May 27, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 49

Grandiose gestures of love and passion can feel like they're reserved for Hollywood and it's not hard to understand why. Few of us truly experience such sweeping acts of longing and often we're reduced to watching John Cusak holding a stereo over his head dreaming that one day we'll have a moment or two like those.

'Fall' tells the story of Michael, a cocky cab driver with a gift for the English language. He picks up Sarah, a beautiful supermodel who he charms with his wit. She instantly develops an attraction for the unattractive guy and through other chance meetings they develop an affair. Sarah falls head over heels over the confident Michael while neglecting her husband, but the passion turns almost into an obsession for both. Michael continues to pursue her by writing letters of love that swoon her into his arms, but the affair takes it's toll on her.

This movie strives to be high brow art house material, but sadly it falls short in many respects. While the dialogue between the lovers is genuine, if not a little over the top, the rest of the characters hardly seem real. The editing is clunky and the music is often inappropriate, but it's not terrible. Critics have not been kind to this movie, but I would mildly recommend it for the script alone. It is a sexy romantic tale that many may find entertaining, but for those movie snobs I doubt it'll seem original. The character of Michael is an intriguing one if nothing else.

I find it really funny that Eric Schaeffer wrote himself the part of Michael, which ends up sleeping with the uber hot model. I should write movies.

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"A narcissistic, ego-driven gabfest courtesy of indie auteur Eric Schaeffer, who appears not to have figured out that therapy is cheaper than moviemaking." - TV Guide


Princess Kitten said...
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Miss Ash said...

I was going to say something...but it will come off as I won't. Just to do with how realistic the story line was.

whatigotsofar said...

I hate movie writers/directors who put themselves in roles where they get to make-out with a bunch of hot chicks. This guy, that guy from the Brothers MacMullen, Woody Allen. That stuff never happens in real life. I'm short, ugly and funny. How come I can't get with any hot chicks?

Claire said...

That TV Guide quote is golden.


Scott said...

I have never even heard of this flick. Don't know that I will be checking it out soon,

JLee said...

This schleppy guy who wins a supermodel has been done a lot. Look at "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". The guy wrote and starred in it to make out with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell for crying out loud!

Princess Kitten said...

If any of you had the money and access to a super model, you would do the same. Hell the ladies would be making out with Matthew M or Ryan R in a heartbeat! You yourself agreed with me that the character he portrayed was attractive because of his words. In regards to this not happening in real life I give you an example: Ric Ocasek who is one of the UGLIEST mo-fo’s on the planet has been married Paulina Porizkova who is a VERY hot super model since 1989. Oh and if you want to argue it’s for the money, they both have it AND in the movie, the cab driver had money too from his previous publishing.
So, yes, it is possible. Princess has spoken. =) Thanks for reviewing my film choice.