Jan 24, 2012

Open letter to no one listening.

Dear Republicans,

At the start of the election season, which keeps getting earlier every four years for whatever reason, I had reason to believe you may have had a fighting chance to contend with the incumbent. Obama, even with all his victories, was seemingly unpopular even with his own base. People were tired of the slow growth of the economy, and even more tired of a President they saw as gaining minor bills passed through Congress, instead of enacting real change in the way we do business.

Then you sprung up a list of candidates that proved to have some merit, but now that's all gone. Sure you've gotten rid of some of your crazies (Bachmann) and some of your grossly incompetent (Perry), but what's left is a terrible choice for voters.

Let's look at Gingrich, a serial adulterer and someone who resigned from Congress in disgrace. Now for the former I normally wouldn't care as I expect ambitious, powerful men to act as such, but for someone like him who keeps making the claim that they want legislation to protect the sanctity of marriage aught not tell the people how to live and love.

As for the latter, how can a voter trust Gingrich to accomplish his job when he can't even hold onto a Speaker position? His resume doesn't speak highly of his accomplishments, other than the Contract with America, which should've been titled "don't let Clinton pass anything" bill. We all know how terrible and useless it was, and was hardly the work of a uniter that we expect from a leader.

Now we have Romney, who seems like John Kerry circa 2004. An uninteresting, candidate that you might just settle for. You seem sort of like the unattractive middle age woman looking for a man to finally have children with. Why you think a man who's so out of touch with the common clay can somehow rally the base to your cause is anyone's guess.

Paul and Santorum are just laughable. Now I know a lot of well meaning Paul supporters, but they don't seem to understand what all he stands for, or refuse to learn anything about him. Santorum hasn't a prayer, even though that seems to be his only strategy at this point.

So you've basically given another four years for Obama, and I'm hoping when he takes the podium on election night he'll thank you for your gross incompetence.


"I'm not a natural leader. I'm too intellectual; I'm too abstract; I think too much." - Newt Gingrich


wigsf3 said...

Seems to me like the whole primary process irrepairably (I don't know how to spell) damages any of the candidates chances to actually win the election in November. I get it that it should weed out all the pretenders, but if they're all pretenders, then what? "Oh, let's give McCain a shot. He's old. He's a war hero."

Caliban said...

The Republicans' biggest problem is that the base is so conservative that to get the nomination you have to run a campaign that is damaging to running in the general election.