Aug 19, 2008

Poor poor ladies

My fantasy football draft will be upon us this Sunday and I can't be more excited. The taste of beer, bad food, and grown men arguing and telling stupid jokes are just a small part of the glory that is creating your own team in anticipation of dominating the year. Of course not all seasons work out the way you want, but it's still a lot of fun to converse with friends about a subject we all enjoy.

Of course there are those significant others who don't take too kindly to the idea of fantasy football and the amount of time spent by their loved ones attempting to win the season. My friend and commissioner of our league Paul often describes his gal's frustration at the time he spends with his hobby. Of course he does everything possible to make up for the hours he's sitting in front of a computer reading everything NFL, but as with many men with a hobby (read: obsession) Paul's a good man and knows when to cut back his time and focus more on the people that love him.

Well it appears that some women do get scorned by their man playing fantasy football way to much. Some lady was fed up with her husband's time spent with fantasy playing and created a website to show her distaste for his behavior and give a forum for others to vent their frustrations. Oh and they sell t-shirts, cause relationship issues can best be solved by purchasing online apparel.

I guess it's better to broadcast your marital problems online then seek counseling. I'm not married so what do I know? Seriously though if your man is neglecting your family while reading over football stats then it's definitely time to re-evaluate the relationship. Or provide more nudity.

I do like football, but I like boobs more. If both can be combined I'm a happy man.

"Also be sure to check out our apparel; you can proudly let the world know that you are taking a stance against fantasy sports!" - WAFS

Women Against Fantasy Sports (WAFS)


Mattbear said...

I think if some woman is starting an organization against fantasy sports leagues, the problem is not her husband's hobby, but rather her lack of a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Women can spend hours redecorating rooms and shopping for purses regularly, but heaven forbid a man try to find something fun about an otherwise boring sport.

That's right. I went there. American football is dull.

Mang said...

" I do like football, but I like boobs more. If both can be combined I'm a happy man. "

another reason why i TIVO the Hawks Game!

Anonymous said...

Atleast it isn't an online game that he has to log into to fulfill a quest. I agree with the lack of a hobby statement.

Mang: Don't brag too much about our half time activities ;)

Claire said...

Football versus boobs - I'm glad the right party won.


Anonymous said...

EVERQUEST - nuff said.

Foster Communications said...

Love the quote about you loving boobs more!!