Nov 13, 2012

I'll help you pack

As some of you are fully aware, there are citizens of the United States who are really unhappy the Obama was reelected. So unhappy are they that they've threatened to move to another nation, which is fine by me. This country needs less sore losers and those disloyal to the government that helped give them the life of luxury they've grown accustomed to. If you want to move, I'll help you pack. If you enjoy the idea of limited government so much, try and take residence in the libertarian paradise that is Somalia, where you don't have to be burdened with taxes, fire departments, or even police. True personal responsibility can be achieved, so long as you're armed to the teeth.
Some citizens are taking their disdain for the election a step further and are starting petitions to secede from the Union. One is happening here in the Republic of Texas, where some moron thought this state can do without the federal government. Well never mind that Andrew Johnson made such an idea null and void, there are plenty of other practical reasons that secession would be a terrible idea:
  1. Texas gets a lot of money from the federal government - We have like 20 military bases that helps bring in tons of cash not only directly from the feds, but from the soldiers and their families spending in their local community. Plus, we get lots of disaster relief from the numerous wildfires we experience every year, and if a major hurricane were to hit the gulf coast, or god forbid another massive oil spill, we'd have little cash for that mess.
  2. Our state has a horribly mismanaged budget - Yes the current idiot in charge actually broke down and took federal stimulus money to help pay for a lot of necessary services, because our legislature can't seem to handle their own tax revenue. We'd lose a huge safety net if we were to break away from the Union.
  3. Thousands died to preserve the United States of America - Thanks to the traitors that were the Confederacy, our country was locked in a long, brutal battle that tore the very fabric of this great nation. To secede would be a slap in the face for the brave men and women who fought for this country and its constitution, and considering it's Veteran's Day week makes it even more deplorable.
  4. Border security - We can't even manage a decent police force much less try to guard the entire southern border, which would be expensive and unrealistic. The southern border would be owned my Mexican cartels running their products into the US. I also shudder to think of what would happen if we engaged in open war with another nation.
  5. You show your open disdain for our forefathers by seceding - The processes for our great Republic were written by men who are normally given reverence for doing just that. Granted not everyone will be happy with the results from elections and what not, but the great thing about the US is that we have the power to change whatever it is we don't like. If the rest of the public doesn't agree with you, tough titty. We survived eight years of Bush and we will survive another term with Obama. Next time, nominate a better candidate and do more to get them elected. These whiners that want to leave the Union can't handle what makes this country great, and instead of pulling others down with them they should just leave. I'm willing to bet most of them did nothing except post on FB.
  6. You give conservatives a bad name - The horrible PR conservatives have after the Koch funded Tea Party made being a Republican hard, and you're just making things worse. You're not supposed to be the party of whiners and sore losers. Get bootstrappy and get to work if you want your party to start winning, instead of crying about taking your ball and going home. You're acting like sad little defeated bitches.
So yeah, knock it off with your petitions and fight for change in this country. You can't call yourself good Americans and lovers of the Constitution if you engage in this activity.
"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

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wigsf3 said...

I think Texas should leave the union. It's far more interesting than the whole Quebec sovereignty movement.