Feb 20, 2012

Tip one back this hallowed day

Most of our holidays involve heavy drinking for adults. Holidays such as Halloween, St Patrick's Day, and New Year's Eve usually involve copious amounts of alcohol for many, which your author may or may not have partaken in. Even holidays we know nothing about seem to be designed for a triple digit bar tab, such as Cinco De Mayo.

I move that President's Day be the same. No one gives any amount of honor to the nation's highest office, other than maybe watching a PBS or History Channel special, so why not do what our former President's would do, drink.

I learned today that three of our Presidents love the greatness that is whiskey. Yes they partook in the bourboness goodness, and so shall we all. If the leaders of the free world do it, so shall we. Then again I don't condone snorting coke and drunk driving, so maybe we shouldn't emulate all of our Presidents' behaviors.

I want a drink...

"At 140 proof, it’s a ridiculously powerful sipper that absolutely requires water to tame the fires." - Richard Goldsmith

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wigsf3 said...

The new word verification thing is way too complicated. Makes me feel like I've been drinking for an hour.