Nov 8, 2011

Love makes you fat, being skinny makes you cheat.

They say loves makes you fat, and in my case it's true. Well love, and a big fat slab of BBQ and fast food. People often get comfortable in their relationships and slack off on having a keen diet and exercise. Pounds pack on for most couples.

This is not newsworthy, but the Daily Mail contends that people in a relationship who suddenly decided to lean up are secretly planning on upgrading their current significant others for someone else. Now this shouldn't be too surprising as losing weight builds confidence and those who are not secure in the idea of leaving their loveless relationship feel the need to start competing in the dating world.

But seriously, do all people just do this to look good? Whatever happened to the idea of wanting to see your grandchildren, or to just not waddle around and eat like Jabba the Hutt? Are we such a superficial society that only peer pressure to lose weight matters above all? The correct answer is yes, yes we are.

"In a happy partnership, people tend to get fat. With less competition, the weight difference is low." - Professor Thomas Klein


wigsf3 said...

Being fat didn't kill Jabba. Pissing off the Skywalker's and framing, literally framing Han Solo killed Jabba. If he released Han Solo, he would have been spared.

Mattbear said...

Sadly, I've seen the "get skinny = cheat" scenario play out many times. In my case, I'm just trying to not have a heart attack.

Miss Ash said...

I don't want go get diabetes and yes I just want to look good so for me it's a little bit from coloumn A and a lot from column B!