Nov 18, 2011

Why I support the OWS movement.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if I support the OWS movement. I paused, thinking that really I have done nothing to give the protestors any kind of assistance. I haven't driven down to downtown Dallas to join their ranks, nor have I passed out food or anything of value. I would probably be unwelcome at any of their events anyways as drum circles make me violent.

Still I support the idea of protestors excersizing their rights to battle corporate corruption infiltrating our republic. In many ways they're like the Tea Party, except I haven't seen the rampant racism and general ignorance that their conservative bretheren have displayed with misspelled signs that spread mis-information and nutty conspiracies. Both have a lot of the same goals while their methods of acheiving it vary greatly.

People claim to be confused about the OWS message, but I can't understand why anyone with internet connection who spends maybe an hour consuming news can claim this. Sure there may not be one unifing message, which is fine considering the movement seems diverse. The tea party are a bunch of pissed off white people who think Obama is a socialist, Kenyan, and practicing muslim, so it's no surprise the partiers have a coherent thought process, insane as it may be.

Still I hear a lot of people bitching about OWS and I'm not sure why. I mean should we hold so much resement for folks so willing to excersize their constitutional right?

"Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters." - Victor Hugo

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wigsf3 said...

Problem with this occupy thing (other than their pointless endeavours in places like Canada where there's nothing to protest) is that they lack leadership. Should the so-called 1% decide to meet with them, there's nobody to sit down and have a discussion with.
In the specific case of Toronto, they're just squatting in a now-ruined public park.