Mar 21, 2012

White chocolate

I was in the grocery store doing some last minute shopping as the folks are coming into town tonight. I came across the candy aisle and found a delicious treat, white chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but folks who know me understand that I will kill you with a ball point pen for white chocolate. So I took a pic, sent it to my wife, and posted the pic on Facebook. The resulting comments ensued, to the delight of many:

Her: Mmmm reese mmmm. Btw what does "white" mean... White chocolate?
Him: its actually white peanut butter. made from albino peanut plants.. very rare.. thats why these are only out once a year. :)
Her: Oh, we don't get this product in Canada. We just have brownish PB lol.
Him: Another reason why you don't hear about the "White peanut allergy" SUPER RARE! It only affects 2% of actual Albino's.
Her 2: Wow... "Albino peanut plants". I've heard it all now... ha ha
Her: I've been played ahahahaha.
Her: Now that, that's out of the way.. Is it white chocolate reese eggs?
Her 2: Yes.
Him: akshully its just the white part of the egg is used, no yolk's in these baby's.
Me: My god this is so going on my blog!
Her: Wow, don't I feel like a douche.

"Could people be trained to be less gullible? Or are you as stuck with gullibility as you are with skin colour?" - Keith Henson


wigsf3 said...

All the women who've seen my penis call me White Chocolate. And all the women who've seen the inside of my underpants call me Smudged Fudge.

Spencer said...

I love White Reese's Cups. They are the best of the lot.