Aug 20, 2008

Wiwille needs a new profession

Beer. Behold it's glory and be glad. It's done great things for me. Not only does it bring good nutritional value, but I've enjoyed my time consuming beer. Tasting it's frothy goodness always brings a smile to my face. Some members of the opposite sex even find me moderately attractive when they've gulped down a couple, or seventeen, beers.

Yes I do like myself some beer.

Now those that know me understand that I can be a bit of a beer snob so much that it annoys others. I will turn down free beer if it's any of that mass marketed crap from Anhueser-Busch, Miller, Coors, Kokanee, or any of that other crap Midwesterners love. I'm a fan of the micro-brews, the stouts, porters, etc. I get many a nasty look when someone hands me a friggin Coors Light and I decline choosing to drink down some water instead, which is basically the same thing, only tastier.

Thing is I actually like the taste of beer, which most people I know don't. If it didn't get them drunk they would have nothing to do with it. Understandable I guess.

People often ask me why I haven't made a career out of beer, which is a valid question indeed. I used to brew beer with a friend of mine and we had plans to sell our beer, but after dating a friend of his that ended horribly the friendship fell apart and the brewing ceased. Sad really.

I was reading an article about UK's only female beer critic. She apparently consumes over six thousand pints a year judging the flavor of each. I need that job, or I need to marry her. Seriously where do I sign up?

This is the greatest beer commercial ever. Every guy should relate to this and lately I've been in this position a lot:

Britain's only girl beer boffin

"Tasting beer is what I was born to do." - Annabel Smith


Scott said...

My neighbour is the head brewer at a Micro-brewery run by Molson. Tough gig eh?

Miss Ash said...

Cheers to beer!

whatigotsofar said...

I'm still waiting for a beer that makes me more attractive when I drink it.

JLee said...

I like the wingman commercial, but in real life the girl would be much uglier. haha

Princess Kitten said...

All beer tastes the same to me. Bitter. I've tried really I have. I will stick to expensive Vodka and Tequila. It's a shame we don't all get paid for what we are really good at, although, if I did that I could get arrested... did I say too much?

DJ Launchpad said...

Mmm.. Beer. I like me a good beer as well. Although I am from the midwest I still don't have the cheap taste palate I suppose. I guess I drank myself out of that in college. The one beer I suggest you do try however is Olde Style. Mmmm..

Now I think I need me a Guinness or a Negra Modelo. Dammit Erik.