality ranged from stellar to downright awful, but studios kept churning out films that fit the genre probably due to the lack of budget required to make such pictures. The public ate them up for the most part as they were all too excited about viewing the next big film and some of the movies didn't disappoint.

'A Simple Plan' is an example of one of those small films that came out during the end of that era. Bill Paxton plays Hank, an educated man with good values who, with his simpleton brother and the town drunk, stumble upon 4 million in cash in a snow covered plane wreck. Hank argues with his brother and friend that they shouldn't keep the money making the argument that this is thievery. He finds himself losing the debate and curtails his morals for the lure of being a millionaire, something that seems out of reach in his small existence.

The three of them agree to hide the money and wait till spring. After the investigation is over they'll split the money and live the good life. Of course tensions mount as parties get greedy and Hank's wife acts with a cunning not usually associated with women in crime films. Lies are told, murders are committed, and Hank's once firm stance of leaving the money alone falls by the wayside as his values change for the worse.

This is hardly an unfamiliar story, but it's a compelling one mostly due to the acting of Billy Bob Thorton. The rest of the cast is reliable, the music is dark and well done, and the dialogue is spot on. While there are a few editing flaws and some leaps of logic are made I would recommend this film for anyone nostalgic for the time when crime ruled the silver screen.

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"A pre-Spiderman Sam Raimi delivers a stunningly powerful film about the consequences of greed." - Bill Clark


Darth Weasel said...

It will be a while before it hits video, but on my own reviews I actually gave Redbelt the first ever dual rating; I swear it was 10 minutes from being a great movie but can't decide if it was still good or if the missing 10 minutes make it complete crap. If you ever want to see an interesting movie...there is your heads up. But it MIGHT be have been warned.

Mattbear said...

A Simple Plan is a great movie. Loved that one. One of the few really good ones Bill Paxton did.

I have No Country for Old Men at home, and my friend Nate said the other night that it has a very similar story to A Simple Plan. I'm going to watch it anyway.

JLee said...

I think I saw this, but I'm going senile and can't remember for sure? I think I liked it

grace said...

Again, I haven't seen this one...

SareBeth said...

Thank you for doing the review! Yes it is a good one eh.