Jun 2, 2008

Wiwille's movie reviews part 50

Tim Burton is one of those movie makers that often puzzles me. He can make some enjoyable films such as Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands, but at the same time he's responsible for such garbage as Planet of the Apes and Sleepy Hollow. Still no matter how bad the stories may be Burton's visual work is nothing short of amazing and for that I'll watch everything he makes at least once.

'Big Fish' is one of my favorites from the Johnny Depp loving filmmaker, cept this one doesn't star Johnny Depp. Hmm.

Anyways the story follows Edward Bloom, an ailing elderly man with a flair for storytelling, and his estranged son Will. Will goes to see his sickly father, but under some self protest as he can't stand him and his exaggerated stories of his life. Regardless Edward continues to tell the fantastic tale of his existence to anyone within ear shot.

The film then cuts to flashbacks of the young Edward and his great adventures as a carnival worker, a love struck youngin, a soldier, and his encounters with all sorts of odd characters. As Edward engages his daugther-in-law with his fabricated memories his son Will is disgusted with his father's lack of engagement with reality. Edward's wife; however, seems to love him dearly and finds the tall tales amusing, if not attractive.

I loved this film when I saw it in the theatre and just having seen it again I still adore the picture. The story is a touching one and I enjoy the mythic stories told upon us. Albert Finney is excellent as usual and is a treat to watch. Hell the whole cast is great and the script allows them to have fun playing characters that range from dry to surreal. We all somewhat romanticize our past and this film finds splendor in such memories.

I first saw this with an ex-girlfriend. At the end she leaned her head on my shoulder and cried. After the credits rolled and the auditorium lights came up she wiped her tears and glanced up at me. She then shot me a look of surprise and asked me if I cried. I told her of course I didn't.

I was lying.

She knew that.

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"Burton has not given his imagination such free rein since Edward Scissorhands, and this stands with that and the equally generous Ed Wood as one of his best movies." - Terry Lawson


Miss Ash said...

I love Tim Burton films (including Sleepy Hollow) and Big Fish was fantastic. I haven't seen it in eons but I recall enjoying the story as well as the cinematography.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie too,
I laughed,
I Cried,
I came alot.

jk. i didnt cry.

Anonymous said...

We actually just watched this one again last weekend. Love it and yes it makes me cry every time.

Mattbear said...

Unsurprisingly, we disagree on which Tim Burton movies suck and which ones don't.

grace said...

I saw bits and pieces of this movie, but never actually saw the entire thing. It seemed good though.

JLee said...

I had forgotten about this movie. I don't recall much about it to be honest. Maybe I should watch it again? lol

SareBeth said...

Edward Scissorhands, now I had quite the cry watching that movie. I know I saw Big Fish, but it was a while ago and don't remember much of it.