Feb 2, 2012

Pink outrage

People piss me off, because they suck. I don't like things that suck.

All over Twitter and Facebook, we've been bombarded with news about the Susan G Komen foundation to rid the world of breast cancer, and how many are upset with it that it temporarily pulled it's financial support to Planned Parenthood. Of course many people are trying to seem edgy by showing their vocal (read useless) support for PP above SGK. So why are you supposed to hate SGK now, when you should've all along?

Well I haven't been a fan of the Susan G Komen charity for a while. Any charity that sues other philanthropic organizations for vague trademarks such as "for the cure" can kiss my country ass. Plus, it's been no secret that the founder of SGK has been a major contributor to the GOP, which should come as a surprise to no one in light of recent events.

So why has the Susan G Komen organization pulled their support for Planned Parenthood? Are they inherintly evil wenches who Well apparently they have a policy they any money they donate to a medical provider must only be used for breast cancer screenings and the like. If any accusation of donated funds are being appropriated to other procedures, such as in this case abortions, come to light, they pull funding until an investigation is complete. Also they pull all funding for organizations that are under federal investigation until the investigation is complete, and act accordingly on the results.

And guess what, I don't care. If SGK wants to enact a policy to ensure the money they donate to medical providers only go to certain procedures, well that's their right. Actually, I would probably do the same if I ran a charity. I would only want the hard earned cash donated by the public go to a cause that I advertise, and I would have to put precautions to ensure that happens. And if for some reason that organization came under federal investigation, I'd pull my support until the investigation is complete. Is it fair? Maybe not, but I wouldn't want to risk giving money to organizations that may misuse it. Sure what the Susan G Komen organization seems at the surface extreme if only you read the headlines, but if they were caught giving money to fund controversial procedures that in no way fit with their mission statement, they would lose a lot of support, or be accused of fraud.

However in this case, the public is freaking out that SGK is pulling temporary support for Planned Parenthood, because they like littering their friends' Facebook wall. If you believe in a conspiracy that this was all politically motivated, well godspeed. There are many reasons to not support the Susan G Komen foundation, such as a) they sue other charities, b) the founder loves giving money to the GOP, and c) there are deadlier cancers out there that also deserve our attention. To make this your point of outrage seems a bit silly in spite of the history of this charity.

"We regret that these new policies have impacted some longstanding grantees, such as Planned Parenthood, but want to be absolutely clear that our grant-making decisions are not about politics," - Susan G. Komen Foundation

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Miss Ash said...

Is it wrong that I have never heard of this organization?!?