Dec 3, 2008

Observant child

Out of mouths of babes often come gems. Such is the case I experienced yesterday at the gym.

I did my normal workout without incident. Forty minutes on the elliptical trainer, while watching Cash Cab of course, and some free weights was on the agenda that day. I made my way to the locker room when I saw a little boy singing and dancing to The Pussycat Doll's 'Dont Cha'. A little strange sure, but kind of amusing.

After my shower I head to my locker to change. The little tyke was now in the locker room continuing his verse while mocking the rhythmic movements of the band. The kid seemed to want a future in musical theatre.

For whatever reason the young one stops his rendition and stands and stares at me for a little while. In a voice that beckons the call of Cuthulu the child points and hollers 'YOU'RE FAT'.

I look at him for a second, then carry on with getting dressed. I can't argue the aesthetic tastes of a young lad, cause as they say if a kid calls you fat well then you might as well accept that you'll only get a phone call from your mother on your birthday. After I put on my clothes the child just stood and smiled at me saying nothing, then he continued his singing.

Why yes I'll be spending more time in the gym and on my diet. Why do you ask?

"One day I may be meeting you and hearing how you've changed your life by saying, 'Farewell to Fat'." - Richard Simmons


Miss Ash said...

You're not even remotely big however kids are hilarious!

My friends daughter told this old woman that her breath stunk after the woman had gone on and on about what a beautiful child she was.

My same friends son asked "Where did the ugly guy go" when this guy I had been seeing left their house.

Kelli said...

Where was this kid's guardian? My son called me fat once ... I later learned he had heard that from his Dad. As you said ... out of the mouth's of babes.

You are fine the way you are. Ignore the pint sized asshole.

WV: terroad ... I like to think it's short for 'terrible toad' (i.e., that kid)

Anonymous said...

You and me are so different. I would have berated the child with chants of "queer" and "faggot" and all kinds of other things for singing Pussycat Dolls.

Genie said...

LMOA....OMG Erik your too funny. I can just imagine the whole scene. As you say out of the mouths of babes but you have to consider the source I mean common he was singing pussy cat dolls. I think you look great but if the little twirp inspired you to new heights of health than yeah for you. :)