Aug 28, 2008

Thursday music

Weddings. Such a romantic time where couple unite under matrimony, holy or otherwise. My generation seems to have grown cynical about the whole institution, but as most cynics they can't deny the romanticism of the ideal nor their underlying hope that love does in fact exist.

As many of you know I've been to over a couple hundred weddings, either as a photographer, spectator, or participant in the wedding party. When I'm not working a wedding and alcohol is served many embarrassing moments ensue such as a poor attempt at dancing, struggling to make eye contact with brides maids, stumbling into places I shouldn't go, singing dirty songs in front of the entire congregation, etc.

I was a groomsmen at Quoc and Sams' wedding years back and drinking took place amongst us well before the ceremony even started. By the time the reception was underway I was feeling no pain whatsoever. I probably would've fought Randy Couture I was so out of it. My dear friend Andrew decided that this was the perfect opportunity to request a song near and dear to our hearts and that being 'The Hustle'.

The music started and Andrew and I got onto the dance floor to boogie down. Quoc soon joined us and I found the floor clear of any wedding guests. Ye gods they're all staring. WTF? No one wants to get down to Van McCoy but us. We're all alone. Should I leave? Do I really want to make an ass of myself in front of all these people?

Apparently I do. The music started to kick in and I did my best rendition of the song as I knew how. Everyone stared with awe as I must've looked like a complete jack ass, but I was so intoxicated I would've done it even if I had a fresh bullet lodged in me.

Laughter ensued, mostly at us, but it was fun and I didn't get punched by anyone. Any day where no one strikes me is a good day indeed.

Amazingly enough the bride still speaks to me.

So today dear readers I bring you the proper way of doing 'The Hustle', which was in no way done correctly by your author that evening.

"Contrary to popular opinion, the hustle is not a new dance step - it is an old business procedure." - Fran Lebowitz


Andrew said...

I'll always remember the old people at the table closest to the dance floor... they just stared at us. I don't think any of them blinked.

Claire said...

Porn kareoke *and* the hustle? I love you, man.


Anonymous said...

Oh trust me, I heard all about you guys later. Most people just thought it was funny and that you did the hustle wrong.


Anonymous said...

I love that they named that one step the "Travolta" Thank you for the visual. I may have to add the hustle to our wedding playlist just to witness this.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this post, just to let you know, that music thing on your sidebar, Time of the Season is by The Zombies, not the Byrds. I only mention this because the rod up my butt has a rod up its butt.

Miss Ash said...

Haha I loved this!

grace said...

Oh... my... God... I would have loved to have witnessed that. That's awesome!