Jul 12, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 7.

When I proposed to write a review of my readers favorite movies the lovely Miss Ash submitted not one, but four movies for me to write about. Three of the films I absolutely love; however, she asked me to write about a flick I hate with my ever loving being. I reviewed the one I hate first and then went through the rest of the list saving the best for later. Since I've already watched and reviewed everyone elses request I'm going to finish up our shoe loving Canadian's list.

I recently watched Trainspotting with the Pretty Girl, but I'll never forget the first time I saw it. I was an assistant manager at a movie theatre and my job was to screen the movies before opening night to insure the film was put together correctly. After viewing the trailer for Trainspotting the employees and myself sat down late one night to watch it.

I was completely blown away. This was one of the first films I've viewed that was honest about the drug culture. It wasn't like you were watching junkies from afar, but as if you were viewing their experience from the inside out. It takes you along their journey of addiction from their daily rituals of scoring a hit as well as their personal life.

Now it may seem you've heard this story before and you probably have, but this film doesn't pull any punches. Unlike most narratives of this nature where some good natured person gets wrapped up in drugs because they may have made a mistake there's no one to root for in this dark story of people who love them some heroin. The protagonists are selfish as one would expect an addict to be. Even the characters that choose not to shoot up are vile at times, but can also be hilarious. The director doesn't tell you how most of these people got into their drug habit, because really it doesn't matter. When the movie starts and the percussion of an Iggy Pop song start pounding you're immediately thrust into the environment of the Scottish junkies. It just grabs you and doesn't let you go until the end.

The cinematography is excellent being dark and gritty and always creative. The acting is good thanks to a wonderful cast and it's pacing is rapid. The soundtrack is amazing as well and is used appropriatley. It also has good nudity for boys as well as the ladies. Yes ladies if you're interested in seeing Ewan McGregor's manhood he thanks you by giving the audience a glimpse. Thankfully for us guys his love interest is pretty hot naked.

I'm still taking submission folks so if you have a movie you'd like me to watch and review just drop a comment or an email.

"The messages in "Trainspotting" will be different from viewer to viewer, but all will be powerful nevertheless." - Chad Polenz


Miss Ash said...

Yay!!! I freaking love this movie, good review.

Joy Luck Club is still on your list. You could do Shallow Grave as well :)

Mattbear said...

Man..I've been ignoring this movie for a long time. You are the first person to actually make it sound worthwhile. Most people just say, "it's really good."

Now I had to bump it up in queue. Damn you.

Chad'z said...

Thanks for quoting my review! -Chad