Mar 13, 2006

Bad movies I love part 1.

Since I've been ranting about good movies that are overrated I thought I'd take this on a more positive note. On a not so frequent basis, basically when I feel like it, I'll list bad movies that I love.

First up we have 'Rad', the BMX vehicle of the mid 80s. The only three actors you may recognize in the movie is Talia Shire, who is Francis Ford Coppola's sister, Lori Loughlin of 'Full House' fame, and Ray Walston, who's been in almost every bad movie ever.

The plot centers around Cru Jones who's a paperboy and part time BMX master. This man is the Tony Hawk of bicycles. A bike race ends up being hosted in Cru's small sleepy town and he becomes the hometown hero trying to qualify for the race. Along the way he meets Christian (Loughlin) who becomes his bicycle sweetheart and is the former flame of the antagonist, spoiled hotshot famous biker dude Bart.

Yes this is as bad as it sounds. The acting is atrocious, the dialogue even worse, and the cinematography and editing could've been done by a first year film student. Yet somehow I loved this film. I marveled at the bicycle stunts and Cru's determination to be the best. The Helltrack race never ceased to give my child mind a sense of suspense even though I saw it over a dozen times. To an 11 year old the scene where Cru and Christian dance on bicycles to 'Send Me an Angel' was the most romantic sequence ever filmed.

True 'Rad' doesn't stand well to the test of time. With such bad dialogue as "What I wouldn't do to go ass-sliding with you," and the 80s staple of always having a child swearing more than the adults, 'Rad' won't be considered a classic even in the cult sense. I still hold very cherished memories of it.

Yes I did practice on my bicycle to do the stunts shown in the movie. Yes I did hurt myself often and gave my mother a few ulcers.

Infamous bicycle boogie clip from the film:

"Dad always told me when your gut talks to you, you listen." - Cru Jones

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