Sep 25, 2012

Be the better fans

Dear Packers' fans,

You lost. Yes you were screwed and even the most die hard Seahawk fan knows this, but there's one thing you must do, get over it. I know that's easier said than done, but remind yourselves of one thing, you're fans of the Green Bay Packers, which has one of the greatest storied history in the NFL. Be the bigger person here.

I used to live in Seattle and had to hear Seahawk butthurt for most of my life, and there's nothing more annoying than a bunch of fans, who can't even tell you what a 4-3 nickle defense is, bitching and moaning about a game they know little about. After the Steelers-Seahawks Superbowl fiasco I had to listen to the whining of how the refs screwed Seattle, but none of them, not one, could tell you how the outcome of the game would've been had the calls went in Seattle's favor. Both teams played terribly that day and it was a real low point in the history of the game. Difference is most Steelers fans will admit the calls were bogus, but then again Steelers fans are better informed about football than Seahawk fans.

In your case it's clear who would've won had the replacement refs done their job correctly, but you can rise to be the better person here. Seahawk fans keep calling it karma for offenses laid against them, never mind that the Packers had nothing to do with any of it. Yes they're being douches and they at least should have some class and admit how ridiculous their win was, but remember who you are and who you root for. The Seahawks and their fans got this win and are gloating about it, but they're still Seahawks, a fate no one deserves.

In Seattle's defense, they held the hell out of your offense for a lot of the game and deserve some credit for making it a close one, but that's still no excuse for their douchiness, from the players and the fans as well.


"Probably not. I would have been honest. Obviously, the film shows, the video shows that I obviously didn’t catch the football. I wouldn’t have owned up to catching it, if I didn’t catch it." - Victor Cruz

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wigsf3 said...

And it's not like the real refs never made some really dumb mistakes.