Mar 29, 2012

Even though I have a last name that hails from the land north of England, and the fact my family tried to instill respect into their heritage, there are two things in the world I hate more than anything, kilts and bagpipes. Well maybe I hate genocide, child molesters, and the Dali Lama more, but still I'm an affront to my heritage. See most fads I buy, or at least I can see the appeal. Kilts I can't abide by as they don't look good, nor are practical, and are just plain annoying. Still they're not as bad as bagpipes. I'd rather listen to kittens howl in pain than hear the unholy sounds of that miserable instrument. I swear Cuthulu will rise and the earth will perish to the march of Scotsmen playing, or what they call it, those things.

Well one high school shares my hatred for kilts as they barred a student from wearing a kilt to prom, which is all fucking ridiculous. And no it's not 2002, people still wear them, often. Look, I hate those excuses for men's wear, but I think people should have the freedom to wear them at a high school formal event. Hell I hate most fashions kids are involved in, but again the child should have the freedom to laugh at himself twenty years from now. Everyone should have the right to dress ridiculous when half drunk on bad alcohol and when performing weird rituals before having awkward sex.

"Is there anything worn under the kilt? No, it's all in perfect working order." - Spike Milligan

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