Aug 9, 2007

Wiwille's movie reviews part 10

Today is a milestone as I finish the last movie review submission from Miss Ash. Not content with suggesting a film, but the author of Something's Gotta Give, felt it necessary to submit four films in one comment. Thankfully most of them are good movies and I've forgiven her for the one that is...well...not good. So far she has the most reviews done by me.

The Technocrat, being the funny man that he is, asked me to review every single Harry Potter and Mighty Ducks films. Well since one of the rules is that the movies cannot be complete donkey shit I probably won't get around to watching them anytime soon. Although I have seen the 2nd Mighty Ducks movie. Don't ask why.

A saying often used by directors is that movies are never completed. They are instead abandoned. Given this it's difficult to imagine a film being perfect, but Goodfellas may be considered the closest to perfection since Citizen Kane. Following the story of true life mobster turned rat Henry Hill the film takes us into the real world of the mafia. There's nothing sensationalized about the lifestyles portrayed here as Henry follows his dream of becoming a wiseguy.

Scorsese doesn't insult his audience by pulling punches and for that I'm grateful. His view of the average gangster is honest, compelling, and often time horrifying. The great cast, along with the authentic dialogue, makes the drama all the more real. Not much more can be said about Goodfellas that hasn't been already, but since I'm an opinionated loudmouth I'll say it anyways. Scorsese proves once again that he's a master of his craft by providing us with this brilliant film.

Well folks I'm tapped for reader submissions so if you have a favorite film that you want to see on Erik's Ramblings write me an email or drop a comment. Rules are posted here.

"Brutal, stylish, hypnotic and addictive, GoodFellas remains Scorsese's best film." - Glenn Abel


Scott said...

how about 25th Hour an all time favourite of mine, or if you have not seen it, Poolhall Junkies, another really great movie.

Miss Ash said...

"I make you laugh? Am I a clown? Do I amuse you? Am I a colwn here to fuckin' amuse you?"

Scorsese is a genious :)

whatigotsofar said...

How about Hedwig & the Angry Inch?